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Amhara Genocide : Ataye hit hard as Oromo radical forces launch attack

Local administration confirmed that Ataye is affected severely. The latest attack is seen as part of Amhara genocide has been going on in Oromo and Benishangul Gumuz regions of Ethiopia 

One of the attacked areas in North Shoa, Amara region of Ethiopia (Photo : social media)

Amhara Genocide, Central Ethiopia


Radical ethnic Oromo nationalists unleashed an organized attack for four days in a row in North Shoa and Kemissie regions – central Ethiopia.

Local authorities confirmed that the attackers wreaked havoc in the region and that colossal human and material damage resulted. Children and women are among the victims. An official number of people killed and wounded in the attack, and estimation of the property damage is yet to be provided. 

Hundreds of thousands of people are reportedly displaced from several towns that came under attack in areas that are relatively calm. However, there are concerns that the attack could continue further north to target cities like Kombolcha and Dessie. 

Fana Broadcasting Corporate (FBC) spoke to Tadesse Gerbretsadik, who is head of North Shoa administration, on Saturday. He said the attack has been extensive and intense. 

Ataye town is entirely destroyed. A prison facility in the town was attacked and convicted criminals were set free.  

Furthermore, Tadesse Gebretsadik said the zone level administration mobilized security forces (mostly militia) to respond to the attack, which was stretched to several towns in the region, but the attacking Oromo radical forces overpowered local forces. 

Ethiopian Defense Forces and Federal Police forces were deployed to some parts of the region, but they were reportedly unable to resist the attackers who are said to be Oromo Liberation Front (OLF -Shane). 

Mr. Tadesse described them as highly trained, organized and heavily armed. He remarked, “unless we are able to see who is training and deploying the forces that are unleashing the attack, the situation is grim.” 

On Saturday there was intense fighting in Shewa Robit. Attacking forces were reportedly unable to control the town. There have been similar fighting in other towns like Kara kore, Epherata Gidim, among others. 

For Mr. Tadesse, the entirely recurring attack is part of an agenda that is targeting to disintegrate the country. 

The Federal government has not yet remarked about the alarming situation in central Ethiopia. For Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, it was business as usual.

He was rather making headlines with the inaugural ceremony of a new building that is said to be designated as the headquarters of the intelligence department. 

Conversations on social media tend to link the Organized attack in the name of Oromo Liberation Front (OLF -Shane) as something that is rather orchestrated by anti-Ethiopia forces within the government structure. 

The areas that came under renewed attack are within the Amahra regions of Ethiopia, and many see the attacks as  part of an ongoing Amhara Genocide. 

There have been a series of massacres in Oromo regions of Ethiopia targeting ethnic Amhara.

Amhara genocide does seem to be a reality than ever before but the reaction from the government is almost non-existent.

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  1. I am getting conflicting reports about this latest bloodshed. In some reports I am reading stories of atrocities targeting civilians with Amhara heritage as in this article and on others it was the Oromos who have been targeted. I read this posting by the activist Seenaa shown below. :

    ‘Seenaa Jimjimo @SeenaaJimjimo 23h
    We hearing another fight starting where unimaginable atrocities took place two weeks ago in Shawa Robi. Members of parliaments had openly & publicly called for government to send in federal troops as well independent investigation. The Amhara militias along with fano are to blame’

    I tried to do my own investigation thru my merchant relatives in the capital, they are telling me that the victims belong to both ethnic groups but not sure about that either cuz the drift they are catching from the area is very sketchy. But my sources are very surprised and also alarmed because citizens who live in that area are one of the most integrated people in the country. Inter-marriage has been going in that area for centuries. This is happening just a stone throw away from the capital and could escalate into being the death knell to it all!!!

  2. There is another development I want to talk about with my dear countrymen/women who live here in the USA. The George Floyd murder trial is coming to an end and the jury is scheduled to start deliberating this week. The verdict could go either way. It may end up being a unanimous decision or it could also become a hung-up. The case has created an extremely charged up environment that if the jury fails to pass a unanimous decision/verdict the country may explode into devastating riots. I am very concerned for my countrymen/women who have made Minnesota home. I am also worried for those of you who live in large cities especially those who own/run service stations and convenient stores. Vagabonds will take advantage of the chaos and will come for your small businesses. Please stay home by all means if you can. You will be in my family’s thoughts and prayers.

    • Please donot mock at the lives of innocent people, Oromo, Amhara, Tigray, Gumuz, Kimant , Agew or all the rest of nations and nationalities. Donot incite violence just because you felt you are winning or defeating your opponents. Donot forget your religious standing that you have developped while you all were back home. being in US or any other rich country where many people disdain religion, moral values set by religious fathers , will never make you the most civilized men. Do stick to your culture (domestic) and religious views ( be it Islam or Christianity ) that encourage you to honor the lives of humans regardless of thier ethnic , religious background and social status.
      Donot kill people from any tribe . As you all know , when you kill others you will always let others got killed . There is no profit and winner in mass killings among tribes. Stop inciting violence on your own people.
      I personally dislike ethioppianism because it is beocoming now a basket to smash and smother people who cannot live together at all( like the story of a cabbage and tiger ) by letting them to remain in a perilous environment under the guise of unity . I lived with many tribes and acknowledged the caring sentiment that had to us but now what i see is being enemies to one another . A peaceful Separation is the best solution for this insane attitude .


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