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Ethiopian Gov’t says News Content circulating about MOU with Somaliland Fake 

Ethiopian gov't _ OPM
Bilene Seyoum, Press Secretary in the Office of the Prime Minister during an event in the OPM (Photo : PD/file)


Toronto – The Memorandum of Understanding Ethiopia signed with Somaliland has been making headlines in some news outlets. The latest one talked about Ethiopia’s moving ahead to recognize Somaliland as an independent state. 

The Ethiopian government is remarking on it. A brief update released on Thursday from the Office of the Prime Minister said that the recent news contents about  the Memorandum of Understanding are “fake.”  However, the statement did not name the names of the publishers that allegedly published the “fake” news.  The statement reads : 

“The Office of the Prime Minister advises the public to be cautious of fake content that is currently circulating online pertaining to an MOU with Somaliland.  Official communications regarding local, regional, and international matters are only disseminated through the PMO’s official channels.  We urge everyone to remain vigilant against such fake content that misuses our official logo.”

Ethiopia and Somaliland signed a memorandum of understanding on January 1, 2024.  However, it has not been finalized although it was initially declared that the MoU would be finalized within one month after it was signed. 

If finalized and signed, Ethiopia will get 20 kilometers of coastal land on a 50-year lease from Somaliland which Ethiopia intends to use for military bases and commercial activity. In return, Somalia would get recognition as an Independent state – something the Ethiopian government has not yet confirmed officially.

The deal triggered tension in the region as Somalia sees Ethiopia’s move as a violation of Somalia’s sovereignty. Somalia had been on extensive diplomatic activity with an apparent aim to garner political support against Ethiopia and also forge a military alliance with countries in the region and beyond. 

This week, Somalia’s president, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, remarked that he will not have a problem if Ethiopia has access to the sea but the military base will never happen. This week, his government accused Ethiopia of crossing its border after Ethiopian troops entered Somalia from Hiran region Chasing Al Shabab fighters.  


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