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Ethiopian government implicated in Amhara Genocide

A prominent opposition party in Ethiopia implicates Ethiopian government  in massacre against ethnic Amhara in North Shoa and South Wollo 

Ethiopian government  _ Amhara Genocide
Belete Molla, Chairman of National Movement of Amhara -NaMA ( Photo : Social Media)


An ethnic Amhara opposition party is sending a stern message as the massacre against Amhara is escalating in scope and magnitude. Earlier in the week, EZEMA released a statement opposing the latest massacres which the government linked to Oromo Liberation Front -Shane. 

In a statement issued on Sunday, the National Movement of Amhara (NaMA) accuses the Federal government in connection with the latest round of massacre of ethnic Amhara which happened in  North Shoa and South last week. 

Highlighting the systemic repression against ethnic Amahara, which it says is informed by  narratives that nurture hate towards Amhara ( coded as Neftegna)  the statement said “We have been hoping for a better tomorrow.”

It accused Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and the Oromo branch of Prosperity Party of intensifying state-sponsored terror against Amhara people. Furthermore, it said that they are exploiting government structure and resources to that end. 

“NaMA believes that the extensive campaign to terrorize Amhara is directly coordinated and supported by government structure,” said the ethnic Amhara opposition. 

The massacre that is underway against Amhara is one that was planned and coordinated. Top level government officials were publicly making speeches framing Amhara for attack, it said. However, the statement did not name names, although it is too obvious. 

Shimeles Abdidssa, head of what is now Oromia regional state, made a speech during Irrecha celebration in September 2019 in Addis Ababa saying “We have broken the spine of Neftegna.”  Neftegna ideology laden code word that refers to Amhara. Thousands of Ethnic Amhara are believed to  have been massacred in different parts of Oromo region of Ethiopia since then. Hundreds of thousands of people are displaced.

NaMA said that it is compelled to believe that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed led government has a role in terrorizing Amhara and Amhara genocide

Furthermore, NaMA accused authorities in the Amhara region of Ethiopia as submissive and “yay sayer.” The party sees them as subservient to  radical ethnic Oromo forces that are dominating the Federal government. 

Other opposition party leaders, like Dr. Berhanu Nega who is chairman of the Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice Party, tend to agree that the former TPLF domination is replaced by ethnic Oromo party domination and favoritism. But sees that as an inevitable outcome of a political system based on ethnic politics, as he pointed out during a recent interview with Ahadu Television. His party this week has demanded the Ethiopian government to address in the situation in North Shoa and South Wollo.

The Amhara Branch of Prosperity Party, says NaMA, is also careless and weak to the point that “our people are subjected to boundless humiliation.” 

Actions demanded from Abiy Ahmed led Ethiopian government

NaMA called for an “independent inquiry” into the Amhara massacre (Majority of Ethiopians now see it as Amhara Genocide). 

In the latest string of coordinated massacres against Amhara, what are believed to be radical Oromo nationalist forces took the scene of massacre outside the Oromo region of Ethiopia.  

They carried out a massive  and organized military campaign across several cities in North Shoa and South Wollo (both in the Amhara region) for about four days in a row, killing hundreds of people, including children, women and elders. Over 250,000 people are displaced only from those regions. 

NaMA demands Dr. Abiy Ahmed’s administration to compensate them including for damaged properties. The trend with radical oromo attacks against Amhara has been that businesses are also targeted and properties deliberately destroyed.  

The Ethiopian government and the regional governments have not yet recognized what seems to be non-stop massacre as “Amhara genocide”, and NaMA wants the government to call the attack by its name. 

There does not seem to be an end to the coordinated attack and NaMA demands security and protection guarantee for Amhara that massacres will not happen again. 


Massive demonstrations took place in Dessie and Debre Markos, among others towns, in Amahra regional state opposing the massacre of Amhara. 

They demanded an end to Amhara genocide and for the government to bring perpetrators of the attack to justice. 

The Ethiopian government has not yet remarked about the massacres in North Shoa and South Wollo. 

The Ethiopian Defense Force issued a statement on Sunday imposing state of emergency like measures in the areas affected by Oromo Liberation Front – Shane attack,as the government calls it. 


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  1. Subject: “Ethiopian government implicated in Amhara Genocid, borkena, April 19, 2021

    Humble Commentary
    Just a question
    Who ever thought that the powerful — the guide of Ethiopia — Amharas would be a target of other Ethiopian ethnic groups ?
    The strength and self- confidence of the Amara Society was considered as boundless. And the effect of the Amara Society upon other Ethiopian Ethnic societies lead to mimicking the Amara Society in adopting Christian names — in communication [written and spoken] and, above all, pretending to be Amara!!!!!!. So much so, the imitators were more Amharas than the enuine Amara!!!! Alas! all that is “gone with with the wind” as the Hollywood Movie portrait it a one, long, long time ago.

    NOW — in the 20th Century — ETHIOPIA find itself being pushed and pulled in various directions by a number of different Ethnic groups who — themselves — are completely lost as to how to handle their newly gained power, as they were never inculcated to being themselves. At this point in time, Ethiopia is in its weakest point. Even Egypt — YES, Egypt — is taking advantage of the situation in Ethiopia to herald that Quote” “ETHIOPIA SHALL NEVER USE ‘OUR’ RIVER” Unquote.!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING!!!!!!! YES, Ethiopia is at its weakest point in its thousand years of independent history. Perhaps, the well known Ethiopian Intellectuals of the highest calibre, will do something about it. THE END

  2. “National Movement of Amhara” is a misnomer. NaMA is accusing the federal gov as Oromo to mobilize Amhara population. In so doing it is worsening ethnic conflict. Totally inappropriate and irresponsible.

  3. Have you noticed how even Ethiopians such as the journalist playing along with groups such as Abn whom they say ” represent” Amara? It is being assumed Abn is for Amara without mo evidence at all. At the same time the Weyane whom Abn is part if is forgotten. The option they went to attack is the givernment , not even attacking Olf/ shene who is also the wing of Weyane/Tplf. So who are these groups really fighting and supporting? They are helping to kill Ethiopia while supporting foreighn colonization to take oer Abay and Ethiopia’s resources and disintegrate Ethiopia. Their immediate Alpha/ Aura is Shabia. If you believe Shabia is afriend of Ethiopia, think again. It is all deception.

  4. First and foremost surgical investigation and solid hard evidence must be provided before I and the public believes these claims of the government having its hands in the escalation of ethnic violence, especially against the Amharas. These claims of the government or Pm. Abiy Ahmed himself being involved in these heinous crimes against the Amharas must be approached with huge question marks??? it can as well be the work of Ethiopia’s enemies making situations worse than it is for our country and Pm. Abiy Ahmed to stabilize the situation in our country. These types of false propaganda have been used by Ethiopia’s enemies and therefore we Ethiopians must be vigilant about the information and propaganda being thrown out there for us to believe and digest, for the reasons of fracturing the Ethiopian people and our country. My people, unfortunately, our beloved country Ethiopia is at an extremely dangerous crossroad, let us not fall at the hands of our enemies and place our country in precarious positions inadvertently to which may not be able to reverse the unknown course of destiny.



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