Ethiopia Coronavirus cases surging,29 new cases reported

Majority of the confirmed Coronavirus cases are in the capital Addis Ababa, with no recent travel history or contact with infected persons

Dr. Lia Tadesse, Ethiopia’s minister for health. Photo : file / EBC

May 7, 2020

Ethiopia’s Ministry of Health reported on Thursday that 29 new coronavirus cases are confirmed over the past twenty-four hours. Initially, the ministry reported only 25 new cases. In updated news hours later, the Ministry said that four more cases are reported from the Tigray region of Ethiopia.  1928 suspected individuals were tested for the virus during the above stated time.

According to information from the Ministry of Health, all but one of the cases confirmed on Thursday are male. And all the patients are Ethiopians and are between the ages of 65 and 17 years of age.

Besides the surges in the number of new confirmed cases of the pandemic, what has become a concern is that the majority of the cases did not have a recent travel history or contact with confirmed cases; a situation that represents 19 of the new cases. Three are reported to have a recent travel history abroad. And three had contact with infected persons, but not a travel history.

21 of the new patients are residents of Addis Ababa, two are from Southern Nations, Nationalities and People’s Region (SNNPR), and two are from Oromo regions of Ethiopia.  Social distancing measures were mostly flouted, and the Ethiopian government had to declare a state of emergency sometime last month.

The four patients confirmed in Tigray (ranging between 33 to 24 years of age,) had a recent travel history of Djibouti and were in mandatory quarantine in Mekelle.  And all the new patients in Mekelle are male, according to information from the Ministry of Health.

The first highest confirmed Coronavirus case was reported on May 6 ; but most of the cases did have a travel history either to Djibouti or Somalia.

As of May 7, 2020, 93 patients are in the COVID 19 patients’ treatment centers in the country. And one patient is reportedly in the Intensive Care Unit.

The total coronavirus confirmed cases in the country have reached 191. The total number of suspected cases tested in the country is 28,445. The tests were conducted in different parts of the country. Currently, there are at least 12 COVID 19 test centers. The number of registered deaths, so far, is 4.

Analysis of data released by the Ministry of Health suggests that Coronavirus has affected almost all regional states. 

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