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May day March in Havana

Havana Times Published on May 1,2015 Click here for more pictures

dr ted

April 25,2015 Photo Credit : Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia As the saying goes, a picture worth a thousand words. I case you are...

‘River Tales’: People of the Nile

Source: DW Click here to see more captivating shots

Addis Ababa grieving victims of ISIS in pictures

April 21,2015 Addis Ababa grieving in pictures. All the pictures are shared from facebook posts of Ethiopians. Credit to : Negere Ethiopia, Menelik...

Photography: Hailemariam Desalegne

    Emulating the political ideals of a political figure is not something uncommon. Yet, imitating even the body languages and gestures  may sound too much...

Photography : Omens of impending war between Ethiopia and Eritrea?

borkena April 5,2015 Does the picture below tells a story of impending war between Ethiopia and Eritrea? Picture was posted on Facebook on April 4,2015 Credit : Thomas...

Combatant life of Andargachew in pictures

Andargachew Tsige in the rebel bases along Ethio-Ethiopian border before his abduction in June 2014 from Yemen. To zoom out click on the pictures....

Ethiopia : released members of Semayawi party

Please click on the images to zoom out Released members of Semayawi party. They are released after six days of detention and some of...

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