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Ethiopian PM heading to the battle front to lead the war

“We are now in the final moment of the battle for Ethiopia’s existence,” said Ethiopian PM as he announced his decision to lead the war personally 

Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed
Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed speaking to the army in the Maytemri battle front when he visited the western front in September 2021 (Photo :screenshot from EBC video)


Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on Monday announced that he is heading to the battle front to personally lead the existential war for the survival of Ethiopia.

In a statement he shared on social media page, he disclosed that Ethiopia is facing an orchestrated war by internal and external enemies. 

” Ethiopia’s thousands of years of freedom and sovereignty was not gained by charity. Ethiopia’s name of freedom is paid for by blood and many Ethiopian heroes have paid for it,” he said.

Stretching back in history, PM Abiy tried to reflect on history when he said  that our forefathers might have an ideological difference and in their conception of justice and equality. But they did not have a difference in Unity, freedom and territorial integrity of Ethiopia. 

“As always, the desire of all of us is to die for Ethiopia and ensure its continuity. Our desire for Ethiopia is greater than our personal desire,” said  Ethiopian PM Abiy 

He also highlighted what his government has been doing since 2018 to bring about greater freedom in Ethiopia and to bring about political reconciliation along the lines of his political philosophy, “medemer.”  Efforts to improve the economy by introducing structural changes are featured in the PM’s letter before he heads to the battle front. 

“Ethiopia’s future is even greater and we will overcome the challenge we are facing. It is inevitable that Ethiopia will win. We are now in the final moment of the battle for Ethiopia’s existence,” he added. 

Explaining why internal and external enemies are campaigning against Ethiopia, he said “…our historical enemies have launched attacks to not see an Ethiopia that is destined to develop on its own path. If Ethiopia is winning in an African way, it will not bow down to anyone here after. They have deployed all sorts of tools to reverse the African way of development. Our internal and external enemies are determined to build up themselves on the ruins of Ethiopia…it is a plot to repress Ethiopia, shatter the spirit of black people and reimpose neo-colonialism. This struggle is the struggle of all black people.” 

Abiy Ahmed also underscored that the struggle belongs to every single Ethiopian ; a struggle to ensure that children will have a country. It is the struggle that determines whether we will either exist or not exist. However, “we will win, ” he added. 

He called up Ethiopians to join him as he was heading to the battle front. 

Administrative work and the rest of the governance task is to be undertaken by Federal and regional authorities that are not heading to the battle front. 

His announcement came a day after Ethiopians in the Diaspora undertook massive protests in 27 European and North American cities. The No More movement protested against foreign intervention in Ethiopia.

The Tigray People’s Liberation Front have reportedly captured Shewa Robit which is about 225 kilometers north of the capital Addis Ababa.
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  1. Stupid guy – instead of looking to bring peace, he’s himself going to take part in the war !!
    Why do the Ethiopian people still believe him? He lied about Eritrean forces entering Tigray, then admitting after many months that they were there. He lied about the Ethiopian Air Force say they did not bomb Tigray – then admitted after a few days that they did bomb etc etc….
    Ethiopians should rise up and get rid of Abiy to bring back peace and improvement to Ethiopia.

  2. You just watch! One of the sellouts close to him will put a bullet between his eyes and it will be over. It looks he does not feel safe staying in the capital anymore and seems he prefers to die in the action. I’m telling the ENDF seems to have sold its soul to the devil. Folks, you just watch what you gonna see next. It is rumored that treasonous ENDF soldiers are heading towards the border with Kenya to seek refuge in that country. It is rumored to be in their thousands. They have decided not to head for Djibouti because they Brother Guelleh will not welcome them there. He will ship them back to where they fled their asses from. They don’t want to join Debre or Shene either because they know hell on earth is awaiting these two once and after they enter the capital. You just watch. I may be wrong but I don’t see a winner by Abiy’s decision to go to the war front. We all know he had been to hell and back during the war with Eritrea in 1998-2000. I don’t question his courage and fearlessness but I do see frustration and helplessness in him. I have said this many times before. This visionary and young PM is it! He is the last pit stop for that country that has reached the final cross paths. If he succeeds it will be marching toward the Promised Land where the rights of the individual are protected by the law of the land and where no one shall be above the law. If he fails the country will be heading into the abyss, darker paths and explode on itself bringing its end beyond repair. I’m trying to sugar coat that for you but in reality it will explode from inside out. It will go belly up with its more than 120 million inhabitants moving in every direction. That will make Syria, Libya and Yemen just a setup for a punchline, a weekend barbeque party at a park! I’ve forewarned you several times in the past and I’m warning you all again. Be prepared to receive news of a demise of several of your loved ones still living there. I am. My merchant relatives are prepared to die protecting their stores they built from scratch with their sweats and blood. They will not be going anywhere!!!

    • You are thinking what l have been thinking. There is a coup, l think. Feltman never fails, he might have convinced Demeke Mekonen. Many Ethiopians have been put on spell from tplf appointed priests and from Sudan, a spell might possible be put against Dr Aby or /and Demeke. Feltman had several meetings with Demeke. I hope l am wrong

    • You may be wrong…so why say this? You have family there willing to defend what they worked for? Pray for ‘peace’ before the fire. No one should have to die, but, blood is spilt to have victory in war. God will save Ethiopia!

      • Yes I am with you. I have been praying for that gem of the colored and its upright people for decades now. Those peace mongering and harmonious people have already gone through destructive conflicts since the 1970’s in which they endured unbelievable hardship. That happened not for faults of their own but due to their leaders and bigots that disavowed the merits of peaceful resolutions of conflicts. They lost millions of their loved ones and witnessed their hard earned possessions go up in flames. Whenever they thought their long nightmare is over they helplessly watch someone lighting up the matches of senseless and bloody conflict again. That is because there is a poison planted in the psyche of some of their grown up adult children that nullifies peaceful resolution. The mantra for these groups of a sick mind is critique and destroy. And now we/they have this, a nightmare of historic proportion. Call it strategy or whatever ENDF for all intents and purposes has stopped fighting months ago. If it did major cities like Dessie and Weldiya would not be major business hubs for Debre and his rag tags. Debre would not be jumping into the heaven with the up tempo laloye while looking over Addis/Finfine just from 200 kms away. Who is kidding who? Ok, we just heard the PM has left for the battle front two days ago. Did that make any difference? Is Dessie still in Debre’s hands? I don’t wanna them to show me photos and videos of POWs they allegedly captured. You and I can come up photos and videos of POW’s we allegedly captured from our comfy homes here. We live in the era of photo shopping and video editing. So I don’t wanna see any of that. Show me the real money!!!!

  3. Subject: ” Ethiopian PM heading to the battle front to lead the war”, borkena.com, November 22, 2021 ”

    Humble Opinion, 22 Nov 2021
    Ethiopian PM is prepared to do on what he believes.
    He is sacrificing his Dear Life on what he believes.
    He is on the front line sacrificing his LIFE to show and prove on what he believes
    Wouldn’t Ethiopians, in totality, traverse to their own individual limit to save the ancient country named Ethiopia?
    Isn’t that what a country means?

    Observe: A foreign country goes to its extreme limit to fracture and consequently destroy one of the most enviable ANCIENT Country in the WORLD. That is what they are doing to Ethiopia in broad day light? OH! By the way, it is understood that Ethiopians of foreign nationality are on the dilema as to what to do in this critical moment of the need to SAVE their beloved MOTHER COUNTRY. It is their choice. Which one shall it be?! What an agony ! Silence will NEVER save Ethiopia. It must be remembered what the colonial powers of yesteryears did to the entire Continent of OUR DEAR AFRICA. Never forget, to the colonial powers, it is their interest that matters — NEVER THE INTEREST OF AFRICAN BLACK PEOPLE. The present time would do exactly the same — with extraordinary refined manipulation of the 21st Century Style. Just look at what it did to our beloved provincial LEADERS &followers who turn out to be marauders whose interest is only, and only, themselves — in tandem with the refined colonial powers !?!?!?! And we are turned into laughing, backward people, who are manipulated to fight against each other for the benefit of the colonizers!!!. Adio! the education system that was based on the philosophy and deliberate hypnotism of THE AFRICAN CHILD, thus . resulting in hating thyself and attempting to mimic the WHITE MASTER for ever. and ever, without success, of course!! Needless to add, it was NEVER meant to educate the BLACK CHILD based on the definition of “education” THE END .

    Dear Reader:
    Just look around and what do you feel? Be honest, You are conscious, all the time. Well, keep on going to the best of your ability and dignity. That is what we have. We can make it. There is no doubt . Self-confidence and pride upon thyself are the two factors that make a difference. There is no end to what we can do — if we refuse to be what others want us to be. That is the key.

    • Well said…I am humbled, and cry inside for our people. Just a chance…a unselfish…I know it is not an easy thing to do…but…be the ‘Bigger man’ the history changing ‘chance’ to sit at the table and ‘willingly’ try to make PEACE. Our Mothers, Sisters, Brothers… our children, the children…deserve, and have a right to live in accordance of God’s promise to all of His African people. May God shine His Protection, Grace and Wisdom.

  4. It is now clear that the US is mainly conducting a proxy war using the TPLF traitors. The treasonous deeds and history of the TPLF are well known and documented. The TPLF brass has openly declared that they will even go to hell to destroy Ethiopia and build the greater Tigray. Considering this anti-Ethiopia declaration and current war, Ethiopians should decide to turn the base of the TPLF hell and give them what they wanted hellish Tigray. Hellish Tigray will be the way to teach the TPLF and its followers unforgettable historical lessons. Prime minister Abiy Ahmed should this time around not soften his position against the TPLF.

  5. The TPLF is known to be a racist and fascist political force and this racist face book posting by its member and activist is not surprising. According to the political vocabulary of the TPLF, all non-Tigrayans are inferior and called `donkeys`. The Tigrayans are superior and golden people. And according to the TPLF, the current conflict/war is between the `donkeys`and `golden people`. The golden people are destined to win the war and punish the donkeys. Black American politicians like Mrs. Susan Rice should be aware of the racist and fascist politics of the TPLF and distance themselves from it. Supporting racism in any of its manifestations is like undermining the visions and teachings of the great Afro-Americans like Dr. Martin Luther King. Mrs. Susan Rice and her like minded Afro-American officials should be urged to change and correct their pro-racist and pro-fascist politics and positions.

  6. It is just reported that another foreign government embassy in the capital has ordered its citizens to live the country. That is none other than the Turkish embassy. We have already heard that Turkey is one of the few nations that have sold military hardware including its much touted drones. I won’t be surprised if others follow suit, if they had not done that already. Debre and his coolie Shene seem to have decided to not waste time to occupy open cities like Debre Birhan and may well be set to a mad rush straight to the capital. It is reported that Shene’s rogues have robbed Shewa Robit area clean slate. It looks that Debre and his hammaal Shene has agreed on how they will loot. ‘The next one is all mine and the next one that follows will be all yours’ kinda deal! Turkey must have noticed something drastic to issue this emergency. May be it has noticed members of the ENDF handing over its drones to Debre. I’m just contemplating here.

  7. I may add this to my preceding comment. We seem to forget one fact from the past about the ENDF. I did. We should all remember that ENDF was one of the outfits that used to be pampered by Debre and his colleagues when they dominated the top echelon that ruled the country for 27 years between 1991 and 2018. So it may feel has nothing to lose if it let Debre and his now collie Shene ‘win’ the war. It may be rewarded handsomely after victory. It can turn out to be a happy family reunion!!!

  8. France and UK are now urging its citizens to leave Ethiopia as soon as possible with no delay. This is getting more and more worrisome for me now. The similar call by one of the strongest supporters of the Abiy regime, Turkey, is more unsettling to me. In a related news Debre’s coolie Shene is reported to have intensified targeting and butchering Oromos who it accuses of being the supporters of the regime including women. Citizens who fled the carnage are reporting total destruction by the mobs of Debre’s coolie Shene. It is showing no mercy that triggered strong condemnation from the veterans of OLF and others.

  9. You may be wrong…so why say this? You have family there willing to defend what they worked for? Pray for ‘peace’ before the fire. No one should have to die, but, blood is spilt to have victory in war. God will save Ethiopia!


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