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Somalia declares Ethiopian Ambassador persona non grata , ordered him to leave the country within 72 hours 

Ethiopian Ambassador to Somalia, Muktar Mohamed Ware, presented his credential in March 2023. (Photo : SONA)


In what appears to be further severance of relations, the government of Somalia on Thursday announced that it has ordered the expulsion of the Ethiopian Ambassador to Somalia within 72 hours. 

In a statement released on April 4, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Somalia said, “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the Federal Republic of Somalia, in light of recent developments and in adherence to the principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity, announces the initiation of several diplomatic measures.” 

It also  disclosed that Ambassador Muktar Mohamed Ware, Ethiopia’s Ambassador to Somalia, is informed about the decision. He was appointed in March 2023.

It has also ordered the closure of Ethiopian consulates in Hargeisa (Somaliland) and Garowe (Puntland). It is to be implemented within seven days. Somaliland has been a de facto state for over thirty years and has been rejecting what it called Somalia’s government intervention in its internal affairs. 

Furthermore, Somalia recalled its Ambassador to Ethiopia. 

Somalia’s action came a day after a high level Puntland delegation – under the leadership of Finance Minister Mohammed Farah Mohammed – arrived in Ethiopia and held what it called  “bilateral”  discussion to strengthen relations and cooperation in a range of areas.  Last Saturday, Puntland announced it will no longer give recognition to the Federal government of Somalia following a constitutional amendment that is said to have given more power to the incumbent president, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud. 

Somalia said it took the action in response to “Ethiopia’s intervention” in its internal affairs.  “These measures were taken in the interest of safeguarding the sovereignty, unity, independence and territorial integrity of the Federal Republic of Somalia,” said the statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Somalia.  It has also announced that action is based on a decision from the Council of Ministers of Somalia Federal government. 

Tension between Ethiopia and Somalia developed after the former signed a Memorandum of Understanding on January 1, 2024 with Somaliland to cooperate on a range of areas. The agreement was to be completed within one month after the MoU was signed. According to the agreement, Ethiopia was to get access to a 20 kilometers stretch of coastal land on a fifty years lease term in return for a recognition for statehood and unspecified percentage share in Ethiopian Airlines. 

As of now, the Ethiopian government has not remarked about Somalia’s decision to expel Ethiopian Ambassador and close consulates in Hargeisa and  Garowe. Somaliland and Puntland have not reacted too. 

Ethiopia has tens of thousands of peace keeping forces in Somalia.


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  1. Untimely ans senseless diplomatic sparring of neighborly and brotherly countries . Hopefully, psycho ,Abiy would stop his infantile diplomatic infatuation and hostile acts his neighbors and Somalia would reciprocate accordingly. But I bet that he still thinks Somalia as part of his grandiose dream of kingdoms of Ethiopian regions that he torches , torments and wracks havoc day and night as he wishes.

    • You are too far from Plainview, do you know what Plainview exactly means?

      Doro Ras
      You are prejudice

      did you just say brotherly countries? how old are you? please go back and check how Somalia’s ruler f**ked with us so many times in the past including being the biggest support for evil TPLF to fight Derg regime and you know what happened to Ethiopia for 27 years, get the H out of hate and backwardness.. some of us will judge your twisted brain…

  2. Here goes the neighborhood! They did not let us imagine this 2, 3 and 4 years ago, not even a year ago. Now this! Our very dear Somali brothers and sisters have learned bitter lessons from their 1960’s and 70’s mistakes for following Af-wayne Ziad Barre. They believed him so blindly that ended up costing them millions of Allah blessed human lives. That rendered their country in shambles. Now they see some one in Mogadishu is trying to be the incarnate of Ziad. They ain’t gonna go for it. This punt by Puntland can be just a harbinger. Don’t forget the territory just south of that. It is a matter of time before someone in the hood start yelling ‘Pass the Dutchie Bro’. But all this happens to my discomfort. What I prefer to see is those fraternal peoples either in Eritrea, Ethiopia, Djibouti and Somalia come together, hold hands and drag their citizens out of abject poverty. If that happens, skies only will be the limit for what they can achieve banding together politically and economically.

  3. The infantile imbecile masquerading as the pm of Ethiopia is out of control. This buffoon and his Mafia ideologues in the decomposing oromumma criminal camp even had the vulgarity and audacity to attack the brotherly and sisterly good neighbors next door, the Kenyans.

    Even during the difficult Derg regime, Kenya had always been the go to cousins and friends of Ethiopians, until this troglodyte from a shanty unknown and forgotten little town called beshasha crawled out of his rock and started poking the bear everywhere.

    The Honorable President Jomo Kenyatta was a very good friend of Emperor Haileselasse, and these two founding fathers of the OAU were diplomats par excellence on their own.

    What a shame, an ignoramus, undisciplined and uncouth power monger destroy the fragile Horn of aAfrica to this extent. abiy’s marauding army of butchers have already destroyed so much in Ethiopia; the international community must do all it can to contain this madman and cronies from further crimes against humanity.

    • Bla bla bla,

      We are talking about Somalia here, focus on the subject matter and learn before showing us partially retarded thought,
      Teret Teret becha , gemet becha, were becha…… Gura becha No point here. Sit back and enjoy the greatest leader of Ethiopia while trying to get out of your backwardness…….

      Dr. Abiy Ahmend for Life!

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    More than 3,600 Palestinian children were killed in just 3 weeks of war At least 5,500 pregnant women “do not have access to prenatal or postnatal check-ups because of bombings and need to flee for safety,” the report said.
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  5. Take a picture of this. I did. A Somali government expelling a Somali diplomat. If this diplomat was an Oromo, Amhara, Afar or of any other ethnic background, you would have seen bigots in Toronto, Michigan, Minneapolis, Oslo and Down Under jumping up and down celebrating. But now they are content in limiting it to just headlining the story. Boy, don’t these bigots want to see that gem of the colored destroyed to oblivion? They dream it and they wake up with it but all they have been getting instead is dirt being thrown in their uncomely faces by steadfast patriots. Losers!!!!


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