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Ethiopian opposition parties say Samoa Agreement will lead to extinction of generations, Parliament Should not approve it

The parties say  “Apart from religious and cultural views, Sodomy is a criminal act in Ethiopia”

Samoa agreement signature , November 2023 (Photo sources : Dominican News Online)


Four Ethiopian Political Parties on Wednesday issued a joint statement opposing the Ethiopian government for signing the Samo Agreement. 

Noting extensive campaign works including on social media, the statement highlighted that the Samoa Agreement is composed of articles that indirectly protect and support Sodomy and homosexuality. 

“Sodomy/Homosexuality, apart from cultural and religious views, is a criminal act in Ethiopia. From that angle, any action that supports or encourages homosexuality knowingly or unknowingly, directly or indirectly – in addition to being opposing values to our culture, religion, and values –  amounts to supporting and encouraging a criminal act.” said the joint statement from four major Ethiopian opposition parties.  

Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Party (EPRP), Enat Party, One Ethiopia Democratic Party, and All Ethiopian Unity Party joined hands to state Ethiopian government committing itself to the Samo Agreement – which is now understood as  Western countries’ strategic approach to imposing homosexual culture on countries like Ethiopia.  

The political parties said, “We understand the implication of opposing agreements like this to aid-dependent countries like Ethiopia.” However, the parties said, “It is a great challenge that we must face as people to defend our values, culture, and the religions we follow by not standing against them.” 

The joint statement also noted, “Although our country is facing this challenge now, Ethiopia achieved victory against  more trying  challenges, and we underscore that  we should not bow down.” 

The parties called on the Ethiopian parliament to act and demand amendments to some of the articles [which are understood to be a strategic approach to legalize and protect homosexuality] , and if that is not possible to entirely reject the agreement. 

The political parties came up with the bold statement at a time when the Ethiopian Prime Minister was trying to paint himself as a modernizer in the image of two great Ethiopian emperors – Emperor Tewodros II and  Emperor Menelik II 

His ruling party signed the agreement without the involvement of the parliament. This week, Ethiopia’s Ministry of Finance announced that it discussed with the World Bank vice president for East and South Africa.  But the details of it were not released. There are simmering concerns in Ethiopia that multilateral financial institutions – particularly IMF and The World – the bank could be used as a policy tool to give Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed a condition for a “face-saving” decision in connection with what the West seeks to achieve in the country through Samoa Agreement.

A week ago, Ethiopian religious leaders issued similar statement demanding the Ethiopian government not approve Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s administration’s endorsement of the Samoa Agreement – which will legalize sodomy in Ethiopia.  The administration has signed the agreement. 


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