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Puntland pursue strengthening “bilateral” relation with Ethiopia 

Puntland Ethiopia Relation
Puntland Delegation holding talks with Ethiopia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs officials. Ministry update indicates that talk focused on bilateral cooperation (Photo : PD)


Toronto – Mohammed Farah Mohammed, Puntland’s Minister for Finance, on Wednesday led a “senior Ministerial delegation”  to Ethiopia. 

A news update from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia (MFAE), on Wednesday, disclosed that the delegation met with Misganu Arega, State Minister in the Ministry. 

“The two delegations explored collaborative opportunities in trade, investment, energy cooperation, and joint infrastructure projects to bolster and broaden the ties between the two sides,” said the MFAE. 

It is also indicated that the delegation expressed interest in strengthening “strengthen its bilateral relations with Ethiopia, emphasizing the importance of focusing on trade, infrastructure development, and economic cooperation.” 

From the disclosure from MFAE, it seems that the response on the part of Ethiopia is positive.  Mesganu is cited as saying that Ethiopia is committed to  “the relationship with Puntland and affirmed the readiness to collaborate across various areas. He also extended a congratulatory message to the government of Puntland for the successful elections it conducted recently,” as cited in the MFAE news update. 

Last Saturday, Puntland announced that it withdrew its recognition to Mogadishu on alleged grounds that the Federal government of Somalia made amendments that undermine the 2012 constitution.   The government of Somalia warned that Puntland’s action endangers Somalia’s unity and the federal system. 

Earlier this year, Somaliland signed a memorandum of understanding with Ethiopia on agreeing to cooperate in a range of areas including a fifty-year lease of a twenty-kilometer stretch of land along its coastal area. In return, Ethiopia was to recognize the independence of Somaliland and an unspecified percentage of shares from Ethiopian Airlines. The development outraged Somalia. It considered it a violation of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Somalia. Somaliland has been a de facto state for over thirty years now. 


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