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Ethiopian Gov’t Security Gunned Down Young medical doctor in Addis Ababa 

The late Dr. Israel Tilahun (Photo : SM)

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – The killing of a young medical doctor has become the talk of the Town in Addis Ababa.

The news circulating via social media indicates that the young man who was assassinated in cold blood in the middle of the street yesterday in the Ethiopian Capital, Addis Ababa, has left many metropolitans in tears. 

The victims is identified as Dr. Israel Tilahun. He was driving his car around the Bole Atlas area, one of the congested streets in Addis Ababa, when he unexpectedly broke the side mirror of another vehicle passing by him.

Initially the story that was circulating about the circumstances of his death was different. I twas said that the person whose vehicle’s side mirror was broken pulled over his modern car abruptly, peeled off his gun and walked over to the young man and shot him in the head.

On Friday, a different story emerged ; this time from police. The Addis Ababa Police said regarding the killing incident that Dr. Israel Tilahun  was shot by the police last Friday, December 08, 2023 at 5:30 PM. The owner of the vehicle with the side mirror broken was a not a government official, according to the Addis Ababa Police.

Lualawi Media approached the Public Relations Director of Addis Ababa Police, Commander Marcos Tadesse who confirmed the killing. Commander Marcos said that the vehicle with its side mirror broken is a Taxi Ride and Dr. Israel  was shot from the back by a policeman. 


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  1. As if killings, displacements and death from preventable diseases of innocent civilians is not enough, it looks road rage is coming to the old country! Just keep piling on!!!


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