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Lemma Megersa back in the team. What political force effected his return?

December 23, 2019

In late November 2019, the news of Lemma Megersa’s difference with his colleague, Abiy Ahmed, came as surprise for some Ethiopians although a considerable number of Ethiopians were indifferent to it on grounds that it was expected.

Lemma appeared on VOA Oromo to explain about his difference with Abiy Ahmed. He was explicit enough, and said that he did not believe in the merger of member parties within the ruling coalition, Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF), and five other ally parties based in five different regions. He also said that he does not believe in the new party, Prosperity Party, which is yet to be recognized by the election board.

While some considered Lemma’s political departure as a “blow” to Abiy Ahmed led reform efforts, others claimed it was actually inconsequential saying that he could only join Jawar Mohammed’s radical quarter.

Apparently, there was backroom mediation effort to restore Lemma Megersa back to the reformist team. The involvement of traditional Oromo elders, Abba Gedda, was rumored. But it was also rumored that the Americans were involved in Lemma’s return to the team he allegedly created during his clandestine struggle against TPLF before 2018. What is clearly known is that Lemma Megersa made a “working visit” to the United States just days after his difference with Abiy came to the open.

Andafta media put together the following reportage ( audio in Amharic) regarding his return, which is yet to be confirmed by other sources.

The question whether Lemma Megersa is back in the reformist tracks with full conviction to support the alleged change or with the aim to play his insider political game is something to be seen in the course of time.

Video : embedded from Andafta Media YouTube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from video

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  1. Those of us who rushed to bash this young man Obbo Lemma for his differing opinion, all I can say is shame on us. Shame on us because we are in total denial that opinions should and can vary in the same party or even in the regime itself. Obbo Lemma was and is a good man. He was the man who came of swinging telling all us that feeling Ethiopian is like being addicted to the most potent opioid. He said that to the ire of every bigot roaming Oromia and all other regions. I bet you those who have been hell bent to yank away Oromia as their personal fiefdom were belching their last rite when they heard him saying that!!! Also he showed us how he was a principled man when he continued to do his job in due diligence and carrying out the assignments he was given by the majority of his party in earnest.

    One more time!!! Hey bigots!!! Just walk outside for me, look at the shining sun and eat your crow!!!!

  2. He Oromo hezb tilik chigir wist lai niw. Oromo negn ityooiawi negn yemitil sima! Kerseh ena kelela mahbereseb gar abalteweh, antenim lelawin lematfat, kign tegezi litihon niw!

    He Oromo hezb maninetun atfitew, silitane niw bilew, suf melbes, protestant mehon, wahabin salfinn akrarinet eslemenan makef, ye areb bandiran yegeda niw malet, latin tsehuf metekem (somalia ye latin tesehuf sitekemu, egnam enetekem bilo endet Oromo hezb yikebelal? Somalia eko kign seletegeza niw be latin yemitsefew. Afar, Oromo lelochim beLatin yemisefut betalian /engliz tegeztewal?)

    Ye Oromo des yemil bahelen eyatefut niw be artificial neger! Feres sinedu, ye dulla gitmiya des yemil bahel, enezih siltoch, endewem Aikido yemibal ye japan ye gitmya silt niw. Zare Oromo, erasun eyebela, lelawin bemasbelat lai niw yediro ke 27 amet befit yalewen serat bedemocracy, be edget kemashashal yilk kelelochu wendimochu gar hono abro ageritun kememrat yilik, areb /merab ageritun asyezo yej azur kign gizat ende tplf liyaramid niw. Tplf seir yeneberu Oromowoch, tebelashtew yihew ageritun eyabelashu, bezer sim kedget yilik kisachewen eyemolu ageritunim, Oromo mahberesebachinin eyastefu yigegnalu!

    Manishim, bezer kilil yetekebebsh ende kebt, eyandamdu kilil wist yale mahbereseb, beraseh wist yalewen ye tplf /Olf /shabia tigraian, amara, Oromo, Debub wezete, erseh wist yalewen telat tebabreh matfat alebeh! Yersehem zer hono cadre yehonewen masweged!

    Befisum mom in melk keyiro PP party lela party bifelefel, wanaw, meret lai min eyaderegu niw malet alebin. Ageritun hebret eyametu niw? Mesmamat eyametu niw? Kilil wist yetesegesegu ye hezb telatochin eyaswegedu niw? Mahbersebun le bilsigina lemasatef eyetezegaju niw weyes bebilsigina sim yewech hailen asgebito lebarinet eyazegajun niw? Weyes yetefetro habtachinin lemasrekeb eyazegajun niw? Beteleyaye yematalel zede? Enezih hulu metayet alebachew PP party lai. Hegemengistun yashashilalu? Ke kilil bilo seyemo bezer yilik sereat balew huneta , ledget leselam abro lemenorina lemamret endimech Awrajan yimeseritalu? Weyes, ageritun hezbun lik ende 27 amet amenminew, hezbu eyedekeme sihed wey lekign geziwoch amechi lemadreg ende tplf liyadergu niw? Hulum yitayal. Yeityooia hezb, beteley ye Oromo hezb, maninetehen eyatefu beteleyaye siyame erseh endemitibelala ewek, elekun artificial sim seteweh wendimihin kemitibela, oromo hezb kene team lemma belai maseb alebeh, ers beresh ej teyayezeh kelelochim gar tebabreh ityooian kenezih tplf /Olf /shabia cadrewoch manim yehun manim keleloch ityopiawianoch wendemeh gar teweyayteh endegena betalian gize yetegonasefkewen dil lemamtat tenesa.
    Bahunu gize alem eyehonech yalewen neger astemamagn selalhone merieochem yeteyazu selehone enesu lai chana bemefter leselam, lequlinet, leedget meriwoch endene team lema lai teseno madreg. Manegnawem neger begehad ende democracy weyeyet sereat balew menged meftat.

  3. Today politician they run to confuse others innocent people by their needs what convince lamma today?? Why he deffect from prosperity party?? Us a communities members let we leave politician us a politician, we stand to bring peace in our lovely lands.

  4. Subject: “Lemma Megersa back in the team.Brief Commentary, borkena, December 23, 2019”

    The sociopolitical development that we are witnessing TODAY is very promising, leading onto the greatness of Ethiopia >>>> but with one caveat: the political dialogue MUST be done via peaceful and rational atmosphere. Less than that is to lose Ethiopia all together!!!

    Ahhh…. I WISH MY BEST DEAR OROMO FRIEND was here TODAY, on Planet Earth, to see the development and the RIGHTFUL place of the Oromo People. And we know, without ennunciating, what injustice transpired in the PAST, in the sociopolitical atmosphere of Ethiopia under various Rulers.

    I HAVE a FEELING: My Dear Friend Up in Heaven is SMILING

  5. Dear My Countrymen/Women!!!

    I am sure you know me by now that I have nothing love and always best wishes for you. No matter how you have reacted to my various comments in the past I still hold you very dear to my heart just the same!!! That is because no matter how bigots try to tell us otherwise I wholeheartedly take you as my flesh and blood.

    While you are reading yourself for one of holiest of holidays, please allow me to Wish You A Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!!! I wish you all a very rewarding new year and all the years that follow. Above all let’s all take a break from all of it all and pray best wishes for that gem of the colored that produced us all.

    Happy Holidays Y’all!!!!!

  6. I think Obbo Lemma is entitled to his opinion at any point in time. If we have strong institutions such as think tanks with credible data and analytical rigor with adequate capacity to regularly analyze political economy trends and provide our politicians with credible and objective information on the demands of the day i.e, the country’s real needs and priorities, they could be helped to avoid, or at least minimize, short-term ‘profit-loss’ political calculations and assumptions, that could be fatal to their political standing in society. So if Obbo Lemma has failed us in not meeting some of our expectations, i.e, as a trusted Ethiopian Leader and astute politician, I would argue that we have failed him too as a society, in not having such institutions of checks and balance that could serve every leader as a sounding board. If he is reconsidering his position, come what may, he should be admired to learn perhaps from some of his unrealistic assumptions. Nothing more. Let us give him time to learn from his mistakes. He has done so much for peace in this country and deserves our critical support. My gut feeling is he will bounce back with more strength and wisdom to help this ailing country of ours we all call mother Ethiopia.


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