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Puntland, Somaliland reject Mogadishu order to close Ethiopian consulate 

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Toronto – a day after the Somalia Federal government ordered the closure of Ethiopian consulates in Somaliland and Puntland, it only got a message of defiance from actors whom Mogadishu wanted to implement the decision. 

A statement from Puntland State House, issued on April 5, stated “The Puntland government clarifies and reaffirms its intention to advance its interests and to engage directly with the neighboring countries, international partners and all parties interested in Somali affairs, and in that same vein, the decision to shut down consulate in Garowe will not have any bearing and does not concern Puntland.” 

Puntland explicitly stated that Mogadishu’s decision  does not serve the interest of the “Somali people.” On Thursday, the Federal government in Mogadishu passed a decision to expel the Ethiopian Ambassador to Somalia within 72 hours and ordered Somaliland and Puntland to close Ethiopian consulates within seven months.  The decision came a day after the Puntland delegation held a meeting with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia in Addis Ababa. 

Puntland asserts that the Somali Federal government “abrogated” the Federal constitution and does not have jurisdiction over Puntland. As to the relation with Ethiopia, it said “The Puntland government and the Federal Republic of Ethiopia enjoy historic relations and time- honored cooperation founded on in many spheres, including socio-economic, security and the movement of people.” 

Similarly, Somaliland has rejected an order from the Somalia Federal government. Somaliland has been existing as a de facto state for over 30 years and does not recognize the Federal government. 

On March 31 this year, Somaliland government – and it sees itself as a republic – issued a stern statement reaffirming its independence from what it calls “neighboring Somalia. It said, “The Republic of Somaliland underscores its status as a separate and independent nation, with a distinct political identity from neighboring Somalia. This independence extends to legal, political, and constitutional matters.” 

Following Somalia’s Federal government decision to close the Ethiopian consulate, Somaliland remarked it will not be bothered by the government in Somalia. It also asserted that Ethiopia and Somaliland have a friendly relation affirming that it will not close the Ethiopian consulate in Hargeisa.

Mohammed’s Sheik Mohammed’s government did not unveil the consequences for Somaliland and Puntland in the event that they defy “order” from Somalia Federal government. 

The Ethiopian government has not yet responded to Somalia action ; the expulsion of the Ethiopian Ambassador from Mogadishu. Somalia has also recalled its Ambassador from Ethiopia. 

Tension developed between Ethiopia and Somalia after the former signed a memorandum of understanding with Somalia to foster cooperation in a range of areas. 


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