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Ethiopia poised to open five more border checkpoints

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May 13, 2020

Ethiopia is poised to open five more land border checkpoints along the borders to its neighbors.  And it will happen within a month, according to a report by state-affiliated Fana Broadcasting Corporation (FBC)

Ethiopian immigration and nationality affairs office is cited as saying that the plan is intended to foster the fight against the spread of Coronavirus pandemic. The borders are also intended to control illegal entry into the country.

The checkpoints will be opened along the Ethio-Sudan border, Ethio-Somali Border, Ethio-Djibouti-Border.  

Coupled with the existing ones, Ethiopia’s border checkpoints will be seventeen. 

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  1. “Border check points to control illegal entry into Ethiopia ”

    As if people will walk across borders illegally to enter Ethiopia but then when they are by the Ethiopian border rather than trying to continue walking across the border they go searching for one of these border checkpoints where they can report to. Maybe truck load of contraband smugglers will go to the checkpoints trying to bribe their way in to Ethiopia only if there are no other roads around the checkpoints or maybe few Ethiopian Diaspora returnees with fifty+ years experience in politics might be the BANDAS the PM was talking about recently will search for a border checkpoint while entering back to Ethiopia but other illegal travelers will do whatever they can to avoid the border checkpoints that’s why it is necessary to have a strong transitional government who will secure the borders.

    Inorder to protect the border from illegal entry the Ethiopian Defense forces need to secure the borders by not allowing Sudanese Military ( or other countries) invade Ethiopia , Sudan invaded Ethiopia currently with the Ethiopian Defense forces failing to secure their borders due to lack of willingness to execute orders coming down from the weak federal government.


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