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Lemma Megersa in the United States for a “working visit”

Ethiopian Defense Minister, Lemma Megersa, is participating in US-Ethiopia Bilateral Defense Committee days after he disclosed his opposition to the merger of member parties in the ruling coalition, including his own ethnic party – Ormo Democratic Party (ODP).

Lemma Megersa _ Ethiopia
Lemma Megersa during Ethiopian Consulate inauguration in Minnesota. Photo : file

December 2, 2019

Ethiopia’s Defense Minister, Lemma Megersa, has arrived in the United States leading high-level government delegation, state-affiliated Fana Broadcasting Corporate (FBC) reported on Monday.

Ethiopian Ambassador to the United States, Fitsum Arega, has confirmed the news in a Twitter message: 

“Minister of Defence of #Ethiopia Lemma Megerssa & his high level delegation arrived in Washington DC to participate on US-Ethiopia Bilateral Defense Committee. #Ethiopia” 

The purpose of the visit, according to the source, is “to foster defense cooperation between Ethiopia and the United States of America.

The visit was not announced earlier and it is unclear how long the duration of the “working visit” is. 

If the visit is indeed about signing defense agreement and if it happens, it is going to be the second military agreement that Ethiopia signed in less than two weeks time. On November 20, Lemma Megersa has signed a defense cooperation deal with United Arab Emirates.  

News of his visit to the United States came days after Voice of America Amharic service reported that he is breaking rank with his colleague Abiy Ahmed on grounds of political disagreement.

The difference is over the formation of a single merged party out of former coalition members of Ethiopian Peoples Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF), he told VOA Amharic.

Lemma argues that Oromo Democratic Party (ODP) should remain ODP at least until “Oromo question is addressed” and the merger of the parties is untimely.

Eight member and ally parties of former EPRDF have formally signed an agreement on Sunday announcing the establishment of Prosperity Party (PP) with a vision to strengthen the Federal system and usher Ethiopia into an era of prosperity in ten years time.

Lemma was considered as one of the key leaders that helped bring about change from within the ruling coalition so much so that the team was named after him as “Team Lemma.” 

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  1. I see too much speculation in this article. The official news is Obbo Lemma is here on business trip. It is not unusual for nations to meet once in each capital for a defense related matters. I am very happy that the Trump administration has kept up its continued engagement with the regime there.

    • Thank you Ittu…I too believe in the stated purpose of the visit by the Defense Minister.

      It is really saddening to always speculate and suspect the moves our leaders make other than what is presented to us. That is sickness and sickening, and unless we, each of us change our attitude towards our leaders, we will never reach our full potential as a nation.

  2. In 1989 thirty plus years ago when EPRDF was conceived in the jungle EPRDF initially was conceived by only two parties TPLF and Ethiopian People’s Democratic Movement EPDM with Shabiya being the matchmaker overseer of their Union.

    Right after the two parties TPLF and EPDM formed EPRDF, the TPLF Shabiya convinced EPDM Ethiopian People Democratic Movement to become an ethnic party and takeout Ethiopia from it’s name making EPDM change its name to ANDM (Amara National Democratic Movement) now known as ADP, then OPDO got created by taking Oromo fighters from Shabiya from TPLF from Derg from ANDM, that’s how OPDO joined EPRDF it continued like that with ethnic politics spiraling out of control until now. Currently TPLF is negotiating with Gedeo people to continue EPRDF with ethnic Gedeo party and TPLF together .TPLF is blowing it up the mouth claiming TPLF can lift up every single Gedeo person out of their current situation and help them reinstate their values. If Gedeo people accept EPRDF with so much weight loss will probably still continue living what is not clear is what the stand of the Prosperity Defence Minister would be in regards to the union of ethnic Gedeo people and TPLF.

  3. According to the copy of the Abiy Ahmed’s letter published on Lepoint Magazine last month Abiy Ahmed did ask France last month for nuclear missile warheads not nuclear reactors. Noone is sure if Defence Minister Lemma Megerssa was aware of the request made by Abiy Ahmed , I am not sure whether Defence Minister Lemma knew about the request or if the request was made behind his back . This should have been the talk by local reporters for the last two weeks instead local reporters including VOA were distracted by EPRDF merging or not merging talk . All will be revealed by 1/15/2020 when Egypt , Ethiopia and Sudan report back to USA.

  4. When did TPLF come to pass away ? I am saddended to hear that ! What was the cause of its death please ?

    what kind of agitators are you please ? You will also die soon without doing something relevant to this country known to have fragmented states here and there. We have a history of killing eachother from over 4 centuries and a regime led by murderers like Zerayacob, Fasiledes, Minilik and others who did nothing to these people except selling it t the wetsren world to import artilleries and others kill people in the name of relgion while claiming to have been chosen by God;

    Orthodox church is famous in enslaving people and posionining innocent ppl

  5. Just like Tplf, team lemma have been forced by tplf/shabia /olf mafia to serve for these gangs instead of 90 million people. It is shame. Instead, statesmen like Obbo Lemma shoud take pride in leading a nation like Ethiopa, impacting great diplomacy instead of rushing to places in backyard, like Minnesota to serve olf mafias like Jawar. The disagreement between Obbo Lema and Obbo Aby is exactly this. Serve jawar Mafia under the guise of “oromo”, or serve 90 million people of Ethiopia. I would choose there is more benefit serving Ethiopia.

  6. Tilik kalkidan ityopianoch yeneberachew, 27 amet befit, 1 ager ityopia. Ye Minilik misale yezo mehed. Ase Minilik, ende zarew, bezer aydelem yegezut. Endewem bezemene mesafint gize bakababi merinet enji bezer alneberem. Befitsum, befitsum yezarew yezer kilil, federalizm niw tebilo hezben yemigoda enji yemitekim aydelem. Lemin?
    1. Lik ende zemene mesafint, ers bers bemefokaker, enay ebelt enay ebelt bemalet, torinet yametal, aykomim.
    2. Ende zemene mesafint, erasin kilil lemetebek sitil, mesaria megzat alebeh, lemegzat mesaria, genzeb yasfligihal. Le Areb /Merabawian sewen le barinet meshet alebeh, (Tplf bezu ityopiawianen le Areb ager shitual, bezu lijochin le Merabawian shitual. Hesanat tewesdew wechi ager, abzagnaw g/sedomawi lemaregina, enezih lijoch kadegu behuala wede ityopia ager telikew g/sedomawinetin lemasfafat yitebekibachewal). Habtihinena meretehen meshet alebeh.Le misale eko zare enayewalen, endet Ertra bewech ager sir kutitir /agelgai endehonech, erasuan Temecula atichilim. Lezih niw hedo hedo shabiam ityopian ezih sir yaderegut, akim endaynorew, kalewech erdata berasu endaykom. Debub Sudan lela misale niw, zare ers berasachew eyetewagu, meretachew bemulu endale techebchibual. Somalilandem endezihu. Tinish ager yizeh kuch sitil bebego /selam megzat sayhon ende mafia tigezaleh, hezbehen meretehen yebelete lewech metekemya tadergaleh. Equatorial guinea endezihu, meriw ersun becha kewechoch gar tetekmo hezbun eyawedeme. Yagereh habt target yadergihal.

    Zarem yasferal min yahil ityopia akim endadakemuat. Wanaw endewem he Diaspora dikmet niw. Diasporawoch bandira yezew esheshe gedame, chifera ende menga. Beka. Betekerestiyanun ledekeme, lehemuman yebelete sigebaw, ye group lelawun yemashmuatet yemegfat bota honual. Yih ye tplf witet bihonim, b/kiristian yebelete tenkara mehon alebet. Yemigerm niw, yehonu ye gonder abat kandebetachew selezer siyaweru, ye b/kerestianun maninet eyasatu niw. Abatoch kahenoch ityopia endeneberu besiriatu mastenaged alebachew. kewegentegna, ketikim astesaseb merak tiru misale mehon alebachew. Seytan hulum wist gebtobinal

  7. Tibk Masreja!

    Bahunu gize ityopia cia ej sir nech! Abeka. Kahun wedih ityopia yemitinkesakesew be cia tezaz niw. Ene team lema benesu sir nachew. Alemesmamatu mulu bemulu, ye Ethiopian habt beteley Abay wenzen already kutitir sir niw. Oromo, ke bandira, eske haimanot, eske latin chimir abro mesrat jemerual. Soria torinet amaraw lai lemadreg eyetakede niw.

    Yediro amerika, roosevelt, dulles, kennedy ye ityooia yewnet wedaj neberu. Bezarew gin, kayhud, areb gar honew ityopian lemekeramet eyetezegaju niw. Eskeza gin, ityopia yemilewen hail oromo, debub, amara wist alreday be jawar eyasedu niw

    Ityopia hedalech. Ahun agerun lemekoraret eyetezegaju niw aand lemadreg aymeslegnem. Eyandandish ityooiawi negn yemil, diasporaw, wechi ager wekayochachihun yegbagn adirgu. Esti eneyachihu, zefen bicha aydelem. Ityopianoch demand mareg alebachew, yewech hailoch min yahil ejachew ityopia wist endale.

    Tplfen betemelekete, tplf ityopian ejachew sir seleketetechilachew, aynekum.

    Abzagnaw oromo poletikegnoch /olf, team lema ityopian saykidu alkerum. Yaw ende tplf /shabia.

  8. Ityooia bahunu gize, yewistim hone yewech telatoch yemitekemubet zede, democracy niw. Zare begirigir yewech gileseb, ityopiawim yale ityooia wist shulik bilo gebto yenem meftihe yisetegn lemalet eyetekarebe niw! Zare sele selam meweyayet tiru yehun enji, telatoch yihen liyunet alachihu tenegageru sil alamaw lela niw. Behezbachin wist yelelwin gichit ale bemalet yewech yewest telatoch girgir leleba yimechal endemibalew, maninetachinin atfitew yewech, ba’id yehonewen neger ahun demo teketay tifat eyetederegebin niw. Amaran atfitew, yeminibalewen kitfo atfitew, tsihufachenen atfitetew, bandirachinin attitude, irichan atfitew, haimanotachinin yeneberewen atfitew, mebte niw kewech bahil haimanot, manineten bemalet, alasfelagi bezu aynetoch lai leyunet alen bemalet, limatachinin, edgetachinin lai endanatekur, gizeachinin letinish tilik leyunet alen bemalet, gize bemefjet lai honen, telatoch zare hezb eyeterabe wechi hailen eyastenagedin enegegnalen, Abay wenz, afar, lelochim botawoch kutitir sir lai eyehonu yigegnalu.

  9. If the purpose of Lemma’s visit is not to “to foster defense cooperation between Ethiopia and the United States of America”!!! If it had been to foster defense cooperation the right place to go is Washington DC!!!!!!!!!

    His purpose is rushing to Minnesota to talk to OLF and Jawarian ( Not Queerroo) radical Islam extremist group to hide his sinister personal agenda from other ethnic Ethiopians.

    He is putting himself in a dicey situation because this is proving to us his unscrupulous personality that never criticize Jawar for his criminal and demagoguery personality which also does not include Ethiopiwinet?

  10. Lemma Megersa is the first and only Ethiopian Defence Minister on record who pays all his security apparatus full monthly salary with benefits in time.

  11. Reading the posts above, it is really distressing how some of us have different interpretation of an action by our government’s officials than the one presented? Why is that some of us believe there is something behind every move? I think it is long overdue to stop this menace. .


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