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Ethiopia’s Prosperity Party officially formed in the capital Addis Ababa

Eight members and allies of Ethiopia’s dying ruling coalition, EPRDF, sign a document that establish Prosperity Party in the capital Addis Ababa.

Prosperity Party _ Ethiopia
Chairpersons of eight parties who worked under the umbrella EPRDF coalition sign document for that establishes prosperity party. Photo credit : OPM

December 1, 2019

Three former member parties of Ethiopia’s ruling coalition, EPRDF, and five agar (“support” or ally) parties, as they used to be called during the entire lifetime of the coalition, have inked their signature in the capital Addis Ababa officially signaling that time for Prosperity Party is ushering.

Prime minister Abiy Ahmed updated his fans on social media, in three languages, about what is considered to be a milestone moment in Ethiopian politics . He wrote “A momentous signing occasion marking the unification of our Party. The unification process will continue maintaining legality and due process.”

According to a report by state affiliated Fana Broadcasting Corporation (FBC), Chairpersons of the parties who approved the merger to form Prosperity Party (PP)  have attended the signing ceremony. 

As well, senior government officials including Demeke Mekonnen, who is Ethiopia’s Deputy Prime Minister, and Muferiat Kamil, minister for the Ministry of Peace – one of the most powerful institutions in the country next to the office of the prime minister, have attended the meeting. 

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed made a speech during the ceremony. He said that Prosperity Party holds two twin agenda item ; development and democracy. “It is a reliable bridge that is based on truth and knowledge to transit Ethiopia [ to prosperity]”  

He also mentioned that the party has prepared program and party regulation, which is yet to be made public, and a 10 years plan to usher “Ethiopia to prosperity.”  

The umbrella coalition organization of Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF), was composed of  four major ethnic-based (except SEPDM) political organizations and five other support organizations. The later groups were marginalized, by design and with party regulations, did not have the power to decide on national matters or to hold the highest office in the country. The new party, Prosperity Party, is organized in a way to  end what many members call, rightly, injustice in that regard.

Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), a party that engineered and dominated the now phased out coalition, declined to join the new party on alleged grounds that it was formed in a way that violate the political and legal procedures. It said “what happened in the name of merger is formation of a new party,” and argued that EPRDF leadership does not have the mandate to abandon “revolutionary democracy.” 

Individuals figures outside of TPLF have also opposed to the merger. Ethiopia’s Defense Minister, Lemma Megersa, who was also a key ally and former boss of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, stated his opposition to the formation of a singer merged party out of the EPRDF coalition in an interview with VOA Afan Oromo language saying that a) he does not believe in it which seems to imply that he prefers the ethnic-based arrangement b) it’s not timely. 

Political organizations that formed the Prosperity Party are :

  • Afar National Democratic Party (ANDP)
  • Benishangul-Gumuz Democratic Party (BDP)
  • Oromo Democratic Party (ODP) 
  • Amhara Democratic Party (ADP)
  • Southern Ethiopian Peoples’ Democratic Movement (SEPDM)
  • Somali Democratic Party
  • Gambela Peoples Democratic Movement (GPDM)
  • Harari National League (HNL)

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  4. Addis Ababa and Dire Dawa should form a coalition party since they are left out .

    At least TPLF received the common courteousy of being begged to join Prosperity while Addis Ababa and Dire Dawa people were not even asked to join prosperity.

    Ijole Bilisummaa PROSPERITY .

  5. Election will prove whether EPRDF just changed it’s name or not.

    It is about time, now all parties involved ODP , ADP , SEPDM and those that were stripped of their voting rights for so long such as ANDP , BDP , SDP , GPDM and HNL must call for Prosperity Party to hold inner election ASAP by exercising their rights to vote for Prosperity leadership.

    New party_new manifesto_new election!!!!

  6. Ethiopia do not want to travel whether on a bridge , by land , by air , by water or on a railway , what Ethiopia needs is to remain intact not to get displaced forcefully or not to get forced to lead a life of nomads by being vulnerable to bandits .
    The only ones that might benefit from all these traveling planned are the ODP affiliated bandits who ambush the travelers, noonelse.

    Only Senay Meles Zenawi can bring the country peace back as one , so we can defeat both the outside and internal enemies of the country.

    Abiy should apologize to all of TPLF and the Tigray people then Abiy must give the PM post to Senay Meles Zenawi at once before it is too late.

  7. Same leaders same outcome!

    Elect different leaders for prosperity!

    Prosperity is intended for EPRDF cadres military criminals to save their own skins from the public’s uproar by changing their party names hiding in a new party, just so the political economical and military oppression by them continues under false pretenses.

    Ethiopians are suffering since 1980s till the present time by EPRDF, now EPRDF changed the name but it is still the same type of ethnic oppression even worse in some cases for the public , with the public’s safety not getting enough attention as the cadres safety is getting.

    TPLF is still in control of the economic , political and military power through their errand boy Abiy’s team which they entrusted him with their safety .

  8. This is dangerous! The entire leadership all 8 of them are muslim in a country that is 60%christians. What is going on?

    This is perfect chritian extinction agenda! Lema megersa must know something is up! Wake up people. This looks like there is a deliberate design.

  9. Jawar of course must agree with it because, that is why he didn’t protest biltsigina party, only for areb corporation party, the danger is looming. I guess Ethiopians with stakeholders obviously didn’t think about it. Gragn mohamed/aba jifar in the making. No wonder, this guy called tolosa on social media knew, for years he has been distracting Ethiopians with his national flag, and when jawar fakely called out that he is being surrounded, this tolosa guy quickly switched sides! Saying he is standing by jawar and threw away ethiopias national flag and said he is Oromo first meaning wahabism first. Now I understand why. Under the watch dog of their outside masters, tplf /shabia finally are taking a chance and succeded installing wahabism in Ethiopia. Well, we know isays has turkish blood and both tplf /shabia /had forgone christianity loong time and following yodit gudit faith that is why. Masters are soon going to enjoy the drama from afar

  10. as for me mr Nitin N. Varia and the author of this article is close to nonesense. garnishing his articel with borrowed words is not gonna spice it up and turn it into trustworthy article.

    Let us stick to the Gospel truth. The naked tyruth is that Woyane helped you to enjoy your freedom and speak up publicly and express yourself via medai etc

    Schools , hospitals , bridges, the Great dam were launched and went under construction by TPLF, YOur Masters.

    Time will tell, if amhara elites will bring peace and stability on this old country!!

    Your kids will cry , mark my words!!! Bigots , you hide in the church where you worship your colonial masters and stone your fellowmen to death. Is that the tenets of your church ??

    Motuma PHD, Texas

  11. PP should forget the useless hippo generation and work with the cheetah generation.

  12. PP EPRDF is full of ayn aweta criminals who need to be removed not only from power but
    they also need to be banned from ever again exercising their rights to vote in Ethiopian national elections.

  13. From the get go this is problematic situation!!! Why too many Muslims and Muslim women in this party that does not represent the Majority of religion, the Orthodox Christian population??!!

    This is a dicey situation that is going to bring problem to Abiy’s and his purpose of forming this party. We have already witnessed how Islamist extremist are massacring innocent Christians because they are being helped and instructed by Jawar and his Arab enablers.

    Prosperity party must correct the mishap because the majority religion, the Orthodox Christian must be represented and respected in the party !!!!!!!!

  14. I do feel you may be right, this whole situation might be a drama due to not just domestic but also outside influence.

    Still hopeful.

    One indication of true change: 1. why invite the same type of groups who have extreme /radical agenda as tplf, the tplf fascism you are trying to discard but replace it with olf fascism. As a country, leadership rules a nation and not a smaller region. ALL leaders by their nature for survival of their people expand become inclusive not exclusive. When it comes to Liberation Fronts, it is the reverse which no nation implement such bizzare system being used for international experiment to disintegrate nations into small enclaves, far away from the concept of federalizm. 2. Dissolve fascistic constitution designed by shabia /Olf that is creating barn-like calling it kilil


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