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Somalia Federal gov’t lost recognition from Puntland 

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Mohamud Aydid Dirir, Puntland Minister for Information (Photo : Hiiran Online/file)


Federal government of Somalia lost recognition from Puntland following a constitutional reform that is said to give the sitting president, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, more power. 

According to a report by Garowe Online, it was Puntland’s Council of Ministers, on Saturday, that passed the decision to withdraw recognition for the Federal government of Somalia hours after the latter introduced a constitutional amendment. According to the source, four chapters of the existing constitution were amended – without consensus from Puntland. It appears that the Puntland parliament will have to approve the decision from the council of ministers. 

Garowe Online cited Mohamud Aydid Dirir, Puntland’s Minister for Information, as saying ” Puntland no longer recognizes Federal government institutions until the completion of a constitution   agreed by all stakeholders.” 

It appears like Puntland is opting for reverting to de facto government status over continuing to be part of the Federal government of Somalia under a new constitution which they do not seem to accept. More power to the sitting president, five five-year presidential terms, and universal suffrage are among the points of disagreement between the Federal government and Puntland. 

A statement from the Puntland Council of Ministers stated that Puntland will run a government with “full powers of independent state.”  They have reportedly stated that they will cease pursuing that on condition that the Federal government is inclusive and that the constitution is agreeable to all. 

Hassan Sheikh Mohamud’s government has reportedly rejected Puntland’s stance. The source cited it as saying that the changes are a threat to “Somali Unity” and “Federalism.” 

The move from Puntland came days after Somaliland issued a statement reiterating its independent statehood and opposing Federal government intervention in its internal affairs.  

The Federal government of Somalia has been mobilizing diplomatic, political, and military support after Somaliland and Ethiopia signed a memorandum of understanding on January 1, 2024. According to the agreement, the former was to provide a 20-kilometer stretch of coastal land to the latter on a fifty-year lease in return for recognition for statehood from the latter.   Somalia’s Federal government saw it as a violation of its sovereignty.  


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  1. When the MOU was signed between Somaliland and Ethiopia I told you this: ‘Authorities in Mogadishu have other similar thorny issues in their current boundaries besides Somaliland. Don’t forget Puntland and others just south of that with vast seashores. It is like someone telling next door ‘Pass the Dutchie, bro!’

    There you have it.

  2. Itttu
    I think this is much-addo about nothing . It is nothing more than local political sparring. It is like the Oromoia or Tigrai region saying that they are not happy with what Abiy’s tFederal of Ethiopia didn’t or doing with constitution and other government policies , which virtually happens often. Neither that would make another neighboring country a kegal right to claims piece of Oromia or Tigrai region of Ethiopia as its own just because there is internal political dispute there. And even more so when Ethiopia itself is struggling with combustible internal political challenges and issues of regional and ethnic discontent..

    • Plainview,

      I don’t usually respond to comment in reaction to mine but I decided to do so for two reasons.”
      First of all, I was opining on the affairs between the two countries of Somalia and Ethiopia. I was not talking about your country. I respect your country’s sovereignty and what happens inside your country in none of my business.
      The other reason I decided to respond was/is you intentionally misspelled the name I am using. It is Ittu not Itttu as you put it. You have the right to differ but it is absolutely discourteous to knowingly abuse other’s names.
      So, please stay within your own country. Take care and blessings!!!


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