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Ethiopian gov’t forces massacred at least 1,606 civilians in Amhara since August 2023 : Report

Ethiopian government has been denying massacring civilians

Ethiopian News _ Amhara region war crimes


Amara Association of America, U.S. based ethnic Amhara advocacy organization, says government forces have massacred at least 1,606 civilians in the Amhara region since a State of emergency was imposed in the region in August 2023.  842 others are reported to have sustained injuries. 

Children, women and elderly people are among the victims, according to the report.  

In a statement released on February 14, the report added that at least 96 of the incidents that led to killings could be classified as massacres – saying “at least three civilians were killed in a single incident.”  In the latest report – it is presumed that there could be massacres that are not yet reported due to restrictions for reporters and internet blackout in the region –  a string of massacres, government forces have executed at least 45 civilians including a six months pregnant woman in the Merawi town. 

Targeted killings, drone strikes and extrajudicial executions were among the measures that government forces took against civilians in the region.

Apart from the massacres, the association reported that “at least 210 young girls and women” were raped and over over 10,000 ethnic Amharas  arrested in the Amhara region and Addis Ababa city administration. Thousands were detained in harsh condition in detention camps in the outskirts of the capital Addis Ababa – among other areas.

The advocacy group highlighted that western powers “displayed restraint in condemnation of atrocities committed and have continued to finance the Abiy regime through normalized diplomatic relations, loans, direct budgetary support to the Abiy regime and military defense cooperation.” 

Amhara Association of America full six months report is available HERE


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