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Dr. Behailu Hailu Renowned Surgeon killed In The Ethiopian Capital 

Dr. Behailu Hailu
The late Behailu Hailu (MD) (Photo : Social Media)


Toronto – Lawlessness and the rising crime rate has been rife in the Oromia region of Ethiopia over the past five years. Now the capital Addis Ababa itself is becoming a risky business. 

Dr. Behailu Hailu, a renowned surgeon, was reportedly jogging in the capital Addis Ababa this past Sunday. But he did not make it back home. According to a report from Tikvah Ethiopia, it seems that how he was killed was shocking.  His body was found on the street and he was reportedly spotted walking on the bridge leading to Saris locality of Addis Ababa. It was the police that collected his body, as per the same source. 

When the source, later, reached out to Addis Ababa police to know more about the circumstances under which and why he was killed, the response was “Sorry we do not have information.” 

Also, Tikvah Ethiopia said it reached out to the unspecified family member to see if there was information that could be shared regarding the evident homicide. What we know is “he was out and dead.” 

Dr. Behailu was laid to rest on Monday in Sealite Mereret. 

Another informant told the source that the Doctor’s residence was near Bole Michael. 

Tikvah said it reached out to Deputy Commander Markos Desta, Public Relations Director of Addis Ababa police. The response, as indicated above, was “Sorry I do not have information.” 

Furthermore, Tikvah said it reached out to the Ethiopian Health Professional’s Association to see if they have received any information about the death of the Surgeon. A senior official of the association, whose name is withheld,  responded “I heard about it from social media. It is tragic.”  He, however,  noted that it is for the second time for an incident like this to happen in less than three months. Dr. Israel Tilahun, also a medical doctor, was killed in the capital in December 2023. 

It has been more than three days since the surgeon was killed, and at the time of this writing – Addis Ababa police or Federal Police – did not remark on the situation. It is unclear if the police are investigating or searching for a suspect or suspects – a situation that hints about the state of lawlessness that is now creeping into the capital. 


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