Lemma Megersa back in the team. What political force effected his return?

December 23, 2019

In late November 2019, the news of Lemma Megersa’s difference with his colleague, Abiy Ahmed, came as surprise for some Ethiopians although a considerable number of Ethiopians were indifferent to it on grounds that it was expected.

Lemma appeared on VOA Oromo to explain about his difference with Abiy Ahmed. He was explicit enough, and said that he did not believe in the merger of member parties within the ruling coalition, Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF), and five other ally parties based in five different regions. He also said that he does not believe in the new party, Prosperity Party, which is yet to be recognized by the election board.

While some considered Lemma’s political departure as a “blow” to Abiy Ahmed led reform efforts, others claimed it was actually inconsequential saying that he could only join Jawar Mohammed’s radical quarter.

Apparently, there was backroom mediation effort to restore Lemma Megersa back to the reformist team. The involvement of traditional Oromo elders, Abba Gedda, was rumored. But it was also rumored that the Americans were involved in Lemma’s return to the team he allegedly created during his clandestine struggle against TPLF before 2018. What is clearly known is that Lemma Megersa made a “working visit” to the United States just days after his difference with Abiy came to the open.

Andafta media put together the following reportage ( audio in Amharic) regarding his return, which is yet to be confirmed by other sources.

The question whether Lemma Megersa is back in the reformist tracks with full conviction to support the alleged change or with the aim to play his insider political game is something to be seen in the course of time.

Video : embedded from Andafta Media YouTube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from video

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