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Ethiopia’s religious council demands gov’t withdrawal from Samoa agreement

Ethiopia religious council
Some of Ethiopia’s religious leaders in the Interfaith council (Photo : file/SM)


The European Union’s move to leverage partnership and cooperation agreement as a sort of tool to imposing new values – particularity in the areas of sexuality and sexual orientation is finally getting resistance from Ethiopia’s Inter-Religious Council. 

In a statement issued on Friday, the council is demanding Abiy Ahmed’s government to withdraw from the Samoa agreement which was signed on November 15, 2023 in Samoa.  The statement also demanded Ethiopia’s House of People’s Representative to not approve the agreement as it would bring about disaster and moral degradation to  the Ethiopian Society. Furthermore it demanded the government not to enter similar agreements in the future. 

The Council said that the agreement has been studied by experts and that it has been investigating it. “Examination of the agreement indicates that it contains points and issues that contradict our religious laws and teachings,” the council said. 

Another problem is that the agreement, which the council understands to be a trade and economic partnership for twenty years, is a binding one. To demonstrate the point, the statement cited Article 40.6 of the agreement:  

“The Parties shall commit to the full and effective implementation of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action and the Programme of Action of the International Conference on Population and Development and the outcome documents of their review conferences.”

The Council said that the “cooperation and partnership agreement” has “concepts and interpretations that are contradictory to Ethiopian People’s Religious and cultural values.  Many of the problems are found in the notion of “inclusiveness” when it comes to sexuality and gender constructions. Contents and thoughts that the European Union seeks to inject  through concepts like “Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights”, “Comprehensive Sexuality Education,” “International Technical Guidance on Sexuality and Education,” and Comprehensive Sexual and Reproductive Health Information and Education” are some of the concepts that the council identified as problematic from the agreement. 

The fear is that the European Union, through the agreement, is imposing new interpretations of gender and sexuality that are at a Collision course with Ethiopian values on cultural and religious grounds.  The statement explicitly said that the agreement introduced homosexual thoughts under the guise of concepts like “inclusiveness.” Gender is not clearly indicated as male and female, is pointed out in the statement.

As well, the agreement, according to the council, makes Ethiopia part of other regional and continental agreements that Ethiopia did not sign. 

The statement underscored that the agreement has caused a great shock, disturbance and concern in Ethiopia.

At the end of January this year, the U.S. Embassy in Addis Ababa Hosted  “Interfaith Christmas Dinner.”  But it is unclear if it was meant to be lobbying the religious leaders although the stated motive was something else. 

Abiy Ahmed’s government has not yet remarked about it. With the wars his government has been waging in different parts of Ethiopia and failure to ensure the security of Ethiopia, his government has been facing a legitimacy crisis. This issue could add fuel to the situation. 


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  1. The statement underscored that the agreement has caused a great shock, disturbance and concern in Ethiopia. Interfaith council was ……….

  2. The current govt is part of Eprdf #2. They are continuing from Tplf and Eprdf #1. This means the current govt. Like Told and Eprdf is appointed by foreign agent by deceiving population, they got this govt appointed. The govt therefore answers only to foreigners and not to Ethiopian people. Aby was given Nobel award for this reason. The presenter who gave the Nobel award is lgbtq, which means Any already accepted to spread Sadom in Ethiopia, so that he can be pm. Remove Silte and Seven Garages like Berhanu Nega from power asap. They are appointed ethnic because they are minority and they are hiding behind Oromo to attack Amara just like Weyanes who are minority. The foreigners always prefer to give power to minority because they can easily control minority so they follow foreigners orders and steal resources. The so called govt while faking to beautiful Addis billions of resources are being stolen and going to foreigners. Remove Bethany Nega, Siltes, Seven Garages, Weyane and Shabia from power asap!

  3. Hahahahaha, government is desperate for money. So the only remaining thing to be sold is the moral values of the people. After all civil wars, drones and palace building are not cheap. Be prepared brothers n sisters, the worst is yet to come. Democracy is very very new in Ethiopia. The countries where democracy works have gone through many years of trying to balance the common with the individual and still struggle. Good luck Ethiopia, where people don’t believe they are African, where travelling is a dangerous adventure, where you need a police to police the police, where education is ridiculed but everyone is Dr. Something and no one is accountable of any crime as long as he/she know the right people, journalists rot in jail and courts can’t answer who issues a search/arrest warrants. Good luck and God bless


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