Reported protest at Wollo University in North Central Ethiopia

December 31,2016 Wollo University with campuses in Dessie and Kombolcha in North Central Ethiopia reportedly experienced student protest earlier today, according to Social Media reports with links from Dessie. Apparently, students’ protest started out as protest against the University administration on grounds of water shortage in the campus but was evolved to a political one […]

Ethiopia: brutal atrocity against Ethiopian Muslisms in the holy month of Ramadan

By Dimetros Birku brutal atrocity (borkena) The Ethiopian regime flexed it ruthless repressive muscle against Ethiopian Muslims in this holy month of Ramadan, indicates a report by Ethiopian Muslim advocacy group Dimtsachin Yisema. Around mid day, special forces of the minority regime,TPLF, mounted brutal crackdown in the neighborhood adjacent to The Grand Anwar Mosque, in […]