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TPLF mobilizing “Federalist Forces”, Organized second forum in Mekelle

Apparently convinced that Ethiopia’s ruling coalition, EPRDF, ceased to exist, TPLF seem to be crafting possible legitimacy tool to resist change in Ethiopia.It called it Federalist Forces

TPLF _ Federalist Forces
Debrestion Gebremichael at the “Federalist Forum” in Mekelle. Photo credit : TPLF

December 03, 2019

Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) has organized what it called “National Forum for rescuing the constitution and multi-ethnic Federal System” in Mekelle on Tuesday, the party disclosed on its social media page.

This is the second forum to be organized in Mekelle.

Turn out to the event was not that great. TPLF chairman and acting president of the Tigray region, Debretsion Gebremichael blamed what he called “cowards who fear and despise ideas” for exerting pressure, in various ways, on those who have dissenting views not to attend the Forum in Mekelle.  “For that reason,” he continued,” a considerable number of entities found it difficult to attend the forum.”

On the other hand, he thanked those who made it to the event withstanding “pressure” from the forces he described as “cowards.”

He told participants, “… we are in a time when the constitution is being violated openly; lack of peace and the security of citizens is worsening; internal displacement and destruction of properties of citizens have become common experiences…”

A day earlier, he seized the Ethiopian Orthodox Church’s annual celebration of Tsion Mariam in the ancient town of Axum to convey a political message. In the spiritual event which attracts hundreds of thousands of pilgrims from different parts of Ethiopia, he said “Ethiopian nations; nationalities and peoples should carry out a united struggle to do away with ‘supremacy’ “

Coordinator of the second forum, Dr. Mulugeta, is quoted as saying fifty national and ethnic parties as well as over 700 “intellectuals, elders, Abba Gedas [oromo traditional leaders] and religious leaders” took part in the forum. It is expected to end on Wednesday.

In late November of this year, TPLF called party congress after the executive committee and central committee of the organization passed decision against the merger of EPRDF coalition members.

TPLF dominated the ruling coalition that is ceasing to exist, Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF), for more than 27 years until it lost power in 2018 following years of persistent nationwide protest.

TPLF seems to be in the business of openly organizing “Federalist forces” as the merger of parties in the coalition, TPLF architected it on the eve of a takeover of power in Addis Ababa nearly three decades ago, became a reality leading to the formation of Prosperity Party.

Towards that effect, the organization apparently reached out to ethnic-based political organizations it was once chasing and fighting as an enemy. An unverified letter which is purportedly written to TPLF, by Ogaden National Liberation Front, seem to answer to invitation to attend “Federalist Forum” in Mekelle. In the letter, ONLF said that it is not forgetful of atrocities that TPLF committed for 27 years.

TPLF is believed to have reached out to Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), a radical ethnic Oromo organization, but the leader of the organization said this week in an interview with allegedly OLF affiliated local newspaper that it is not in good terms with TPLF.

Political pundits in Ethiopia tend to take TPLF’s cry over “violation of the constitution” as a sort of joke as they argue that TPLF, during the time it dominated government power, never respected the constitution.

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    -No nuclear missile to reach Abiy Ahmed
    – cost of living become affordable by most ,
    – the land grabs by foreigners to completely stop,
    – the land grabs by Oromo “investors” to stop ,
    – the Jihadist movement to completely stop,
    -selling out public properties to completely stop ,
    -selling out state properties to stop ,
    —borrowing from foreign sources to be kept at bay,
    – all major EPRDFites criminals including Abiy Ahmed & Co. serving their sentences for the crimes they committed in the last three decades ,
    -have a much better foreign policy ,
    -one ethnic domination in the country completely stopped ,
    – Djibouti and Ethiopia becoming secured one country otherwise letting Djibouti secure her own port with her own navy while Ethiopian navy securing only its own waters-rivers and lakes ,
    – the talk with Eritrean people and Ethiopian people succeeding in uniting Eritrea and Ethiopia ,
    -the income gap between the looters and the looted not keeping on widening as it did for the last three decades and
    —-Ethiopians enjoying many many more blessings they got in stored for them by being free from the EPRDFites criminals looters grip on the economy politics and military power.

    • You Really think we Eritreans fought bloody 30 years till we reached menelik palace or this years of no war no peace so we can unite again?!!

      Don’t bring Eritrea in your ethio dream discussion
      We have our own agenda,interests lands,sea either we work as neighbours no more no less Confederation,federation,Union isn’t and never in our national interests but yours.

      • Why don’t you let the Eritrean people be the judge,I dare you to hold a free referendum and find out?

        By the way 1998 to 2000 were real bloody years that made those “30 years” look like a walk in the park.

  2. The wishfull thinking of the writer Ato Dawd Ibsa Ayana my contemporary at the Haile Selassie I University in 1970 under the captionion that OLF will win with overwhelming majority in coming election is a FANTAY in Amharic and FANTASY in English.

    There is no chance of existence of OLF after the formation of Ethiopian People Party under the Divine Ambassador for Ethiopia Dr. Abiye Ahmed.

    These are the reasons.

    1. The upcoming election shall be fought on single theme of UNITY in DIVERSITY versus Radicalism based on ETHINICITY and Division of Ethiopia.

    2. The majority demographic population below 33 years age and very strong asset of ETHIOPIA who will have decisive effect on voting. The young do not care about anything except development and progress and prosperity that can only engender in Prosperity not on division.

    It is the old guards and Shamagalis who as oromo have experienced some disadvantage they propel divison but they are in minority.

    3. The female power will attract majority support EPP because after years of domination by male the women are seeing a Ray of Hope and Light for their upliftment and opportinity in Dr. Abiye Ahmed whose cabinet is women power.

    4..The Diaspora out of Ethiopia look at the Motherland in totality and not in division. Out of Ethiopia they have no apartheid on ethinic thinking they mingle and marry in different ethinic groups. They find Jawar Mohamed and the rest as smoking chimney spreading pollution.

    5. Dr. Abiye Ahmed have been a visionary so far in forging peace with Eritrea and brought about many reforms in short time and complicated opposition.

    6. Dr. Abiye Ahmed have earned a reputation of a trusted calm and enlightened leader of Ethiopia with all most all countries of the world.

    7. Before the election Dr. Abiye Ahmed will succeed in negotiating very smoothly with Egypt and Sudan on Renaissance Dam with the blessings of President Trump. This will be a magical miracle for Ethiopias development.

    8. Reforms that is continous process under Dr. Abiye is the fastest especially the freeing of prisioners and media. This will bring a lot of support to EPP.

    9. Those supporters of TPLF and OLF are a few ring leaders spreading false propaganda which the young population reject it outright.

    10. Dr. Abiye Ahmed fighting election by being present as a brave man staying within Ethiopia. The cowards like Jawar Mohamed fighting through media from Minnesota in USA. It is proxy war.

    11. Last but not the Least it is only and only EPP that walks the message as sbutley in the Symbol of Ethiopian flag

    The flag of Ethiopia was officially adopted on February 6, 1996. It features the Pan-African colors; green is symbolic of Ethiopia’s land, yellow is the color of peace and love, and red the color of strength. The centered gold star on a blue shield is said to represent unity.

    Nitin varia.

    • Dear Mr. Nitin,

      God bless you. It seems, you know Ethiopia than Ethiopians themselves. In a very divided and globalised world, I hope your words to be true and genuine. I know, Ethiopia have had lots of friends globally, I don’t believe Ethiopians have tapped into such resources. I sometimes believe 50 years of war on Ethiopia have created trauma that Ethiopians really forgot how to mobilize, how to evolve in bringing genuine democracy, diplomacy, and development without affecting our true values. I hope Dr. Aby to be like leader President Lula of Brazil accomplished for his people many things at the same time great foreign diplomacy. Just like President Trump is struggling to make America Great again.You see, Ethiopia’s geographic location is challenging, due to her uniqueness she kept all those years is making her a target and vulnerable.

  3. If we are all for genuine and practical democracy, we have to acknowledge the fact that these groups are also entitled to their opinion. They have the right to differ also. That means they can support the merger or stand in the opposition of it nonviolently and in civil discourse manner. In doing so they also should expect a barrage of screaming pushback. . Who said democracy means silence and unitary with or for everything in it. Its strength lies in its diversity. It is always moving and in doing so it always sounds raucous. In the case of the old country it has enough to root for and at the same time so many things to pick on. But it is in a serious want of strong neutral media to be trusted by the public at large. To me that is what I understand when experts say it lacks strong institutions of which the media sector is one of them. It(The Federal and regional governments) has to somehow wean itself of the monopoly of the media and limits itself to the offices of the spokespersons. Let it go! Let it evolve in and by itself. Enough with it! Events leading to April 2018 has settled one argument the most. There will never be a onetime regime that will last forever. The despots who had more than 5 million cadres molded in their image were not able to save the day for them. On top of that they had the army, the Special Forces, the air force and close to a million law enforcement units(including the so-called local militia). That ain’t done it, honey!!!! Dégage!!! Out of my sight!!! That should always be kept in mind by everyone including the current leaders!!!!

    Coming out in opposition should not be disparaged. It should be let it be because otherwise it will push groups to go underground to wreak havoc. Everyone should feel free to agree or disagree. Everyone should not feel threatened with violence and banishment. We have enough of that, don’t we?

  4. I may also add to the inalienable rights to differ that it does not mean you will have the rights to obstruct or disrupt justice by sheltering or provide means for the escape of felons or those accused of serious malfeasance. I will leave that legal matters to our dear men/women of letters.

  5. The leader of the wrestled away organization, TPLF, in his speech at the end of the recent anti merger conference has stated that ‘We have seen our vulnerabilities due to conspiracies of internal and external forces to distract Ethiopia’. What he did not elaborate was who those internal and external conspirators are. What was his problem of not mentioning them by name? Isn’t this a recipe for unfounded and wild mistrust among the citizens of that country? Who are those conspirators, when and where did they conspire? Why does he feel personally threatened? It seems to be that way. Did the noble people of Tigray mulled over the necessity of holding such a conference. There must have been a sizable amount of expenses to plan and hold this conference and did the people there approve the spending? Or is that another brand of democracy at work?

    He also added ‘We should learn from our past history that our foreign enemies are not only weakening our country but are actively fighting to dismantle it; this forum should be an opportunity to send a wakeup call to all Ethiopians.’ Amen to that!!! I hope everyone there has taken a lesson or two from what was experienced in the past of which sowing distrust among citizens is one of them that has left tracks of deaths and destruction in very recent history of that gem of the colored!!! Dear Your Excellency Dr, Debretsion! Do you have names? Not only names but when and where did the conspiracies take place? The citizens including the harmonious people of Tigray are entitled to know. Who, Where and when?


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