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Somalia gov’t  accusation about border crossing of Ethiopian soldiers “baseless” : Ethiopia 

Somalia Ethiopia Boarder Crossing
Spokesperson of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia says accusation from Somalia baseless (Photo File/PD)


Toronto – Ethiopia on Thursday said that Somalia’s accusation that Ethiopian soldiers crossed the Somalian border is “baseless.” Last week, Somalia accused Ethiopian troops of crossing the Somalian border without authorization from the Somali Federal government.

Somalia formally filed an allegation at the United Nations through its Ambassador, Abukar Dahir Osman. 

It said Ethiopian troops outside of the African Union peacekeeping mission in the country crossed the border. Somalian sources cited authorities from Hiran Region – towards which the Ethiopian troops allegedly crossed – estimating the number of soldiers between 3000 and 4000. 

BBC Amharic cited Nebiyu Tedla, spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia as saying that Ethiopia has only troops in Somalia deployed under the African Union Peacekeeping Mission and bilateral agreements. 

“Transborder operation was not undertaken,” BBC Amharic quoted him as saying. He added that there was a discussion with senior Ethiopian Defense Force Commanders leading the operation in Somalia and that it is confirmed there was regular training in the event of impending danger. Changing military camps, moving around troops and the movement of other military supplies are not unusual practices, according to the spokesperson. It is also confirmed, according to the report, that Ethiopian Peacekeeping Forces recently had such movements. 

The spokesperson also reported that the Federal government of Somalia has no control outside of Villa Somalia. 

Relations between Ethiopia and Somalia soured after the former signed a memorandum of understanding with Somaliland – a breakaway region in the north – signed a memorandum of understanding.  

In February 2024, Somalia’s government accused Ethiopia of “provocation” on the alleged grounds that there was an attempt to block Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud from entering the African Union Summit in Addis Ababa. For several weeks before that, the president has been on a campaign to mobilize diplomatic and military support against Ethiopia in connection with the memorandum of understanding between Ethiopia and Somaliland. 

In April 2024,  President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud government ordered the closure of Ethiopian Consulates in Somaliland and Puntland – an order that was rejected by the latter. 

If finalized and implemented, the agreement with Somaliland would give Ethiopia a 20-kilometer stretch of coastal land in Somaliland on a 50-year term in exchange for  Ethiopia’s recognition for the independence of Somaliland. However, there is no sign of progress and Ethiopia on Wednesday this week warned the public not to be confused by what it calls “fake” news regarding the memorandum of understanding with Somaliland. 


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  1. Besides the incredible mess and depravity he created domestically,the errant boy Abity is willing to go any length to break every diplomatic rule and etiquette just to prove his point and wild imaginations. This violation and proven fact leveled against the longstanding good name of Ethiopia is again in the desk of the Security Council of the United Nations. And then he responds with such contradictory and enfantile excuses. This is not small matter if you are self respecting leader of a nation with long track record of laws and the internation rule’s abiding member of the world community as Ethiopia , nothing to say being among founding members of the UN. It is beyond embarrassing to say the least.

  2. This has been found to be another lie by those who hate the old country with passion. There are tens of thousands of Ethiopian troops inside Somalia under AU sanctioned and endorsed by the UN, ATMIS command. Those soldiers are not Oromos, Amhara or Tigres only but many of them are Ethiopian Somalis. They are from Issas, Hawiyes, Issaaqs, Darrods and of many Somali clans born within the Ethiopian borders but some of these so-called experts in the affairs of the Horn of Africa try to tell us as if an Oromo Army is invading Somalia, as if an Amhara army has just invaded Somalia and it will not be too long before they add Tigres to their counts. What is new with these ‘Ethiopia’ haters, right? The latest hints show these Ethiopia haters are so unhappy that the Somali Region of Ethiopia has been so peaceful so far where you can hear a pin drop that they are working 24-7 to pitch one Somali clan against another Somali clan within Ethiopia and they are bragging about it. Someone should remind them that it against the law of their residence to plan and incite bloodshed inside a foreign country which is a staunch ally of The West against terrorism.

  3. Obbo Ittu
    You used to be reasonable and dignified observer dude of the issues before but I’m afraid you completely gone to Oromumma platforming
    and agendas in the last few yeras. First, what has. happened with Somalia’ border was repoted both by witnesses on ground and satelite images . So there no way of denying of facts is possible. and Abiy regime didn’t outrightly deny it either but fiudged the respose and tries to lie. Second, and cthe area the crossed into isn’t even where the peace keeping is assigned to them. Second, Erhiopian Somalis constituents less than 1% of ethiopoan regular army and even lesser than 0.01 in the ranks officers . So don’t talk something yoiu don’t have a clue about it. Also, you mention somali clans this and that as if oromos and other didn’t and usr clans and Somali do. If the erhiopian people in the country are fighting ethnicity and clans over the years what are they fighting over? Wait and watch untll your Oromos clans cannibalize themselves sooner.

  4. Obbo Ittu
    You used to be reasonable dude and dignified observer of the issues before but I’m afraid you completely gone into Oromumma platforming
    and agendas in the last few years. First, what has. happened within Somalia’ border was reported both by witnesses on ground and international satelite images that often shows any movenments of military contigent in situ . So there no way of denying of facts is possible. and Abiy regime didn’t outrightly deny it either but fiudged the respose and tries to lie about. Note also that the area or region they crossed into isn’t even where their peace keeping mission is assigned to Second, Erhiopian Somalis constituents less than 1% of ethiopoan regular army ,for teason or another, and even lesser than 0.01 in the ranks officers for solely the bases on political and ethnicity reasons. So don’t talk something yoiu don’t have a clue about it. Also, you mention here as were hinting your scribbling for sonetime somali clans this and that as if oromos and others didn’t have the clan ssue and only Somali things. If the erhiopian people in the country aren’t fighting ethnicity and clans over the years what are they fighting over? Wait and watch untll your Oromos clans and Aba gadas cannibalize each other l themselves sooner, if not over reliligious, power and orher isssues that are currently simmering under the surface.

    • Dear Plainview,

      I come to you betting you nothing but peace and brotherhood. I have noticed the points you are trying to make and I respect your Allah gifted rights to your opinion. But I wish you did not use the phrase ‘ your Oromos clans and Aba gadas cannibalize each other themselves sooner’ in your statement. You can say anything about me as a person but denigrating and vilifying my noble and upright Oromos is repulsive. I am sure you will have no problem if an Amhara countryman expresses his “Amhara-ness’ which is no one can diminish his being an Amhara. He must be proud of it just like I am proud of being an Oromo. That is what Oromummaa depicts at its rightful meaning. I am a profusely proud Oromo and a beyond-repair Afro-Ethio-Centric. I mean so Afro-Ethio-Centric that it is lethally infectious, more infectious than the virus that started the Covid pandemic and I will tell you why.

      Contrary to some bigots and Ethiopia haters have been alleging, the current state of Ethiopia was put together by the blood and sweat of Amharas, Oromos, Tigres and many other ethnic groups. That did not just drop from the sky more than 150 years ago. It took centuries to create it. Let me give you an irrefutable fact that has been etched in stone in the history of that country. Who do you think Menelik sought refuge after he fled the bloodthirsty Tewodros? Who gave him a well armed convoy to take him all the way to his birthplace? When he arrived at his birthplace, he was alone and a wanted 21 year old punk fugitive. He begged for the protection of a powerful Oromo general called Gobana. Gobana had the power to hold Menelik by his ears and hand him over to Tewodros and could have been generously rewarded for that. But he did not do that because that was not/is not his or my Oromos; style. Instead he sat down with a young and hapless Menelik and they came up with a workable plan to create a centralized strong nation. To my knowledge Gobana was not a Filipino but an Oromo of the highest value just like any other Oromo you will find anywhere. Capiche?

      I will take you in time back further than that. During the chaotic period of what historians call the Era of Princes, in the then Amhara and Tigre regions, people were butchering each other like rival prides of lions. Who brought order and civility to them beginning as early as the 16th century? Of course, it was Oromos. To my and even your own knowledge, Ali, Gugsa, Iyoas, Mentiwab, Aligaz. Yimam(Imam), Mareeye, Dori, Alula, Menen and Tewodros beloved wife Tewabech were not Sami people from upper Norway. They were all Oromos. Who put the last nail on the coffins of Baratieri’s army on that glorious battlefield at Adwa? Unless you want to refute facts and decide to tell a lie, it was none other than Mikaeel(Mohammed Ali) with his gallant Oromo cavalry when Menelik was thinking about making tactical withdrawal. Anthropologists will tell in indisputable terms that Mikaeel(Mohammed Ali) was not a Navajo from Arizona but a fire spitting patriotic Oromo. Nuff for me for now.

      I don’t usually respond to detractors but I did it this time because I noticed something that I should respond to. Don’t call Oromos like me ‘cannibals’. That will make the work of people who are tirelessly working 24-7 to bring people from all walks of life together and come up with a common plan/objective.

  5. I just read news by Reuters in which it was reported that Turkey is mediating talks between Somalia and Ethiopia about the issues between these two neighbors. I hope both nations’ leaders will regain their senses and solve the senseless squabbles they are having now. Both these two nations have huge potentials only if they are at peace with each other. Somaliland is an issue that Somalia itself brought upon itself and Ethiopia was not the one that created it. It is something our very dear Somali brothers and sisters has to handle between themselves peacefully and only peacefully.

    Meanwhile, all those neighboring Ethiopia should come to realize that Ethiopia is now a country of more than 130 million people and growing. Such enormous number of people cannot continue to be suffocated without an outlet to sea. That in itself will be a recipe/cause for future costly conflict. Pundits and politicians in all three countries of Eritrea, Somalia and Ethiopia should get their act together and work in alliance so their citizens will have the chance to drag themselves out of abject poverty. Stupid sense of baseless vendetta ain’t gonna further the accord for all of them. They have to accept the irrefutable fact that none of them are Arabs, Semitic people or caucasians from Tuscany. They are all ‘niggers’ to the White Citizens Council and Neo-Nazis. Shape up or go belly up!!!

    Let’s hope this first talks will bear fruit beneficial to all. Peace y’all!!!

  6. Obbo Ittu
    Don’t get me wrong bro! When I said to “canibalize” I don’t mean in any way or form the literal sense of the word of Cannibalism or suggesting for any other historical ethinc and group stereotypes. What I meant was that an Oromo intra-group civil war could happen like all tribal societies in the norm . It is not something exclusively for Somali people. Hope you got across the idea even though you sidestepped my main point. Thanks any way!


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