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At least 30 civilians were killed in the latest drone strike in the North Shoa Amhara region 

Ethiopia Drone Strike
Image source : The Guardian


The Ethiopian government reportedly killed at least 30 civilians in the latest drone strike in the North Shoa Amhara region of Ethiopia.

BBC Amharic has reported that the attack occurred on February 19,2024 in Mojana district, North Shoa.

According to eyewitnesses, a light ISUZU truck was carrying over 50 civilians who were returning from Church baptism services when the drone strike hit the vehicle.   Reports indicate that many members of the same family were killed in the attack. The remaining were neighbors who attended the ceremony.  

Also eyewitness accounts indicate that there was no single armed fano member in the vehicle.  

A video footage circulating on social media (credited to ZEMEDE) purportedly showed victims ( the image and video is too graphic to share it here) piling up on the ground from the backside of the light truck. 

VOA Amharic indicated that it tried to reach out to Legesse Tulu, Minister for government communication services, but the phone was not answered. 

A recent report released by the Amhara advocacy group indicates that there have been more than 79 drone strikes in the Amhara region since Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government imposed a state of emergency in the Amhara region of Ethiopia in August 2023. It also indicated that at least 1,600 civilians have been killed in different parts of the Amhara region. 

Human Rights Organizations from the country and abroad have confirmed that hundreds of civilians have been killed by drone strikes and extra-judicial executions.  On July 29, 2024 – at least 45 civilians ( as confirmed by a human rights group in a preliminary report) were killed in extrajudicial killings in Merawi town alone – a town that is only 35 kilometers to Bahir Dar – the seat of the Amhara regional government.  The United States government and the International Human Rights Organization have been calling for an impartial investigation into the Merawi massacre.  Abiy Ahmed’s administration denied the massacre in Merawi. 

The extrajudicial killings in Merwai and the latest drone attack in Mojana district came at a time when Abiy Ahmed’s administration is painting an image of “peaceful engagement” with the public in the Amhara region. In a meeting with “representatives from the region,”  Abiy Ahmed said “he is ready to have a negotiation with fano forces and even to pay indemnity.” From experiences in the past six months, drone attacks against civilians usually happen when government forces suffer battle losses against Fano Forces. 


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  1. This is too much to bear and too many to count. The sad thing about it the justice seeking world seems to run out of option to stop it. It is just too many perpetrators are getting off the hook of the gross crimes they are committing. Such killings of innocent civilians are becoming so common now in Amhara and Oromia regions. Laser guided bombs are suddenly raining on them and mowed down instantly. All of them don’t even know what has just hit them. They may be going to their farms in groups to help one another on their small lots. They never know if that is their last day on this good earth. They did not know when their left their small huts that morning it was to be the last time their will come back home in one peace. Now their mothers have the heart wrenching task to explain to the ever inquisitive angelic children where their dad is gone, where their beloved uncle is gone, where their auntie is gone! O Lord, The Merciful! Your Children Who Saved Both Two Major Religions Are Being Massacred By Brutes As Such! They Need Your Divine Intervention!!! O My Beloved Country!!! O My Beloved People!!! Woe! Woe!! Woe!!!!

    • These octogenarian fingers are in a typo mood lately and even spell and grammar check is not catching them. Anyhow, make that:
      – The sad thing about it is the justice seeking world seems to run out of options to stop it.
      – They did not know when they left their small huts that morning it was to be the last time they will come back home in one piece.

      But I am sure everyone including the trigger happy murderers had gotten my message.

  2. Another display of heartless vengeance, of immorality, unaccountability from the governments side(the strong) against civilians (the weak). As usual no one will be held accountable, no army members will be named or investigated. The use of drones by the military against (mostly) civilians is the most cowardly, ugly, unethical war practice in modern history. When the rest of the world is trying to ban/ regulate the use of drones when fighting external enemies, this genocidal government under “Doctor” Abyi is fervently buying drones from Turkey, Iran and China to kill its own people.
    Moreover Abyi gave a medal of honour!!! to Mr. Bairactar the cousin of president Erdogan who owns the company that builds and sells these drones, to express his gratitude for helping killing and terrorising the civilian population of Ethiopia. But just a few days ago, the Turkish government expressed its support of Somalia against Ethiopia’s MoU with Somaliland !! It would be good comedy if it was not so tragic.
    People of Ethiopia, get over your tribalistic nonsense and get together one more time to remove this farcical but dangerous government before it’s too late.


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