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Ethiopia Coronavirus reaches 306, newly confirmed case 19

Somali region of Ethiopia continues to the leading, from regional states, in the number of confirmed Coronavirus cases

Ethiopia Coronavirus _

May 16, 2020

Ethiopia’s existing Coronavirus testing capacity is 4000 per day. But over the last twenty-four hours, 4044 suspected people have been tested.

Nineteen people tested positive for the virus. The total confirmed case in the country is now 306, including inactive cases.  As of May 16, reported active cases are 186, and no patients are reported to be in a life-threatening condition as there are no patients in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Of the newly confirmed cases, fifteen people are said to have a recent travel history. And two people had contact with infected persons.

According to Ethiopia’s Ministry of Health, two of the new patients confirmed over the last twenty-four hours did not have either a recent travel history or contact with infected persons.

Eleven confirmed cases over the past twenty-four hours are from Jijiga, Somali region of Ethiopia. They were in the quarantine centers in the region. The rest of the cases: two from Addis Ababa, two from the Oromo region, three from the Tigray region, and one from Amhara region.

In terms of recovery, the Ministry of health reported one more recovery on Saturday, and the total recovery is now one-hundred thirty cases.

So far Ethiopia has tested 53,029 suspected cases of suspected Coronavirus cases.

Coronavirus cases have been surging in the country recently. Most of the confirmed cases are people with recent travel history. Illegal transborder movement has been a challenge especially in the Somali region of Ethiopia where most of the cases are confirmed in the regions. 

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    Eritreans diasporas had sent more money to the covid-19 fight in Eritrea compared to how much Ethiopian diasporas sent to fight covid-19 in Ethiopia thus currently Eritrea got zero people sick from coronavirus or noone is sick with Covid-19 now in Eritrea with all people that previously were infected with Covid-19 fully recovering by recording a fantastic record of not a single person dieing from Covid-19 in Eritrea .

  2. It is growing up faster, today the number jumped to 357 the biggest one day jump in a single day ever recorded in Ethiopia.


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