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Demonstrations : Bahir Dar, Woldia, Debremarkos, Dessie, Kombolcha

Demonstrations in several cities in Amhara regional state demanded an end to Amhara Genocide

Demonstrations _ bahir dar _ Dessie _ debremarkos
The Demonstration in Bahir Dar on April 20, 2021 (Photo credit : Social Media )


Demonstrations organized to oppose  the ongoing massacre of Amhara people including in the Amhara region of Ethiopia continued for a second day. 

“Killing children and burning a city is not bravery,” protestors chanted during demonstrations in Dessie, Debre Markos, Bahir Dar, Kombolcaha, among other cities. 

They were in a way narrating what the armed wing of the radical ethnic Oromo nationalist party – Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) did to civilians in several towns in North Shoa and South Wollo. 

Government authorities in the region have confirmed this week that the city of Ataye is destroyed beyond recognition. Over 250,000 people are displaced due to the attack that lasted for four days. The number of people killed and injured in the attack is yet to be disclosed. 

Protestors opposed widespread killings targeting ethnic Amhara, and demanded an end to what protestors called government negligence to stop killings against Amhara. 

The view that Amhara people are faced with existential threat is reflected during the demonstration. 

It is indicated  that demonstrations will continue until the government acts to stop attacks on Amhara people. 

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed used to have a solid support in Amhara region of Ethiopia. Not any more. He lost it as he passively watched the Amhara massacre in Oromo, Benishangul and now Amahra regions of Ethiopia over the past three years. 

At a time when Oromo radical forces were burning cities in North Shoa and South Wollo last week, he was inaugurating a new building for the “intelligence” department. Worse, he did not remark or express a message of condolences for innocents massacred in the latest attack. 

“Abiy Ahmed is Oneg [OLF]” was among the slogans protestors carried during the demonstration in the cities cited above. 

The National Movement of Amhara (NaMA) on Sunday said that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government is involved in the latest massacre of Amhara.  


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  1. It is sad that Abiy Admin has not succeeded to establish a relative peace. Three observations; first, the present condition is not any worse than under Tplf. Unlike Abiy Admin Tplf had absolute control over the media. Secondly, every ethnic border Tplf established is the source of such conflicts. And Tplf through its collaborators, whose privileges are on the line, is still at it to destabilize the country. NaMA is overstating the case that ONLY Amhara are being affected! Third, “Abiy Ahmed is Oneg [OLF]” is of course a lie! NaMA is fabricating such idiocy for political gains.

  2. It is time for level heads to go to work and calm the nerves of the enraged. My family is deeply saddened to hear more news of one black person senselessly killing or doing harm to another black person. If developed and exploited wisely, that gem of the colored has more than enough resources to be shared by everyone. It is a matter of time when such mayhem gets to the capital. To my latest information this area north and northeast of the capital is the most integrated community in the country. It is also one of the most bandit breeding regions in the country. I was told that if two wedding groups reach an intersection of roads gunfight can erupt to claim the first turn to cross path. But in the middle of all that Oromos were marrying into Amhara families and Amharas have been doing the same for many centuries. We should all remember that Emperor Haile himself was a great-grandson of Gudissa and Gudissa ain’t a Filipino. He was a full blood Oromo as black man as any other Amhara, Tigre, Afar, Somali, Sidama or any other group in the country. It is like the right hand cutting off the left hand on the same human trunk. Nobody should be proud of this. There is no loser making the other a winner. Everyone is losing on this one. And those of us who are far and safe from the chaos and bloodshed should not fan the flame from our comfy homes spitting venomous diatribes at random. By doing so all we are making the jobs of those peace mongering and harmonious level heads who are tirelessly working 24-7 to bring calm and stability to their communities. It moves me down to tears when I hear stories of Oromo families seeking refuge in villages where the majority of residents are Amharas. Amharas there are telling them we have your backs. I also read similar stories Amhara families finding shelters and protections in some villages where the majority of residents are Oromos. Oromos there telling those beleaguered Amhara families you are at home here with us. Let’s not make the blessed job/efforts of those good doers very difficult.

  3. There is no problem with amhara , Oromo, Tigray and other tribes, the political elites are making mess and we cannot live together anymore
    under the umbrella of unity for the benefit of few political elites. Please donot mock at the lives of innocent people, Oromo, Amhara, Tigray, Gumuz, Kimant , Agew or all the rest of nations and nationalities. Donot incite violence just because you felt you are winning or defeating your opponents. Donot forget your religious standing that you have developped while you all were back home. being in US or any other rich country where many people disdain religion, moral values set by religious fathers , will never make you the most civilized men. Do stick to your culture (domestic) and religious views ( be it Islam or Christianity ) that encourage you to honor the lives of humans regardless of thier ethnic , religious background and social status.
    Donot kill people from any tribe . As you all know , when you kill others you will always let others got killed . There is no profit and winner in mass killings among tribes. Stop inciting violence on your own people.
    I personally dislike ethioppianism because it is beocoming now a basket to smash and smother people who cannot live together at all( like the story of a cabbage and tiger ) by letting them to remain in a perilous environment under the guise of unity . I lived with many tribes and acknowledged the caring sentiment that had to us but now what i see is being enemies to one another . A peaceful Separation is the best solution for this insane attitude .

  4. US waged war on Ethiopia by reluctantly letting Eritrea to invade Ethiopia; The truth will emerge no matter how it s now veiled.

    Every foreign military action is known to US through its Embassies and security staffs residing outside US.Period!
    People live and stutter out of fear. The truth cannot be smothereed bya gun or by any one who claim to have his finger on the nuclear button !

    God is Great! Anshallah!!!!!!!

    Ethiiopis is destroyed by double CIAA agent :Abiy!
    Did anyone promised Abiy to crowned him if helped westerners to detsroy ethioipia and kill his own people ??
    NO powerful man can hide and smother the truth! Every Mighty Empire will come to an end, eventually!!


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