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Ethiopia’s Former FM Gedu Andargachew’s Reported Surreptitious Departure To Belgium 

Gedu Andargachew has been under government imposed mobility restrictions ( even house arrest) after he opposed the introduction of State of Emergency in the Amhara region of Ethiopia

Gedu Andargachew _ Ethiopian News - Belgium
Gedu Andargachew speaking at the Ethiopian Parliament in August 2023 against the introduction of State of Emergency (photo : screenshot from Reporter Video)


There are reports that Ethiopia’s Former Foreign Affairs Minister and later National Security Advisor to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, Gedu Andargachew, Surreptitiously left for Belgium. 

Ethiopian News sources who claim to have links to authorities in the country reported that Gedu had to use a personal, not a diplomatic passport, and there was an apparent arrangement to bypass the immigration exit visa section at Bole International Airport. However, it is not confirmed by other news sources. 

Borkena reached out to Gedu Andargachew via e-mail to confirm the news but has not yet received a response. 

Last month, it was reported that Gedu has been under house arrest since he opposed the declaration of a state of emergency in the Amhara region of Ethiopia in August 2023. 

He was heckled in the Ethiopian parliament in August 2023 when he was explaining why a military action in the Amhara region would not resolve the problem of legitimacy crisis for the ruling party.  Initially, Abiy Ahmed’s government planned to complete the military operation in the region, as it was stated, within two weeks. However, the six-month term of the state of emergency elapsed before the government achieved its stated objective: “disarming Fano” and “restoring normalcy in the region.”  Neither Fano was disarmed nor “peace” was restored in the region after six months. Last Friday, the Ethiopian parliament – which is seen as a rubber stamp of Abiy Ahmed’s government –  extended the state of emergency for another four months. 

Gedu Andargachew has served as president of the  Amhara region of Ethiopia for a long time. He was also an influential member of the team that enabled Abiy Ahmed to capture state power through subtle political machinations within the now-defunct Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front *EPRDF) party. 

After Abiy Ahmed fired Gedu Andargachew from party position and a role of national security advisor, he has been serving as  Chairperson of Board of Directors Tseday Bank. Reports indicated that Gedu was not allowed to leave Ethiopia for works related to his role as Board chairman of the Bank. 


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  1. Alas Machiavelli has said that power mongers will not stop at the wall..untill they bump and fall.
    Poor Gedu should have used the dirty etnic politics to capture the sceptre , which he hes left for Fano to do, he himself left for relative freedom in Europe (or maybe to follow the secpte from there?). Interesting development…….

  2. Here we are still caught up with pushing war and destruction while millions are starving and face inevitable deadly famine. We are beating the drums of war from our comfy homes while innocent citizens are dying from starvation. People can die from diseases like cancer or epidemics and their deaths can be agonizing. People dying from starvation take their last breath after going through a slow and the most agonizing deaths of all. It is now confirmed that about 400 people, adults and children have now died from starvation already with much higher number of deaths to follow. I’m holding the leaders of Tigray, Amhara regions along with leaders of armed groups in Amhara, Oromia and the top echelon of the federal government responsible for every death from this avoidable famine. There will not be an iota of excuse for this tragedy.
    Your Excellency Prime Minster Abiy; Citizens are dying from starvation under your watch. H.E. Regional President of Tigray Getachew Reda; This is happening under your watch. I will be holding you both responsible for every Allah blessed human life lost to starvation. What you are doing and behaving in light of this deadly calamity is utterly irresponsible and criminal. I’m not buying your diatribe trying to pass the buck. ‘He did it, not me’ ain’t gonna flying with me or the watchful global public. People are dying from starvation in your backyard and you go home to gobble down your choice filet mignon? I can see you both where you waist line is busting at it seams. You are sending your children to schools well fed while another child die crying from starvation? You may try playing with words to call it drought or lack of food buy the reality is citizens are dying because of lack of food for no fault of their own. Damn, damn, damn, damned you two!!! Damn, damn, damned you two!!!!! Damn you!!!!


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