Prosperity Party seeking recognition from Election Board

Prosperity Party _ Ethiopia
Source : EPRDF page

December 4, 2019

Ethiopia’s newly merged political party, Prosperity Party, is seeking recognition from the National Election Board of Ethiopia.

The party shared a brief update about it on the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democracy Party (EPRDF) social media page on Wednesday.

The new party requested Ethiopia’s Election Board to cancel registration certificates which have been granted to member parties and allies of former EPRDF coalition in accordance with Political Parties registration and ethics legislation 1162/2100. These parties and they are eight in number, have merged to form a single party named Prosperity Party.

As well, the party requested the election board to recognize and grant Prosperity Party with registration certificate as per article 91 (4) of the legislation.

The Party disclosed that it has submitted all relevant documents to the election board.

Member parties that signed official documents of the merger to form Prosperity Party on December 1 are:

Afar National Democratic Party (ANDP)
Benishangul-Gumuz Democratic Party (BDP)
Oromo Democratic Party (ODP)
Amhara Democratic Party (ADP)
Southern Ethiopian Peoples’ Democratic Movement (SEPDM)
Somali Democratic Party
Gambela Peoples Democratic Movement (GPDM)
Harari National League (HNL)

Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), a party that is considered as the architect of the dying EPRDF, has vehemently opposed the merger on alleged grounds that “it violates the constitution and the regulations of the former coalition.” Consequently, TPLF is toiling to mobilize what it calls “Federalist Forces” to “defend the Federal system and the constitution.” 

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