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TPLF reportedly launch attack in Raya days after meeting with PM Abiy 

TPLF - Ethiopian News _ Alamata
Google map ( Alamata indicated with red/white dotted lines)


For politicized Ethiopians who have been observing the post-Pretoria Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) activities, it was clear that the TPLF showed no commitment to implement it. The core of the Pretoria agreement was for the TPLF to disarm its forces. 

Barely a week after meeting with Ethiopian PM Abiy to “assess the post-conflict reconstruction and the implementation of the Pretoria agreement.”  How the Ethiopian Prime Minister rated both is not disclosed this year.

What unfolded rather is that Getachew Reda, in what appears to confirm that the TPLF has thrown the Pretoria agreement to the trash bin,  unveiled that the TPLF still has 270,000 armed combatants. He unveiled it a day after his return to Mekele from Addis Ababa. 

And two days later, reports from local sources emerged that TPLF forces launched an attack in Alamata, Raya ( which TPLF forces and the United States’ Department of State refer to as South Tigray.” 

Wazema radio, on Thursday, reported that the fighting between TPLF forces and militia forces from Raya involved heavy weaponry. It is to be recalled that a monitoring team from the African Union made statements – a month or two months after the Pretoria agreement –  that the TPLF has disarmed heavy weaponry.

There have been reported military engagements in the area close to Korem town as well. 

The number of casualties from the incidents is undisclosed. The Federal government has not remarked on the development. The TPLF has not released a statement either. 

The development has triggered speculation if Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed gave TPLF forces a greenlight to embark on military encroachment.

On the surface, it was rather observed last week as if there was a controversy between the TPLF/Tigray forces and Abiy Ahmed’s administration. 

In a letter Tigray region interim government released last week, it asserted that a referendum will not be administered in Wolkait and Raya ( areas that are now described in most ‘neutral’ seeming narratives as “contested areas”). It rather asked for resolution of the problem in accordance with the constitution which it claims is also stipulated in the Pretoria agreement. 


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  1. Why meeting between the TPLF leaders and the federal government is considered controversial? What is controversial about it? Those who rush to make such absurd statements are those who were seen catching fire because these two sides were not talking. Please note I said ‘between the TPLF leaders and’ and I did not say between the leaders of Tigray. In practical terms there has not been an interruption of talking and dealing between the upright people of Tigray and the rest of the Ethiopian people for centuries. They have fallen together on glorious battle fields defending their gem they call Abyssinia/Ethiopia. That holy alliance was rudely interrupted when bigoted commies came on the scene in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s and tried to pull them apart. These miscreants partially succeeded in their evil scheme and more than 3 million citizens lost their Allah blessed lives. Do you think those demonic commies admitted their fallacies and apologized? No! Apology is not in their working protocol because in their sick scripture apology is a part of a backward system. They don’t accept apology from you once you are a designated ‘enemy of the people’. If you are a middle class by working hard, you are what they call a ‘petty bourgeois’ and a very dangerous enemy. Mao had gabbled up close to 25 million citizens who he perceived as middle class, petty bourgeois’ during his ‘Let Hundred Flowers Bloom’ deadly snare he devised to deceive and smoke out every middle class citizen. I our case, that country lost more than 500 thousand cream puff of the crop by commies’ deception and wrath during 1976 and 1978 alone. O commies, commies! Look what you have done to that gem of humanity. I hate to say this but I will say it no how. I wish you were not even born!!!!


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