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Ethiopia, Somalia reached an agreement in Ankara  

  • The fate of the Memorandum of Understand Ethiopia and Somaliland signed seems to be uncertain
  • Somalia and Ethiopia will meet in Ankara in September this year
Ethiopia Somalia _ Turkey
Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan flanked by Ethiopian Foreign Affairs Minister Taye Aske Selassie and Foreign Minister of Somalia,Ahmed Moalim Fiqi, in Ankara, July 1, 2024. (Photo : SM)


Toronto – Ethiopia’s  Minister for Foreign Affairs, Taye Aske Selassie, and his counterpart in Somalia, Ahmed Moalim Fiqi,  have reportedly reached an agreement to meet again after Turkish mediated talks in Ankara. 

“The Ministers agreed to meet in Ankara to have a second round of discussions on the 2nd of September 2024,”  said Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan in a press briefing after the first round of the discussion, on July 1, 2024, in Ankara. 

In a joint Statement Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it said  “The Ministers of Somalia and Ethiopia reiterated their commitment to the peaceful resolution of differences, and expressed their appreciation to Türkiye for its facilitation, as well as its constructive contributions.” 

As well, it highlighted that Ethiopia and Somalia have  “agreed to pursue the ongoing dialogue with a view to resolving their issues and ensuring regional stability.” 

Tension developed between Ethiopia and Somalia after the former signed – on January 1, 2024 – a memorandum of understanding  with Somaliland – one that is informed by reciprocity whereby Ethiopia would get 20 kilometers of coastal land from Somaliland on the basis of a fifty years lease and Ethiopia to recognize the independence of Somaliland. Somaliland has been existing as a De facto state with its own army and foreign relations – among other things. 

Somaliland does not seem to be happy with what Turkey is doing. Essay Kayed, the Minister For Foreign Affairs, had a discussion with the Turkish consulate in Hargeisa regarding “concerns.”  

The fate of the  MoU with Ethiopia seems to be uncertain as it was supposed to be finalized by the beginning of February. When the agreement was signed on January 1, 2024 – the parties announced that it would be finalized within one month after the MoU agreement. 

Ethiopia did not remark about it except a recent advisory from the office of the Prime Minister which called for exercising caution on the consumption of news contents as it relates to the MoU. 

Somalia has threatened that there would be “no room” for negotiation with Ethiopia before the latter nullifies the memorandum of understanding with Somaliland whose current status is unknown. 

In what appears to be a move to demonstrate its anger, Somalia took several actions in addition to a diplomatic campaign to garner support against Ethiopia which it accuses of “violating its sovereignty.”  

Somalia expelled the Ethiopian Ambassador to its country a few months ago. Also, it ordered the closure of Ethiopian consulates in Puntland and Somaliland although Mogadishu’s order was rejected.  

Last week, Somalia accused Ethiopian troops of crossing its border – an accusation the Ethiopian government dismissed as  incorrect. 

The United States has been calling for de-escalation and peaceful resolution of the difference between Ethiopia and Somalia. 

Why Turkey? 

“Turkey with its longstanding relations and extensive cooperation with both Ethiopia and Somalia has assumed a role of facilitation,” said Hakan Fidan.

Turkey has a huge presence in Ethiopia and has been forging a strong economic and cultural influence in the country over the past few decades. 

In Somalia, Turkey has its largest military base outside of the country and has been cementing a very close relationship for several years now. Apart from its military presence, it built a huge hospital in Mogadishu. 


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  1. I hope both nations’ leaders will regain their senses and solve the senseless squabbles they are having now. Both these two nations have huge potentials only if they are at peace with each other. Somaliland is an issue that Somalia itself brought upon itself and Ethiopia was not the one that created it. It is something our very dear Somali brothers and sisters has to handle between themselves peacefully and only peacefully.

    Meanwhile, all those neighboring Ethiopia should come to realize that Ethiopia is now a country of more than 130 million people and growing. Such enormous number of people cannot continue to be suffocated without an outlet to sea. That in itself will be a recipe/cause for future costly conflict. Pundits and politicians in all three countries of Eritrea, Somalia and Ethiopia should get their act together and work in alliance so their citizens will have the chance to drag themselves out of abject poverty. Stupid sense of baseless vendetta ain’t gonna further the accord for all of them. They have to accept the irrefutable fact that none of them are Arabs, Semitic people or Caucasians from Tuscany. They are all ‘niggers’ to the White Citizens Council and Neo-Nazis. Shape up or go belly up!!!

    Let’s hope this first talks will bear fruit beneficial to all. Peace y’all!!!

    • I have never heard anyone in Ethiopia complaining or mentioning as a problem that Ethiopia doesn’t have access to the sea. Do you have a huge fleet of ships, do you have huge exports that need China style ports, do you have a navy. Wasn’t it the previous governments bad decisions that led to the loss of Eritrea and the loss of the coastline that Abyssinia once had?
      So you saying that because Ethiopia is 120+ millions it’s entitled to a coast line ? To do what, go fishing? Do you really believe (you seem to be an educated person) that Abie can revive Abyssinia but the affected countries from your expansion will simply agree with you!!! What ignorance, naivety, short sightedness and lack of understanding the international community and it’s relationships!! More pain coming to the lovely country of Ethiopians as long as the boy king continues to believe his own fantasies!

      • Nobody is talking about signing an MOU with Somaliland leaders about getting port facilities in Eritrea. Why are so upset about it? You must know something we don’t know. Please tell us about it cuz we entitled to know.

        • Really my brother, this is what you got from reading my comment??
          I used to think that you have some twisted sense of humor, or just trolling us the readers but the more you write the more I begin to believe you are a government plant;)))

  2. This is a good start. Let’s hope and pray that these two fraternal neighbors will reach amicable agreement for the issues between them. Not a single Somali and Ethiopian young man should have his Allah blessed life in danger because the lack of goodwill on the parts of the leaders of their countries. Greater this and ancient that ain’t cut the mustard. They should not listen to or influenced by bigoted smart alecks who have been fanning the flames of war from their comfy homes in Minnesota, Toronto and the Middle East. Kudos to these two brothers for reaching an agreement to continue to talk.

    • I don’t see any positive outcome while the mad dog Abiy is in power. He only created the mess and with his departure the area will be in peace.

  3. Freedom should prevail and not colonial/self interest motivated thoughts that are the actual cause of this beef.
    This is 2024 and almost the end of the world which makes me fall to understand why the indifferences at this point in life.

  4. Good start. Hopefully the common sense and the age old human wisdom will prevail in the end. That said, it is only matter of legality, diplomatic necessity and poltical sensibility that Abiy’s advanturist regime should deal this issue through with the Somalia’s legit federal government but not through an illegal seperatist group. Putting their house in order and solving their internal squabbles are somthing Somalis have deal with urgently and sooner than later but an interference from neighbors and outsiders won’t help in any way or shape. On the Contrary , it would add even more fuel on the fire.

    Obbo Ittu

    In my last two cents on this issue, you were hurt or incessant about word I inadvertently put in which I meant only in its allegorical sense and form in that context. It wasn’t meant in any way to its literal meaning or suggesting historical stereotypes of any particular ethnic group. When I said an Oromos or any other ethnic group ,for that matter, could “Cannibalize” each other, It refers to an intra- group civil war, internecine and discord within and especially this is true for tribal societies and I alluded that intra-clan or intra-group strife is not necessarily Somali thing or mutually exclusive to them. Also, don’t forget that if you are proud of your own ethnic and heritage or whatever , so do others with their own. I shouldn’t be explaining this since your are well-versed with english words than ne but I hope you got across idea now. Thanks bro!

    • Dear Countryman/woman Plainview,

      I was not hurt at all. Spending decades in the management jungle of corporate America had left me with a skin as thick as the turtle shell. I was dismayed though by the use of the injurious term ‘cannibalize’. Amharas are not cannibals. Oromos, Tigres, Somalis, Afars and every other group of people in the entire Horn of Africa and Africa at large are not cannibals. They are all choosy of what they like to put in their mouths. I want to tell you a story that took place during the deadly famine of 1984-85. I remember reading a comment by one foreigner where he talked about the choice near death starving people made. They chose to die in stead of killing and eating wild animals around them like wild boars because it is deemed unclean(haraam) prohibited by their two major religions. When I read that story, I went into a corner and cried like a cranky toddler. That is how devoted our people are to their holy creed. They were never cannibals and they will never be one.

      I also understand that sometimes our raw emotion gets the best of us but that should not be what that defines us. I have moved on. Keep writing fellow countryman/woman!!!

  5. The prime Clown, boy king Abie showcasing his exceptional foreign politics strategy. First let’s make enemies of every country around Ethiopia. Then let’s recognize an entity (Somaliland ) which no other country has recognized in an effort to look strong and influential, with the pretext of using their ports for commerce and trade. (Eventhough Ethiopia was already using Somalian ports for transportation of goods).
    Then, when Somalia goes and complains to Turkish government (which has her biggest army base in Somalia and have signed many VALID MoU guaranteeing Somalian sovereignty, but also provide their lovely drones to the Ethiopian army so they can kill civilians unseen, he backtracked once again. In the meanwhile making an enemy of Somaliland also who are rightfully feeling betrayed.
    Another comedic display of ignorance of international relationships, another failed diplomatic/military/blackmailing attempt to divert attention from the horrific genocides and huge displacement of peasants that is ongoing inside the once proud country of Ethiopia. If it wasn’t so tragic, it would be golden comedic material. That is what happens when a PM with total power believes his own illusions and is surrounded by yesmen and by Prosperity Gospel money and power crazed priests as his “advisors”!!
    I pray for the normal, peaceloving people to finally realize that nothing good can come from the current administration and Ahmara and Oromo youth manage to set aside their differences and oust this horrendous PM and his close circle of thiefs and murderers as they did when they ousted the last Tplf dominated government. It was only 6 years ago, you did it once, you can do it again.

  6. To understand in which trashcan this laughable MoU between Somaliland and Ethiopia will be thrown, you just need to read one sentence. “Turkey has its largest military base outside of the country and has been cementing very close relations with Somalia.”
    Guess on who’s favor this mediation will go? Any L of this government is a W of the people.


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