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Lemma Megersa shift reverse gear in an apparent betrayal move

Lemma Megersa ’s expressed stand on Medemer and merger of coalition party is seen by many, including considerable number of pro-Ethiopian ethnic Oromo, as an act to betrayal to Abiy Ahmed’s government effort to take Ethiopia in the path to reconciliation.

Lemma Megersa _ Ethiopia _ Medemer
Lemma Megersa, First row far right. Photo credit : EPRDF

November 29, 2019

Credible sources reported that Lemma Megersa, Defense Minister and deputy chair of Oromo Democratic Party (ODP), came to the open claiming that he does not believe in “Medemer” – a sort of political ideology that was introduced as the Orbit for the reform movement and measure in Ethiopia after the ruling coalition elected Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed as chairman of the party and prime minister of the country in April 2018.

It was in an interview with VOA Oromo language service, which was aired partially on Friday this week, that Lemma Megersa said he does not believe either in the merger of the coalition member parties nor in Medemer itself.

“I have a different view from the get-go,” VOA Amharic cited Lemma as saying.  He talked about two reasons:

1) Lemma says that “Oromo questions” are not yet addressed although it is not elaborated as to what questions are not answered

2) The merger is not right. Even if it is right, the timing is not right, which he explained in terms of what he called unanswered Oromo question.

Lemma’s interview with VOA Oromo language service is not aired in its entirety. The source said that it will not be aired until Lemma Megersa’s party responds to VOA – seemingly questions posed to confirm and clarify.

Lemma Megersa, with his “Ethiopianism is an addiction” speech which he said in the eve of alliance formation between what was Amhara National Democratic Movement  (ANDM) and Oromo People’s Democratic Organization (OPDO) during a visit to Amhara region of Ethiopia, was seen by many Ethiopian’s as one of the key leaders of the reform measures in Ethiopia. At the time he was the chairman of OPDO and he stepped down as chairman so as to make way for Abiy Ahmed to compete for Prime Minister Position within the ruling party as Lemma was not qualified to run for the position.

When Abiy Ahmed made a tour to North America to meet with Ethiopians, Lemma Megersa accompanied him and he was also accepted as a national hero. He was painted as a political personality who works for the unity of Ethiopia with his colleague Abiy Ahmed embracing the medemer political principle. In fact, he acted as if he supports medemer.

In recent months, rumors of a rift between Abiy Ahmed and Lemma Megersa began to surface. In public, the relation between the two did not appear that way too. Abiy rather demonstrated a more deferential gesture towards Lemma.

When the cabinet members awarded Abiy Ahmed a necklace bearing Ethiopia’s map during an event organized to celebrate Abiy Ahmed’s Nobel Peace Prize win and the launch of his “medemer” book, Abiy asked permission from the cabinet members, took the necklace off himself and awarded it to Lemma Megersa. Abiy’s repressed emotions were noticeable during the time.

Picture from EPRDF executive committee latest meeting called to pass a decision on merger agenda had a story about Lemma Megersa. He was seated aloof on the front row and appeared as if he raised his hand uncomfortably during the vote on merger.

In any case, the difference between Lemma and the rest of the executive is now public. Undoubtedly, Lemma decision to stay in the old politics that emphasizes ethnicity will have some impact but it may not mean that it will stop the merger. 

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  1. Let’s face the facts, especially after the Red Terror most Ethiopian mothers are suffering from the Jocasta complex. Unlike the Ethiopian women the majority of the Ethiopian men spend the majority of their lifetimes hiding and running from their own mother,also running away from everybody their mother knows which might include their own father , their siblings , their childhood neighbors friends , relatives and so on. In most cases it is the leading cause of low self esteem , being unable to put trust on others , heavy chemical khat or alcohol dependency. Even after the men marry and start their own family they still continue to hide from their own wife because most often the wife triggers the resemblance of their overbearing , controlling or nagging mother. The more the Ethiopian men run , the more the Ethiopian women cooperate to exert their control which led to a serious societal , political and economical uncertainty to continue as a nation, with divorce rates of people born or raised after the red terror era sky rocketing. . Unity begins from within a family , a person from a dysfunctional home or from a dysfunctional family rarely end up cooperating and being interdependent , due to many reasons just to mention a few for fear of being bullied or being bossed around, as most often Ethiopian fathers do to their sons. The country currently is nowhere near to be Medemering. In the outside Ethiopian people smile and look happy with their family life, the fact is it cannot be any further from the truth.

  2. Mengistu Hailemariam hijacked the revolution remained in power for all those years because those Oromos that abandoned their farms because they ate their oxes were willing to kill anyone. All Mengistu Hailemariam had to do to remain in power was give them the Abyot Tebaqis the license to kill,the Oromo Abyot Tebaqi who abandoned their farms because they ate their oxes masacared most of the red terror victims so quick. It seems right now their offsprings got unoficial license to kill also, Lemma wants to make it official .

  3. TPLF is not defeated, TPLF just relocated to the best place to live and raise a family-TIGRAI.

    Effort Conglomerate remains to be in control of the whole Ethiopian economy and the majority of the Ethiopian market price.

  4. Too much nervousness and reckless driving was noticed in Oromia that day right after the news broke out about Balderas Eskinder intention to get Querro labeled as an internationally recognized terror group with 50+ people dieing in Oromia due to traffic accidents that happened the same day the news broke out in Oromia.
    Even Lemma came up with this idea this late due to this Eskinder’s Balderas recent announcement about labeling Querro an international.recpgnized terror group.

  5. OPDO is now called ODP and was in a process of holding talks of merger with other EPRDF member politically parties , ODP is not yet legally dissolved, the recent news that the President of ODP and the Defence Minister of Ethiopia’s, team Lemma Megerssa announced about it’s opposition to the merger or to the idea of dissolving ODP ended up pausing the process.

  6. Andem.ken twrter alawwkem.lema.abeyen yekedewal or yetewawal beye ageretewan lejebochena legenetayoche mwsetet kefelegachew huletachu tetalu negeru enate tetalachew tarkachew hulem be egezehaner new yalew ye Ethiopia hezeb….


    Which demands of Oromo is Lemma referring to? All of a sudden team Lemma Megersa is saying OROMO DEMANDS need to be met before the merger , without being specific to the demands he is referring to.

    Is team Lemma Megersa using this merger as a bargaining chip to get the demands of Oromos met or does team Lemma really think now is the wrong time for the merger?

  8. I was very surprised when the other day Lemma did have give a strong condemnation against innocent civilians death and his calls not only to bring to justice the perpetrators but also police and the security bodies that allowed that to happen under their watch. His reaction did come late but it has a big moral standing. May be in this case also he is speaking probably from his deep conviction. But I would have a few questions to Mr Lemma apart from what is constitutes Oromo question. Do Mr Lemma sincerely believe every piece of land in Ethiopia belong to all Ethiopians? Does he believe that tens of millions non Oromos living in the currently wrongly demarcated Oromia have rights to their lands they were born and own? Do they have the same rights as the self proclaimed Oromo nationalists? Can they carve out Oromia their own self managed regions on Sidama style? Do the displaced Gedeos will have their land reinstated and can they have the Sidama style self state so they can live in peace without being the subject of Oromo nationalists rage? What about of tens of millions of Amharas rights that have lived side by side with Oromos for generations across all the current fake Oromia boundaries? These are the questions that Mr Lemma should respond if he is against Pan-Ethiopian party organization as a líder and political scientist. Look it is easy and lazy to side and lean with ethnic an tribal politics. Jawar has shown how morally decadent can one get with that approach but there is good chance when the big fishes in EPDRF melt in EPP and they run for scramble of Ethiopia resources (because all of them are hodams they first love their power and self interest before the interest of fellow ethnic members or Ethiopian citizens) at least most poor Ethiopians can go business as usual of living in relative peace under the iron fist of the current rulers. In a civilized and democratic Constitution and framework EPDRF/EPP transformation would be considered as simply internal and no one would care about it but in Ethiopia where the ruling party members are both executive and legislative active members including judiciary attorney general and persecutor it tells how flawed are both the judiciary and parliamentary systems. From the beging a change without a transition caretaker government is a call for failure. A change without public consultation or referendum of the current absurd apartheid ethnic constitutional system is condemned to fail and could eventually lead to civil war. The Oromo elites are at it back again killing each other right the way they did it during the DERG era and MEISON splited into pro and against DERG. We know how much death that have brought on all us. We will never forget that until judgement day. God be with all innocent Ethiopians.

  9. HAHAHA..zis could be the first in a history, whenever the mass acusation focusing against the majority of the population..particularly agains the QERROS will be made., do you know what it meant by the word “QEERROO”, let me tell you the truth.the word qerros refered to the youth age range with in the population demography.more specifically those aged what if this population proportion covers more than 20% of the total forced me to laugh at you., read this HUM

  10. It’s clear all you are tribalisms
    You dream will never come true.
    Few of you could be living outside Ethiopia
    You don’t do nothing for the poor nothing. You all leave the poor in the street. You’re all crocks conmen. Get lost. ❤️

  11. It’s clear all you are tribalisms
    You dream will never come true.
    Few of you could be living outside Ethiopia
    You don’t do nothing for the poor nothing. You all leave the poor in the street. You’re Corrupt conmen. you are all full of hate the rewrite and you all have bad breath because your stomach is trash your brain is stupid you will never see peace in Ethiopia you are all need beating that’s all you all need. You don’t like Ethiopia to live together however you all live among others in Europe & America you Lunatics why don’t you go fight with Spanish, Indians,Caucasian, get lost. ❤️ I like to see other Ethiopians come back and lead you again. I hope all you aren’t allow to go back to Ethiopia again.

  12. Interesting, Borkena is becoming selective of what kind of criticism to certain ethnic groups should be posted. It is ok for the usual suspects but not ok to others. Know this, no one is god, who should not be criticised. After all, our country reached to this level because of lack of negotiation, diplomacy , communication, and constructive criticism. If you are talking about Ethiopia that Ase Minilik saved, then Ase Minilik /H/Sellasie were NOT ethnic demagogues the ethnic fanatics of today made us believe, it is those ethnic elites around them, especially coming from North that brought about this crisis. Our Ases were way ahead tried to bring about democracy, they couldn’t because of the demogogues around them and exploiting their positions. To get back to my point, I posted recently on your recent article about innocent advice for amaras should do and yet, you didn’t post that. Why are they immune? We are still hearing the drum, that those who sacrificed for Ethiopia under Italian occupation has only been gonderes and gojam but not below shewa, never paticipated they are saying. First of all who was around Ases, giving advice, and commanding against italy? This is shameful, once again the arrogance and bravado saying only US saved Ethiopia bullshit, we all know the sacrifice and history of those heroes like Balcha, and thousands of Martyrs etc, have been erased from our books. Hence, this is where we are today, the complete disregard for Ethiopia which I need to remind them includes All ethnics? While I hate tplf, I really wonder sometimes how Tigrayans might gone through… I am sure you won’t post this too.

  13. Lemma voted for procedural to allow the prosperity party to presented as an AJENDA in the picture. Voting for procedural does not he approved the merger. Abiy has no control over Oromia. He betrayed the Oromo people.

  14. It seems like everyone wants to take advantage of the turmoil of Ethiopia:

    I fear that Ethiopia has been bruised so much that it will never be the Ethiopia that is once consisted and lived innocently. Throughout my experience, I now believe that the power struggle that once stopped after the Zemenemesafint, even after our kings brought civilization, order, on the way to democracy and order, never mind outsiders, the evils inside our Ethiopia have been plotting to revenge that it is they, that should have been ruler and not our gallant kings. It didn’t dawn on me the cabinets around the kings, those who did wrong and were punished by “gizot ” mind you, not by being assassinated during Derg, or cut your fingers, kill you egregiously under Tplf, or today’s sophisticated killing imported from Arab cutting off neck.

    Plotters did not start outside of H/Sellassies cabinets, in fact it started within that also gave rise to student movement, the soldiers. Believe me, everybody participated the over throwing of our Kingdom to bring about today’s misery:

    The so called cabinets within in fact collaborated with outsiders, is there more treachery than the so called claiming Ethiopian? The Imerus, tesema kebedes, mesfin w/mariams, tilahun gizaws, yes they are immune, filling their fat cats, oh wait, what about those who taught their children shockingly saying to revenge because of belay zelekes, dergists of course (by the way there is huge secret mengistu is taking to his selfish grave)shabias isayas the dream of bringing axum back, (from student movement till this day liberation fronts controlling the nation and still bleeding it), tplfs, and Now we have finally reached the open foreign influence staring at us. Within the previous governments, outside has been hiding. Now the blatant outsiders hand finally out in open under aby, via jawar. Make sure you also know what is cooking in gojam!

  15. If you want to bring civilization , order, democracy, start although inside/outside enemies trying to derail that:

    *Invite conflict and peace Building experts, bring ALL stake holders and discuss each one of them what their main concern and how to solve it.
    *main concern is current leadership could take the country to islamic dominance, hence could be reason for one party. It may not be visible today within 3-5 years you will see it clearly. Of course this should be concern for the Christians, Egypt is example , 2000 years ago 100% Christians today only 3%? I hope Ethiopia takes heed. While romanticizing Aby/change/medemr/growth, Christian citizens will go extinct, that is the plan. Aby may not be the influencer or maybe he is secretly with Demeke Hussein Mekonen. We like it or not this is the reality, jawar will play huge role still. Since Oromo is occupied by ethnic demegogues true oromos may not forcefully be out, hence, it is those ethnic demagogues who would be crying later after they cleansed the true Ethiopian oromos. So I would be careful those accusing lemma, without checking the reality on the ground. In truth, the one who brought about change is lemma and for balance, the should always work with aby side by side. It seems, It is exactly how dictators are formed, at first, they are collaborative until they are in good and secured, position, after that one by one, the dictator will eliminate the ones that could compete with them. Pushing out lema megersa or other oromos who mean well is a sign. Stop romanticising with leaders instead you have to make sure the reality when the future on the ground. They planned at first oromos are hated, I am not talking about the ethnic fanatics, so that the others such as amaras snooz to make them focus on oromos, that is when the rug is being pulled out of ethiopias feet. Distraction, distraction, distraction. There are 3 competing groups in Oromiya, to the detriment of Promos and Ethiopia. Some of you might say thank god not me, my region, when that happens, wait till you see whom will fight your battles and protect your country. You have to think beyond your region, etnicity, I guarantee, you yourself won’t survive either, It is not medemer but mekenes from map. Ethiopians resistance is because of its people who fought to keep the country intact, not ONE mekenes will make you survive, the fools shabia ended up becoming outsiders condoms and look what happened when also Ethiopia became land locked.

  16. To continue..the three competing “oromo”groups designed to eliminate or take power from the people of the region and convert it to islamic region and those dums ethnic fanatics playing roles: 1. western side the Nazi children who formed protestantism and spreading it like wild fire all over south. ! 2. Bale/a risk/Hagar/jimma regions determined to form islamic region supported by Arabs and turks. 3. The usual Promos who coexist in the region, this is the weakest group and endangered. From Gojam side, Demeke Hussein Mekonen for sure will do his thing. Oromos success have always been cohabiting, but now they are endangering that and was tricked, traitorous by tplf/shabia gudifechas and its insides gudifechas

  17. This young man, Obbo Lemma, is entitled to his opinion. If democracy is to take roots in the country such reality must be present and practices in functioning parties first. Opposite ideas should be allowed without any retribution. When majority rules by recognizing the rights of a minority of opposition then we can start talking democracy. The minority has the due diligence to carry out the decisions passed with a majority vote. Also, his rights to disassociate himself from the party should be protected. He can join other parties or found a new one, run for a public office as a party member. The rights to run an office should belong to anyone who meets the criteria set by the law of the land. If you are a felon then you should not be allowed to run in the election. Obbo Jawar has the same rights also. He is not a convicted felon in a court of law. In fact, it seems to me that Obbo Jawar has become the golden boy of the West. He might have been picked as a backup just in case. The Wahhabis seem to be very excited about him.

    In lights of the recent overwhelming support for the merger by both ODB & ADP I don’t think Obbo Lemma will make any headway in his effort. I have said this many times before. The national question has been amicably resolved since 1995, bigots and separate republic mongers notwithstanding.

    But this man had the guts and conviction to come out saying it is right to be an Ethiopian when Oromos like me and him were not ‘allowed’ to even think about saying that. Bigots prefer ‘Abyssinian Empire’. Didn’t he say that to be and think as an Ethiopian is an addiction no one can shrug it off? He is a good son of all Ethiopians and his rights to differ must be recognized and respected. That is how we can tell finally democracy has come to the land of Nejashi(Negash), Bilal ibn Rabah and Mary Magdalene.

  18. Wow, you called his opposition betrayal. Even PM Abiy won’t go that far because he beliefs in democracy.
    You guys are bunch of feudal remnants. Everything is fine and well if it fit your tribe suit otherwise you label it as unEthiopian, tribalism, attack other religion, throw dirt every where.
    What a rigid biased people. If you love Ethiopia you could have been neutral.

  19. It might be confirmed that lemma is a decent individual even as team lemma, but enemies are bent on putting jawar in power via told to dismantle the country, so they had to create rift between kenya team. It seems, knowing jwar/tplf/shabia mafia group maybe blackmailing obbo lemma. The people must come as one to defend team lemma. It might be grave danger must be bestowing on team lema as well as the people of ethiopia,. Tplf is ready to set up tigray like somaliland /eritrea, which I don’t buy many saying shabia is innocent kkkk, who would enjoy the weakness of Ethiopia and not be affected at all? None other than shabia! And not Tigrayans being persecuted by shabian tplf. Shabia may fool others but track record and history says otherwise. Today Ethiopia has become at the mercy of shabia? No wonder.

  20. The suggestion you call this an act of betrayal is stupid. He is the most righteous politician who doesn’t make himself the servant of any sensational ideologies whether it’s social democracy or medemer BS.

  21. hhhh…I have seen many comments over here…really it’s not wrong by what lammaa megersa said…and he doesn’t against the medemer..but before that there is basic questions of oromo people yet not got answered…bcz of so many qeerroos sacrifice…so without respecting and Understanding this large nation…believe me there is nothing more we called it fake ethiopianism…I know all of u barking for your own interests’not concern about us! in general we don’t anything from any-‘but never lose our own…let’s lives together with respect

  22. Lema & jawar they undertake correct federalism.The reason why Lema & jawar reject the prosperity party is since it hurts oromia there is no doubt in hurting our nation Ethiopia.all the fate of Ethiopia is concentrated on oromia

    • Don’t put Lemma with jawar as one. They are two different people. Jawar is outside agent who wants to affect Ethiopia, lemma is a principled Ethiopian no matter his ethnicity

  23. Since the time of zemene mesafint and Emperor Tewdros’s campaign to unite Ethiopia and even years before that sweat,blood and tears have paved the way for the creation of our Great country. Oromiya is not Ethiopia, Amhara is not Ethiopia and neither are any of the nation’s and nationalities. Ethiopia in its essence has been a home meaning no one tribe can claim it. The only way we can mention Ethiopia is when we recognize that one tribe can’t exist without the other. I have read all your posts and I can see your ideas but am I wrong to say at some point we have forgotten all this trouble is for the country and not just a single nationality. We must no look at the majority of the population and say that that part is the definition of the country. Please I beg of you in the name of our mother let not tribal disputes and ignorant nationalism divide us for if we were divided we would have been colonized by the westerners long ago.
    My brothers my sisters let’s band together and shield our country from the demons that deprive her of her peace. I might not be a prophet but I know my country’s future is as bright as the heavens can be. Thank you

  24. Minas

    One simple obvious evidence I can share with you now is the thousands of Querros that commit horrific crimes in Lemmas state of Oromia, Dire Dawa , Harrar , Southern States and Addis Ababa that roam around freely killing people with Lemma’s administration Oromia police backing them up.

  25. I see Borkena is following the footsteps of wanna-be-voice-oppressors. Why are some of our comments being deleted or not posted at all?

  26. The Outstanding Contradiction
    Abiy – Money & Love is everything we behold first
    Lemma – Money & Love is relative to the Oromuma we behold first

  27. I specially beloved that Dr abey is not the man who stands only by himself .I am sure he always going with lord.he never afraid of what he is doing .he is always do what he wants to.all we Ethiopians are shouting but he only listen the word of lord.I never afraid of our nation .I trust him very much .I wonder his efforts of being punctual .no one can did what he did just a year .our let prime minister so called z devil (meles zenawi) killed even z hope of our nation not only our beloved brothers and sisters ,but now thanks to God we r in good hand ,we r save I always pessimistic for my country .he is z only prime minister to proudly says .may our God blessed Ethiopians and it’s people .


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