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Tigray region gov’t says it reached consensus with Federal gov’t

Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) to be recognized as a legitimate entity

Getachew Reda, president of Tigray Interim Administration (Photo : Screenshot from DW video)


The Tigray Interim Administration on Monday said that it has reached a consensus with the Federal government. Dimtsi Woyane Amharic service attributed the statement to Getachew Reda, president of the administration.

A day after attending the inauguration ceremony of the Adwa Memorial Museum in Addis Ababa, Getachew Reda had a press conference in Mekelle. 

Dimtsi Woyane cited him as saying that an agreement was reached with the Federal government regarding the full implementation of the Pretoria agreement. However, Dimtsi Woyane Amharic’s service did not fully cover the story. 

It only mentioned two points: the return of internally displaced people to their places – but the details of it were not disclosed – and “Tigray’s provisional unity to be respected and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front to be recognized.” The latter point is unclear. 

Wazema radio reported – citing Getachew Press Conference – that an agreement has also been reached to resolve the issue of Defense Force Members who are arrested during the war between the TPLF and the Federal government. 

It also reported that the interim administration stated its stand that it is not possible to organize a referendum in what his administration calls “areas that are held by force” given the reality on the ground. Again this position is unclear. 

At the time of this writing, the Federal government has not disclosed anything in connection with the outcome of the meeting between Tigray Interim administration and TPLF leaders. 

The Federal government and the TPLF leaders were holding an evaluative meeting in the office of the Prime Minister on Saturday to assess the implementation of the Pretoria agreement and the post-conflict reconstruction work in the region. Abiy Ahmed’s administration has been making claims that it has challenged tens of billions of birr to the region in the post-Pretoria agreement. 

Days before the meeting, the Tigray Interim Administration released a statement in opposition to a statement from the Federal Ministry of Government Communication Services.  The administration asserted that the controversy regarding Wolkait and Raya – areas it refers to as the Tigray region – has to be resolved according to the existing constitution. It argued that is what was agreed in the Pretoria agreement. The statement also made assertions that organizing a referendum is outside of the legal authority of the interim administration and the Federal government. 


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  1. The circus goes on. Did TPLF really think it would utilize the Pretoria whatever to regain those Amhara areas through soft constitutional enforecement. How cute! TPLF is the only defeated force in the world that dreamt of using the levers of self-authoredconstitution to gain land from the winners of the war- who also happened to be the rightfull owners of the said land. The mindboggling audacity!

  2. Such efforts promoting peace and unity should always be commended and encouraged. This region was one of two regions to be known as restive in which it suffered the most loss of life and destruction. Enough is enough with that. The Italians were so restive and warring people among themselves until Garibaldi came on the scene and unified them for peace and inter regional bloody conflicts ceased. Every European country had its own share of long fought internal strife until somehow waking up to it and started living in peace. It did not take them too long to see the rewarding dividends they were denied due to The Hundred Years War, The Seven Years war etc. I wish those upright people in that region peace and stability so they can focus on their pursuit of happiness. Guns will never bring progress and prosperity. Armed groups never brought democratic governance after they rolled into the palaces in the modern history of mankind. Never! Let’s hope and pray that such blessed pursuit for peace will migrate to the two largest regions of Amhara and Oromia. Insha’Allah!!!

  3. Subject: Tigray region gov’t says it reached consensus with Federal gov’t, February 13,

    Humble. Commentary,
    I have a question: Is the ancient country in the world, named ETHIOPIA, a disgrace, or unpalatable to any GROUP? !?!?!?

    a) If yes, what name would they like to give ?

    b). And in any case, changing of name would never change the situation.

    c). So, what is the problem of the present ancient world-known country named :

    d). In other words, what is the rational of chopping the ancient country named
    Ethiopia into pieces ???

    e). Will the Amara, or the Gurage, or the. Oromo, or the Tigraiyan or ………………
    better of in lonely life???

    f). Who gains what by shredding Ethiopia into pieces. After all it is not difficult to

    g). But then, we all know that there is in fact a phenomenon that guides a country to
    oblivion. >>> just like a single human being out of his/her senses.

    h). And so, we have no choice but to appeal (i.e. prayer) to the Mighty God in
    Heaven , for ‘HIS’ [or ‘HER’]. consideration.

    i). If I sound ————- never mind. Good Day, Good Night, Good Morning ——-

    —————- THE. END ———————

    —————– Good Luck —————- ——

  4. It is amazing, the govt thinks it is leader of Ethiopia while Tplf still has a say in Ethiopia. What is worse is that, throughout Tplf rule of 30 years, Tplf has been killing Amara, and now the so called “Ethiopian government”, is continuing to kill Amara. This time, while killing Ethiopians, it says it is Ethiopian.

  5. The only Viable solution is to let the TPLF unite with Eritrea, the Somali with Somalia, the Afar with either Djibouti or Eritrea, the Oromo to stand alone, the Amhara to stay on their mountains and the rest should inherit the destiny of Kurdish.


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