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News Alert : Ethiopian Parliament To Extend Amhara Region State of Emergency 

Ethiopian Parliament State of Emergency
Ethiopian Parliament Building (file)


Ethiopia’s House of People’s Representative ( the parliament)  is meeting this Friday to extend the state of emergency imposed in the Amhara region of Ethiopia. 

Wazema Radio cited members of parliament, whose names are unspecified, to report that the first agenda of the special meeting is to extend the state of emergency in the Amhara region. It was in August 2023 that Abiy Ahmed’s administration imposed a state of emergency in the region for six months under the guise of “restoring law and order in the region” by disarming Fano forces. 

The state of emergency was followed by an official full-fledged military campaign in the region involving mechanized contingents, infantry, and the Air Force.  Initially, the move was to quell the Fano armed movement – which at the time controlled over 50 towns in the region – within a few weeks. As it turns out the Fano movement proved to be too strong and the government has reportedly lost a significant number of troops in the region. It was reported that the situation frustrated the defense force to the point that it retaliated against unarmed civilians in the region. Human Rights organizations in Ethiopia and abroad have reported confirmed extrajudicial executions and drone strikes against civilians. 

Emerging reports from the region seem to suggest that Fano forces are even growing stronger. This week the movement announced that it is forming commands in different areas of the region to come up with a single command structure. So far guerilla-like warfare against government troops has been waged in the form of isolated commands in the four areas of the region: Gojjam, Gondar, Shoa and Wollo. The movement that started with the goal of reversing what it called existential threats against Amhara is now demanding the removal of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. 

When the Ethiopian Parliament was moving to impose the state of emergency about six months ago, Gedu Andargachew, former president of the Amhara region, Foreign Affairs Minister, and Security advisor to the Prime Minister expressed his opposition to the parliament. He said the situation in the Amhara region could only be resolved by political dialogue and that the military situation will aggravate the situation.  Gedu Adnargachew is said to have been under house arrest since then. 

Yesterday, the Ethiopian government arrested Dessalegn Chane, a member of parliament from the National Movement of Amhara, after he submitted a question opposing the extension of the state of emergency – as reported by local sources. He was one of the opposition party members of parliament who was calling for the resignation of the prime minister over failure to restore peace and order in the country. Christian Tadele, another staunch critic of the Ethiopian Prime Minister in the parliament and who was also chair of the parliamentary audit standing committee, was arrested in August 2023 under circumstances whereby his parliamentary immunity was not lifted.  



  1. We just can’t catch any break. Now-this happening right around the time we started to breath a sigh of slight relief from the the slow death of the ludicrous MOU agreement that caused us nothing but animosity, mockery, embarrassment and condemnations.

    As if, in the name of the state of emergency provisions, the amount of genocide, incarceration, and suffering perpetrated on the beautiful and descent Amahara is not enough, and as if the kangaroo govt did not already claim victory over FANO, the lame ducky ducky parliament is yet again delivering another blank check provisions, in a closed-door meeting, for the demagogue to continue killing and terrorizing Amhara to realize their twisted and abhorrently archaic dreams of creating Oromo republic or Ormoizing Ethiopia. We have to do everything we can to make this pugnacious measure the LAST STRAW that breaks the disgusting Orumuma camel’s back. To make matters worse, the equally devious and genocider TPLF has also shown some sign of life over the past week, and has concluded that it has a chance to exploit the weakness of the kangaroo gov’t and start a war, mainly in the Wolkait/Raya areas.

    We all ought to be beyond enraged and support FANO at all costs and by all means. FANO is our only hope. Let’s stop the “this or that should be done” rhetoric and cute social media trends used often only for self-aggrandizement while delivering nothing. What we need is Less of looking cute, Suggesting, counseling, and educating- shoulda, woulda, coulda, and more of DOING, just DOING. We can not shrug off our responsibilities of supporting FANO by any means. The fight must be an All-In Fight, not relegated to a few.

    Our complacency and hypogonadism are emboldening the malevolent while prolonging the suffering of our people. We reminisce about history and draw pride out of it. Yet, we fail to make our history against a vengeful and bestial colonialist that-this time-happened to emerge from inside. ቦርጫሞች, ሆዳሞች and ወሬኛ uncles and cousins, stop drinking your Kool Aid of “ FANO got this” willful delusion, and insensitivity to your community. Wake up, feel their pain, and ask yourselves what tangibles you must give to salvage whatever is left of our people.

    • Brother Yaredo!!

      ”MOU agreement that caused us nothing but animosity, mockery, embarrassment and condemnations” are you sure about that or you are trying to mislead us here. Think again some of us believe, that move by Ethiopia is one of the good signs of the return of Ethiopia as a strong nation in the region. Please don’t mix up, you can still support Fano but you don’t have to lie when your country gets stronger… the war will be over at some point and you will forget about it, but MOU is something major for years to come, for example me and you could use this port to send eclectic car to Ethiopia in a very cheap price since we own the port 😉


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