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Getachew Reda admits that TPLF still has 270,000 armed fighters 

Tigray - armed fighters _ Ethiopian news
Getachew Reda during his latest press conference in Mekelle (Photo : screenshot from Dimtsi Woyane)


Toronto – Getachew Reda, president of the Tigray Interim government, on Monday, had a press conference with journalists based in Mekelle. He discussed at length the meeting with the Prime Minister in the capital Addis Ababa (TPLF leaders were part of the meeting too) and its outcome. 

Earlier this week the office of the Prime Minister announced that “Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has embarked on an in-depth review of the initiatives and progress in the Tigray Region since the inception of the Interim Regional Administration.” 

Getachew Reda, during his press conference in Mekelle, has said that an agreement has been reached between the Interim government and the Federal government on a range of issues including recognition as a legal entity of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) which was designated as a terrorist organization during the two years war. To read what Getachew Reda had to say, check here

And the TPLF is getting recognition as a legal entity when it is still commanding hundreds of thousands of people despite one of the core points of the Pretoria agreement was for the TPLF to disarm itself. 

Eritrean news source, Tesfa news, quoted Getachew Reda as saying: “Currently, we have more than 270,000 armed combatants in #Tigray. However, as we continue to hoard money, certain foreign partners that engage with us have voiced concerns that we may harbor undisclosed intentions and are merely buying time. ” 

The Federal government has injected tens of billions of birr into the region after the  Pretoria agreement. Recently, there has been a report that the Tigray region is facing unprecedented famine – something the federal government dismissed as politics. 


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  1. “Ignorance is bliss”…

    Tigray (Ethiopia) lost the majority of its young and future, because of these idiots.

    TPLF murdered 600, 000 – 800,000 young Tigray-kids (Ethiopian kids) in the last 3 years alone… most of them less than 20 years of age, who have not known life, who have not eaten enough, or went to bed hungry at times due to no faults of their own.

    The land was over exploited for centuries & degraded for ions with little CARE, it has been in a condition where it was not able to support the population… and people were going hungry for generations.
    The TPLF gang helped ONLY themselves once in power. Ignored the people’s needs for 30 years, instead of helping transform Tigray’s land to its fertile-agricultural-potential they left it to further deteriorate, while they tried to take someone’s fertile land next-door from the neighboring Province of Begamder, which they knew they will never keep for long…

    These “TPLF” (MI6/CIA recruits from UK run General Winget School ) ruled (looted) the country (just like their masters UK & US did to the world for over for 600 years) for nearly 30 years and the people of Tigray (Ethiopia) suffered in many many ways than one, yet these “TPLF” (bandas) idiots DO NOT GET IT… now in 2024 they claim that, they have these many army left to send to their DEATH yet again…

    The question that must be asked is : “… to what END???”
    The 1990’s was a one off, never again.

    These idiot have no understanding as to where they are in TIME and how they got BACK to where they are now, and most importantly where they got the nation as the whole and the people of Tigray in particular & the very young that died, dying, and who’s fate is not yet CLEAR with these goons still let to command local-power… Obviously “remorse” & regret’s are not part of these goons consciousness (DNA).

    “A Story of a Monk & an Abbot.”

    Link: – youtube.com/watch?v=vzeK_wXYLKk

    Ethiopia is & can be bruised temporarily by ‘some’ of her own children, but CANNOT be SOLD.

    Be well!!!

  2. It is amazing to see how they are playing those who are watching their every step and astonishing how their detractors fall for it. You can call it Machiavelli or Rasputin, but what we see is they know their trade extremely well. Will they be tripped by their own trade? Time will tell. It seems that country somehow always finds ways to stay alive intact. How many times were her death warrants written? Every time it is sent to the morgue, it is like up and at’em, still alive and breathing, in bad shape and barely alive but getting busy mending itself. A cat has 9 lives is just a metaphor but the old country has had 99 lives since 1974 alone. Multiple 25 kilotons of Balkanization supposedly imported from Yugoslavia were dropped on her on more than a dozen occasions but it withered all away and somehow found the wherewithal to stay in tact after shedding off some dead leaves and leeches off her back. Yugoslavia is dead and gone due to a 25 kiloton TNT that detonated on top of her but same size bomb failed to go off on that gem of the colored even though wise crackers have been riding on her back since 1974. Is that fire tested or what? You Commies and their byproduct bigots! Drop dead!!!

  3. Having said that, I have this for you rabble rousers! We all can see your itching to see those upright and noble people in Tigray region to lock horns once again with their historical brothers and sisters in Amhara region. You are inciting those peoples day and night to bring them to blows against each other for simple reason so that you can fish in the troubled water. You incite on your websites, social media accounts and shabby TV stations just to garner more audience for disgraceful handouts. But those two fraternal people can tell a cross eyed bee among a swarm of millions. They will not fall for your cursed scheme. They will never go back to fighting each other leading to bloody war and destruction. Never again!!!

    • It’s the doing of your beloved PM and submissive pet- supporters like you that benefit from Machiavellian techniques and ethnic cleansing. So don’t play you high morality card on me. I see your silly bluff and I re- raise.
      Hasta la victoria siempre…

  4. It should be noted that the Federal Government should provide funding for DDR, which it has failed to do. You have miserably and purposefully failed to point your fingers towards the right entity.


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