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Abiy Ahmed spends Ethiopian New Year with the army in Maytemri front


Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed spent hours, during the Ethiopian New Year, with the western command of the Ethiopian Defense Force deployed in the Maytemri front – where the TPLF suffered defeat recently.

Watch video to see that Abiy had to say to army.

Video : Embedded from EBC Youtube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video

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  1. Subject: “Abiy Ahmed spends Ethiopian New Year with the army in “Maytemri front”, September 12, 2021

    “Maytemri front:” &;Fantastic! What a perfect name: “Maytemri.” & SWEET WATER
    Again Indeed, ETHIOPIA is ‘SWEET WATER” in its entirety; the envy of the World.
    But then, Classical Tragedy sets in to sour that SWEET WATER.
    Why? Because one or two mentally distorted INDIVIDUALS wanted to do so to compensate for the LOSS of THEIR ambition TO RULE THE ENTIRE ANCIENT INDEPENDENT BLACK AFRICAN COUNTRY — NAMED ETHIOPIA. It is like saying &; “either that or no Ethiopia”!?!?!?
    There is “NO” a single healthy rational mental reasoning than a loss of a private ambition — daringly ignoring millions and millions of Ethiopian citizens. Of course, it will be denied — like, for example, Hitler denying the real purpose of sacrificing millions and millions of honest innocent population. May the Good Lord, up in Heaven, save the innocent named Ethiopia. Other than that, our dear Black Africa is, and will always remain as, our dear Black Africa.(*) THE END
    (*) I refrain from using the words of a British Colonialist as a glaring degrading remark about Black Africa, though one can’t help having salient nagging feeling of the ………….. I have no heart to finish it

  2. Is this really a war front? It looks a manicured hillside to me. No wonder why 9 divisions were ‘annihilated’!!!! Abiy better watch for himself. Every time I see his photo he is adding more chins. I want this young man to succeed but if he continues on this path he may end destroying himself. Adding pounds under a pressure cooker job spells nothing but upcoming personal problem and that can be deadly serious. His physicians should catch that and advise him with an effective regimen soon.


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