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Ethiopian Muslims call on Ethiopian PM to withdraw Ethiopia from Samoa Agreement 

Ethiopian Muslims _ Sodomy _ Samoa agreement


Toronto – In his latest string of “discussions” sessions, the Ethiopian Prime Minister met with Ethiopian Muslim religious leaders. And one of the key questions that was forwarded to the Prime Minister was the concern about promoting Sodomy under the guise of “inclusive sexual education.” 

In the video footage of the “discussion” which the state media published on its YouTube channel, one religious leader pointed out four reasons to make a point why Ethiopia should withdraw from the agreement.  

“Thank you, honorable Prime Minister. Hidar 5, 2016 [November 15, 2023] Recently the Ethiopian Religious Council released a statement regarding the European Union agreement with African, Caribbean as well as pacific countries on trade and economic partnership which is known as the Samoa agreement. Although the agreement has many relevant points to the country, when we take a look into the details it contains thoughts and directions that strongly conflict with our religious laws and teachings. For instance,  sex and reproduction health and rights in Article 36 of the agreement sub-section 2  are directly related to legalizing Sodomy right, gender change, abortion, and all-inclusive sexual education.” 

And then he went on to point out his second point.  He said the “African Protocol Article 40.6 – makes it compulsory for children in the continent to learn all-inclusive sexual education – which is “dangerous and immoral education.”  

Third, he said the use of “inclusive education” in many places in the document seems to have the intention to make Sodomy thoughts and practices acceptable. His last point what that the agreement violates the rights of parents and endangers Ethiopian family values 

What did the Prime Minister say about it? 

“I hear many talks about it. if it [the agreement] has an article that is not relevant to Ethiopia, it means it will not be implemented. in Short. No need to suffer much about it. First, agreements that Ethiopia signs with other countries will be law only when ratified by parliament. I do not think there is a government that erodes Ethiopian values… no need to suffer much about it…, ”  he said. 

In addition to the Religious Council of Ethiopia, the Ethiopian Orthodox Church and four major opposition parties in the country have released a statement asking the parliament not to ratify the agreement.  The absolute majority of members of the Ethiopian parliament are from the ruling party and there is noticeable concern that the Prime Minister could influence it to ratify the law. While the state of emergency imposed in the Amhara region brought about utter devastation, the parliament approved its extension by four months – something that could be seen as an instance that demonstrates that the ruling party could easily get things done in the parliament. 


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