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Ethiopia Coronavirus: 11 more cases reported, total 317

The Somali region of Ethiopia continues to lead in the number of new Coronavirus cases from all regional states

Ethiopia _ Coronavirus
Ethipoia’s coronavirus case data for May 17. Infograhic : MoH

May 17, 2020

Ethiopia has tested 4,224 Coronaviurs suspects over the past twenty-four hours and eleven people have tested positive for the virus.

Coupled with the latest confirmed cases, the total confirmed case has now reached 317(including active and inactive cases). Currently, there are 197 Coronaviurs patients in the designated treatment centers but no patient is reported to be in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

The number of registered recoveries is 113 and five patients have lost the battle to the virus.

Seven of the new cases have a recent travel history and were in designated quarantine centers, according to a report by the Ministry of Health. Three patients did not have a travel history but did have contact with infected persons. And one patient did not have either a travel history or contact with infected persons. 

In terms of the geographical distribution of the newly confirmed cases, six of them are from Jijiga (Somali region of Ethiopia), four from Addis Ababa, and one from the Amhara region of Ethiopia (Ataye town).

Those confirmed in the Somali region were in the designated quarantine center in Jijiga. The region has been affected by an illegal entry from Somalia, among other issues, and the Ethiopian government announced last week that it is opening new border checkpoints in the region.

A double-digit rate of increase in Coronavirus infection has been registered for the most part of the week.

Ethiopia has tested about 57, 254 suspected so far. Based on information from the Ministry of Health, Ethiopia can now test well over four thousand suspected cases of Coronavirus across the country.

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  1. If that country keeps on increasing its tests capacity at such speed it means more than a million targeted citizens can be verified if they have the virus. If the result continues to show such a low infected rate the country should have a problem to get it under control and its healthcare system without being overwhelmed. That is and will remain in my daily prayers!!!

  2. People in Ethiopia need to start getting checked ahead of time for underlying conditions such as Hypertension and Diabetes known to be exacerbating the effects of Coronavirus. Currently in Ethiopia more than half of those people with high blood pressure disease or with diabetes disease are not aware they got the hypertension or the diabetes disease, many got them both without being aware which puts them in a high risk category for Covid-19 related death .

  3. Please read that as:

    ….more than a million targeted citizens can be verified if they have the virus in a year’s time.

    …. the country should Not have a problem to get it under control…..


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