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Ethiopian Government Forces Launch Another Drone Strike in Gojam , Wollo

Ethiopian gov't drone strike Gojjam , Wollo
Image source : BBC /Getty Images


In the most recent series of drone attacks in Ethiopia’s Amhara region, over 50 civilians were reportedly killed, and several others were wounded in the North Wollo and East Gojjam zones of the region.

Reports indicate that on Wednesday, at least five civilians were killed in the Sirinka area, approximately five kilometers south of Wolida city, the seat of the North Wollo administration zone. Among the victims were three women from the nearby farming community, as detailed in a report from Ethiopian Media Service (EMS) that spoke with local residents from the area.

Furthermore, in East Gojjam, near Motta and its surrounding areas, and in Bibugne district, over 50 civilians fell victim to two separate drone attacks that occurred within a span of four days. This information was reported by local residents who spoke with EMS over the phone.

According to sources, 21 residents were killed, and two others were injured in the Motta area during an attack on November 6. The drone attack in Bibugne district was launched on November 10, 2023. 29 were killed and five others injured. 

Residents have confirmed that the majority of the victims were civilians. An informant who communicated with EMS via phone reported, “They are massacring civilians, including monks.” When asked about who the perpetrators are, the same informant said “Mekelakeya” – a reference to the Ethiopian Defense Force. 

Most victims in the Mota area have reportedly been buried in various locations, signaling a deepening humanitarian crisis in the region.

Residents from nearby farming communities mentioned that it is harvest time, but due to relentless artillery shelling and drone attacks in the area, they have been unable to undertake their agricultural activities. Many residents have reportedly fled their homes and sought refuge in nearby jungles to evade drone attacks and artillery shelling.

Similar to the pattern observed over the past six months, the Ethiopian government has remained silent on the alleged drone attacks in Gojjam—an area in the Amhara region where government forces have encountered a fierce resistance. In late September, various local and international human rights organizations, including one associated with the United Nations, reported hundreds of civilian casualties in the Amhara region since July of this year.

The Amhara region has been under a state of emergency since August, and internet services have been shut down for more than six months now. There are speculations that the civilian death toll resulting from Abiy Ahmed’s government military operation in the region could be significantly higher. However, restrictions on journalists and human rights organizations have made it impossible to accurately assess the situation.

Abiy Ahmed’s administration launched the military operation in the Amhara region under the guise of “disarming the Fano” in as little as two weeks- which did not happen. 


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  1. Mengistu used to test his new toys of MiG fighter/bomber jets on our Eritrean brothers and sisters, the regime that followed him became experts in attack helicopter gunships using them on every rural uprisings in the country and now drones are the craze at the hands of the military. We should all expect more and more news of such wanton killings using these deadly weapons raining bombs from the sky, I share the concerns of the US government and the UN on the direction the current conflicts in both Amhara and Oromia are taking. Very troubling!!!


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