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Ethiopian New Year : Ethiopians receive the new year with a hope for peace

Ethiopian New Year _ Enkutatash


Saturday is the Ethiopian New Year. 2014. In the traditions of the Ethiopian Church, the year ending is the Year of Matthew. Ethiopians are ushering to the Year of Mark. 

The mood in the country is different this year. Enkutatash, the name for the Ethiopian New Year, will be celebrated under challenging circumstances as the country is dragged into a civil war due to the terrorist Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF).

Many areas in North Wollo and some parts of Gondar are still under the TPLF control.  And there are reports of widespread rights abuse and executions. People in some of the areas that are under the TPLF control are reportedly facing starvation. 

However, Ethiopians are not giving up the hope of better year. 

Abune Mathias, Patriarch of Ethiopian Orthodox Church, conveyed a message on the occasion of the Holiday. 

“The year can not be new on its own. It becomes new because of our work and contribution. Our beloved children and countrymen, let us create new ways of doing things and make the new year new in all its forms,” is part of the message that Patriarch Mathias conveyed. 

Government officials, including Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed,  have also expressed best wishes for the new year.  

Ethiopians who are using Twitter and Facebook platforms have also shared messages of hope for the new year. The dominant one was “peace.”

Many are hoping that the new year will be a year of peace and an end for terrorist groups – primarily Tigray People’s Liberation Front and its ally – Oromo Liberation Front – Shane. 

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  1. Happy New Year. 2014.
    I join the Staff of to wish ALL PEOPLE of ETHIOPIA the best of the New Year in which Ethiopia is transformed into its original Ancient Independent African Country for seemingly time immemorial. We hope that the sad phenomenon that we see today in Ethiopia will evaporate but remain as a learning lesson to a State full of wisdom.. Amen – Inshallah.

  2. Dear My Countrymen/Women:

    I just want to post this comment wishing you and your entire families a Happy New Year. Let’s also have those innocent civilians who lost their blessed lives on 09/11/2001 at the hands of the terrorists in our thoughts and prayers. Since I sent you the same new year wishes this time last year we have gone through tumultuous moments due to the pandemic and horrifying events in the country that produced us all. It shows that I have continued to be so blessed to wish you Happy New Year a full year later. All Glory To Him! Alhamdulillah!!!
    Meanwhile, let’s all have those citizens who perished at the hands of savage mobs incited by bigots there and here among us in our thoughts. Let’s have all those young people who had the whole world waiting for them but were untimely cut down in senseless conflicts instigated by despots and hideous individuals. Let’s all pray for and console those mothers wailing for their baby boys and daughters who did not make it back home. Let’s tell those angry and grieving fathers that they are not alone and we are here in spirit and there in person for them. Those perished young people are victims whose right and opportunity to live was taken away by conniving so-called politicians. They were just like my and your children who should have had the same chance, who were expected to make their parents proud at excelling in schools and careers. They were brutally denied that opportunity and they were led into awaiting infernos. At the end of the day nothing good will come out of this carnage but the disappearance of young people from every small rural village and urban centers. Men have lost their Allah Bestowed reasons over there!!! Those of you who feed the raging fire with from your comfy homes here among us in the Diaspora, you should be ashamed of yourselves!!! Nobody should be proud of this bloodletting. Nobody!!! Let’s hope and pray that by the time I wish you another Happy New Year exactly a year from today, that country would have found peace and stability for its upright citizens. Insha’Allah!!!!

  3. Dear Amhara elites ,

    TDF will still remain in the so-called amhara region even if Tigray is an Independent country. Eritrea and Ethiopia invaded Tigray supported by the UAE, Turkey, Russia countries which support anyone for their economic and political interest but not because they like abiy or amhara . If you start to wake up and blame abiy for what he has done to amhara , you should also blame his foreign supporters like eritre uae and others as they exacerbate the genocide of amhar , tegrau , oromo, kimant gumuz, agew and others which led to take counter-attack against amhara or within amhara region.

    Everybody is indifferent to the suffering and plight of people who do not share the same blood and tribal ties . We felt the same pain just like what you feel now when amhara start to feel the heat and torridity of the bloody war declared on our people. Empathy , sympathy and Christian morality doesn’t exist among you guys and replaced by egoism, narcissism , and materialism etc May God gives you a new heart so that you start to feel the pain of others . We do not like TPLF, but you made us now to cling to TPLF as your hate and idiocy illogical form and inclined to kill your brothers and sisters like a savage cat .


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