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Ethiopia: Abiy Ahmed’s administration arrested another member of parliament 

Ethiopia Dessalegn Chane
Dessalegn Chane (Member of Parliament)


Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s administration reportedly arrested Dessalegn Chane, a member of parliament from the Amhara region of Ethiopia. The arrest came ahead of Abiy Ahmed’s expected appearance in the Ethiopian Parliament.  

Details of where in the capital he is arrested have not yet emerged but it appears he was arrested on Wednesday evening. Three members of parliament (from federal, regional, and city) were this week transferred to the Federal Police Headquarters in Mexico area from Awash Araba, Afar region, where they had been kept for nearly six months. 

According to sources, he was arrested on Wednesday in the capital Addis Ababa. He was apparently before his parliamentary immunity was lifted – as was the case with Christian Tadle, chair of the audit committee in the parliament, in August 2023. 

The Amhara Association of America has shared a message on its X page (formerly Twitter) about Desalegne Chanie’s arrest. It said :

“AAA is deeply concerned over reports that MP @cdessalegn has been arrested by Abiy regime forces after submitting questions regarding civilian massacres in Amhara for an upcoming parliamentary session with Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.” 

Parliamentarians are required to submit questions they intend to ask in what appears to be a practice of censorship.

The government declared a state of emergency in August 2023 in connection with the Fano movement in the region and arrested the opposition Federal Member of Parliament, Christian Tadele. Yohannes Buayalew, former head of Prosperity Party office in Amhara region and member of Amhara regional council, and Kassa Teshager were arrested before their parliamentary immunities were lifted. 


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  1. Lies Amhara groups broadcast will come back to haunt them. The other day, the news was of Menelik statue in Addis knocked down. Guess what? It was a blatant lie. In fact, the square where the statue is is being renovated. Amhara groups are so splintered it is becoming difficult who is who any more. One media outlet tells the whole world how valiant Fano are killing hundreds and capturing federal army members. Another outlet sends out pleas that federal forces are closing in, and so on.

  2. If it is true, very good ideal to keep such emotion driven Parliament member who always try to disrespect a leader of 120M Ethiopians just because we have known and ongoing situations across the country. I expected him to try harder to stand on the bright side, but he couldn’t. We lost another person with black gown and black hat who went to school for free thanks to Mama Ethiopia, but he decided to create a turmoil due to Too much self-love and blinded from seeing the blessings we still have….


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