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Police : criminal investigation into the death of Dr. Behailu underway

Police _ Dr. Behailu


Toronto – Addis Ababa Police is remarking on the death of Surgeon Dr. Behailu Hailu whose body was found on the road leading to Saris Abo area of the city. 

It said that it has been reported on social media that Surgeon Behailu Hailu left home on Sunday March 17 in the morning for an exercise and did not return home. A day before that Addis Ababa police released a statement condemning “false information circulating on social media,” and asking those engaged in such an activity to refrain from such activities.  

“Police have been investigating since they received news of the death of Dr. Behalu Hailu. His body was found in Nefas Silk Lafto sub city on the way from Bole Michael to Saris Abo under the bridge in Ketena 3 [zone 3]. The body was collected and taken to Dagmawi Menelik Hospital for examination,”  it said. 

A local news report earlier this week reported that it reached out to  Deputy Commander Markos Desta, Public Relations Director of Addis Ababa police seeking explanation about the death of the surgeon but the response was “Sorry I do not have information.” 

In a brief update it shared on its social media page, Addis Ababa Police said autopsy examination at Dagmawi Menelik Hospital “proved Dr. Behailu Hailu fell from heights …” 

It added that the autopsy result detailed “he fell down to the gorge and landed on rock. He died of severe injury on his head, back and internal organ.” 

The update also said that Police is still undertaking a criminal investigation on the “circumstances under which he fell from the height and other related [questions]”  – an indication that his death is suspicious. Information circulating on social media seems to present that it was a homicide case. 

The Results of the investigation will be made public when completed, police said. It also expressed condolences to the family of the deceased and his colleagues. 

This is the second death of a physician  in the capital Addis Ababa in a span of three months. In December 2023, Ethiopian government security forces reportedly shot to death Dr. Israel Tilahun when he was driving around the Bole area of the city. 


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