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Former Ethiopian FM Gedu Andargachew, Yilkal Getnet diplomatic move 

Gedu _ Yilkal _ US Ambassador
Ambassador Massinga was widely criticized over his remark about Fano. (Photo : social Media)


Toronto – Ethiopia’s former Minister for Foreign Affairs and President of Amhara region, Gedu Andargachew met with the U.S. Ambassador to Ethiopia, Ervin Massinga. Yilkal Getnet, former Semayawi Party leader, was present during the meeting that appears to be a diplomatic effort to explain Fano and its growing armed movement. 

A report emerging on social media, on Tuesday, indicated the Fano Movement, National Dialogue Commission, and the current affairs in the country were the topics of discussion during a meeting. 

It appears that the meeting happened in Washington D.C. The United States has been a strong supporter of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) and is said to be behind the TPLF and Abiy Ahmed military alliance after the Pretoria Agreement. The U.S. makes claims that its interest is a “united,peaceful and prosperous Ethiopia.” 

The U.S. Ambassador to Ethiopia received extensive criticism from Ethiopians in the country and abroad after his remark about Fano which many considered as “demeaning and derogatory.”  So many articles were published in reaction to the Ambassador’s misleading, as many called it, view of Fano. Addressing Fano as “to those who call themselves Fano,” the Ambassador alleges that Fano forces are refusing negotiation – a position which Fano forces rejected vehemently. 

Gedu Andargachew was reportedly under house arrest after he opposed the Ethiopian parliament’s motion to impose a state of emergency in the Amhara region of Ethiopia in August 2023. In his speech at the parliament, he said that the ruling Prosperity Party has no future in the Amhara region of Ethiopia and that the problem in the region can not be solved through military means. 

He left Ethiopia in February 2024 after the Ethiopian government extended the state of emergency in the Amhara region of Ethiopia.  

Yilkal Getnet has been living in the United States for many months now. He has been appearing on Anchor media to reflect on the Fano movement in the Amhara region and the situation in the country. He has been saying that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government can not win against Fano forces and that his government is on the verge of collapse. 


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  1. Mahibrekidusan is terrorist organization hiding itself within Ethiopian Orthodox church:Prosperity party must dismantle it and confisicate its properity Mahibrekidusan is terrorist organization hiding itself within Ethiopian Orthodox church:Prosperity party must dismantle it and confisicate its properity

    Given his academic credentials, the author should address him as Engineer Yilkal Getnet . Without his academic title, the Borkena may mislead readers into thinking they are referring to another person.
    Mahibrekidusan is a terrorist organization hiding itself within the Ethiopian Orthodox Church and using the name of EOTC as its brand name for commercial purposes. The prosperity party must dismantle it and confirm its properness. The organization is operating unlawfully as a franchised commercial entity within the Ethiopian orthodox Tewahedo church, engaging in illicit activities for profit.”Unlike franchisees, Mahibreseytan, calling itself Mahibrekidusan, pays or does nothing for the Ethiopian Orthodox Church but rather engages in massive robbery and smear campaigns against ecclesiastical and secular leaders and scholars. Besides, they diffused hate speech against ethnic and nationalities in the country and sponsored the Tigray genocide, helping the prosperity party and amhara elites.

  2. As the age old exclamation goes ‘Here goes the neighborhood!!!’, when one part of the Horn of Africa goes tranquil, another one catches fire. Some of you who, for some incomprehensible reasons, thought the country you hate with passion, Ethiopia, is no more. You move your jaw saying it has been eaten up by termites and has decayed beyond salvation. You are seen telling us any endeavor to save the dying(dead) ‘joint’ would be futile. You ltry to tell us Ethiopia as something that never attained the status of ‘statehood’, but rather a country that was Harry Truman’s making of a hodgepodge because he did not know what to do with it after it was left behind by Mussolini after WWII in 1945 and it is a country that deserve to go asunder now. You told it was given a status of an anchor state that it never deserved and you were seen dancing hula hoop when you thought that prestige was unceremoniously taken away because Brother H.E. President Ruto was invited to The White House. All I can say is ‘Well, well, well!!!’
    Folks, there one thing that has been befuddling me since the late 1960’s. That is: Why do some individuals hate Ethiopia so much? Why do some individuals hate Eritrea so much? Why do some individuals hate Somalia so much? Why do some individuals Djibouti so much? All these nations are countries of upright and noble people. Why, why, why? Each one of these countries is the one that gave them the opportunity to get educated or at least provided them shelters and protection in their trying times. Why so much hate? Why?

    Peace y’all!!!

  3. I don’t believe Gedu opposes PP. He must have left Ethiopia with an arrangement by Abiy to divide Ethiopians who live abroad. May be Abiy is trying to negotiate with himself. The speech Gedu gave in Parliament opposing the State of emergency in Amhara may be the first plot to make him liked by the true opposition. If Gedu truly opposed Abiy he would have given interview to one of the many medias outside Ethiopia to expose what is happening in Ethiopia and what his plan to reverse the devastation perpetrated by Abiy.


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