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No More movement led demonstration in 27 cities in Europe and North America

Ethiopians and Eritreans marched in solidarity supporting No More movement and opposing foreign intervention 

No More Movement _ Ethiopia _ Eritrea
Ethiopians and Eritreans protesting in London against foreign intervention and support to the TPLF group


Ethiopians living in Europe and North America on Sunday have organized a demonstration in 27 cities. They protested intervention in the internal affairs of Ethiopia and western support to the terrorist Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF).  

Eritreans, as has been the case at least since the TPLF lost power about three years ago, came out in support of the Ethiopian cause. Eritrea has been victim of undue foreign pressure for several decades and much of it was apparently orchestrated by the TPLF – which ruled Ethiopia for nearly three decades with the support of western powers, primarily the United States and the United Kingdom. 

Protests have been organized in Canada, the United States, the UK and other parts of Europe. Hundreds of Thousands of Ethiopians marched in major cities in those countries to protest US and UK led western intervention in the internal affairs of Ethiopia. 

After Djibouti based top U.S. general, Camp Lemonnier, hinted that the United States is “ready to respond to the situation in Ethiopia.” He was talking from the trajectory of military response. 

The demonstration on  is inspired by the NoMore movement – an anti-war movement inspired by Hermala Aregawi, Ethiopian born journalist of ethnic Tgiray descent, which way, who has been vocal in opposing disinformation and distortion of mainstream media narrative regarding the conflict in Tigray which has encroached to other parts of Ethiopia including Shoa, central Ethiopia. 

The NoMore movement has been trending on social media platforms, primarily on Twitter. 

Demonstrators on Sunday denounced media distortion and disinformation. In the latest string of misinformation campaigns, major media outlets in the west have been trying to instigate panic with false stories of the capital Addis Ababa on the verge of falling to the hands of the TPLF group. 

The United States and Canada, among others, have called on their citizens not to travel to Ethiopia. For those who are already in Ethiopia, they are called upon to evacuate the country using commercial flights. 

The travel advisories came after misinforming media narratives about the security situation in Addis Ababa area. 

“NoMore spreading misinformation and instigating panic, fear and chaos,” “CNN, you are reporting fake news on Ethiopia!” and  “CNN least trusted name in news” were among the slogans that demonstrators chanted. 

The TPLF forces have now taken the war to Shewa and have reportedly controlled Shewa Robit town, which is about 225 kilometers north of Addis Ababa. 

The No More movement is gaining momentum as more and more Africans are joining the cause. Some social media users who identify themselves as PanAfrcianist tend to believe that the intervention in Ethiopia is part of the neocolonialist agenda and that Ethiopia is fighting for the cause alone. 

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  1. Well done brothers and sisters!! Keep it up!! It should continue at least once every 2 weeks or less until the whole world knows and change its direction!! More power #NO MORE , STOP AMHARA GENOCIDE BY TPLF

    • NO MORE WAR on Oromia , Kimant, Gumuz, and Tigray
      NO MORE Prosperity party TERRORIST GROUP supported by Turkey, Russia, and China ,properity party dominated by amhara has imported a deadly ideology from US and genocidal machines from Turkey, Russia, Isreal ,and China to kill his own people and destroy his own country
      NO MORE TERRORISM, imposed on Tigray and Oromia by Prosperity party
      NO MORE AMHARA, Tigray, Oromia , Gumuz, Kimant, Agew , Irob GENOCIDE perpetrated by troops fed, trained and armed by ethiopian government Prosperity party and his collaboraters TERRORIST GROUP
      NO MORE Fano, Prosperity party, ENDF, EDF eritrean terrorists IN Oromia , Tigray , cities and villages where Gumuz, Kimant, Agew, and Irob lives .

  2. The TPLF is known to be a racist and fascist political force and this racist face book posting by its member and activist is not surprising. According to the political vocabulary of the TPLF, all non-Tigrayans are inferior and called `donkeys`. The Tigrayans are superior and golden people. And according to the TPLF, the current conflict/war is between the `donkeys`and `golden people`. The golden people are destined to win the war and punish the donkeys. Black American politicians like Mrs. Susan Rice should be aware of the racist and fascist politics of the TPLF and distance themselves from it. Supporting racism in any of its manifestations is like undermining the visions and teachings of the great Afro-Americans like Dr. Martin Luther King. Mrs. Susan Rice and her like minded Afro-American officials should be urged to change and correct their pro-racist and pro-fascist politics and positions.

  3. Ethiopian are the winner evetry one know about the batles of Adawa =Ethiopian victory secured independence for more than a generation.


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