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Ethiopian Police reportedly beat, arrest member of parliament 

Christian Tadele _ Ethiopian Police
Christian Tadele (Photo : SM)

Updated on Friday August 4, 2023 at 5:30 P.M. Toronto Time

Christian Tadele, an opposition Member of Parliament and chair of Parliament’s Standing Committee for Public Expenditures & Administration Control, is reportedly arrested by the Federal Police in the capital Addis Ababa. The news emerged in social media platforms and is not confirmed by state media. 

The parliament did not lift the immunity of Christian and it is unclear why the Ethiopian Federal police arrested him. At this writing, the Federal police did not release a statement regarding the arrest. 

Christian is a member of National Movement of Amhara (NaMA) – one of the largest and youngest opposition parties in the country. Apparently, there has been a campaign like social media activity by supporters of the ruling prosperity party calling for the arrest of Christian Tadele. 

On Thursday, Christian wrote on his social media page condemning what he called Abiy Ahmed’s administration invasion and attack on Amhara people.

He said “Notifying Abiy Ahmed’s administration to immediately stop killings and invasion on Amhara people, I call upon Human rights organizations, members of the diplomatic community as well as media to condemn the massacre on innocent citizens in Amhara region and put pressure on the government.” 

He also indicated that the government has deployed heavy weaponry for the attack and shut the internet in the region.

NaMA did not confirm or release a statement about it. The Party did have a panel discussion in the capital Addis Ababa on the current situation and structural challenges in the country. 

It is to be recalled that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s cabinet met on Friday and unanimously passed decision to impose a state of emergence in the Amhara region of Ethiopia as the FANO movement gained momentum and popular support in the region.

Yesterday, internet restriction was introduced to the region in what appears to be an effort  on the part of the government to contain the advance of FANO – a volunteer armed group that supported the Ethiopian Defense Force during the war between the Federal government and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF).

There are also reports of renewed heavy deployment of Ethiopian Defense Force forces with the move to capture Gondar which is currently said to be mostly under FANO forces.  Gondar is one of the four command centers from which the command post entrusted in “restoring peace” to the region is operating. The federal government formed the body after what was said to be a formal request from the Amhara region head to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed for an intervention – an implicit request for a military action. 

The Defense Force has been deployed to the region for over four months now with a mission to disarm FANO – an immediate cause that is at the core of the current confrontation. 


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  1. Free and respect Amhara Parliament member Christian Tadele Now!!!

    Abiy Ahmed the mafia Oromo OLF controlld regime mired in abusing and breaking laws and principles of a government. Definetly not an act of any goverment.

    Abiy Ahmed is a dangerous tyrant that must Step Dowm!

    • Innocent civilians must not be targeted, but extremists must be held accountable for waging war on their people with with intention of grabbing land and power. Innocent civilians must not be targeted, but extremists must be held accountable for waging war on their people with with intention of grabbing land and power.

      You guys are really smart, man!Everyone will agree that innocent civilians should never be used as military targets and that no non-combatant, unarmed Amhara or other person should be subjected to physical violence. However, the fact that this warlord, referred to as Christian Tadele, has been captured is fantastic news. Those who, like him, were waging war against non-Amhara people should also be captured and brought to justice. While condemning assaults on Amhara, you cannot promote the murders of non-Amhara individuals.

      Stop KIllings of non-Amhara ethnic members living within socalled Amhara region, created by TPLF!

      You have been promoted to such academic or professional excellence inside public schools built by all ethnic groups and sponsored by all non-Amhara tax payers! You were mauling and biting hands that fed and paid money for your schooling, and now that you are hiding in the US, you are waging war on non-Amhara people. It is also reported that non-Amhara people living in the so-called Amhara region are targeted by Fanno extremists. This has to stop!

  2. It is everyones Duty to resist and fight against fascismn, Genocide and tyranny.

    Amharas are fighting aginst Amhara Genocide by the Fascist Oromo OLF Abiy Ahmed and his gangs.
    The Diaspora is prepared to hold huge and repetative protests around the world againt Amhara Genocide and War on Amhara people.

  3. Copy cats of the failed TPLF. Their tactics are identical to those employed by the ‘revolutionaries’ of the 60s and 70s, primarily directed by foreign based Ethiopian ‘students’ who mostly pretended to pursue higher education but in reality living off of the backs of the hard working white folks in North America and Europe. And those driving now the uneducated and poor mobs in the Amhara region seem to be remnants of Old Groupies of yester years hiding, again, in the richest democracies of North America and Europe, after having escaped from the chaos and destruction they created in the past.

    In democracy, it is natural and expected for some segments of society to be dissatisfied with the governments of the times. No governments, even those elected by popular votes, can be expected to please all people at all times. That is when democracy can give opportunity for the dissatisfied to change governments come next election time. The same should be accepted in the budding Ethiopian democracy. Violence can not and should be be an alternative way changing government; learn from the Derge and TPLF. And so organize and prepare mandate/platform to convivence the people to vote for alternative party come the next general election. Chaos indicates lack of confidence on winning election, and instead choose violent overthrow route to ascend to power for self aggrandizement and enrichment.

  4. This is a big no no. According to the law of that country immunity from persecution must be revoked by the majority vote of the House of Representatives before a member is charged or arrested. Am I wrong? Such brazen and wanton action will not help the dire situation there. If this member complained about the regime and some of the steps it has taken, so what? That is one of the jobs he is hired for by the citizens who voted from him. Such actions by the government is dangerously reckless. He could have been questioned and even grilled for any alleged wrong doing and expelled with his immunity from persecution revoked if he is found guilty beyond doubt. What is the urgency about his sudden arrest? Was he in ‘possession of a nuclear bomb’? Was he found storing a stock pile of ‘weapon of mass destruction’? I urge the regime to release this family man! Let him go and the parliament do its job according to the constitution. If the regime is going by the state of emergency it declared, well does that include the capital? I heard he was also roughed up by a thug among the law enforcement who came to his residence to arrest him. Come on man! Was this at a lawless rap concert? I am extremely worried about that country now more than ever. Such mob action by the regime’s law enforcement will only make the job of the level head elders who have been working tirelessly to avert an all out civil war in their region. That includes those in Oromia who strive for a peaceful solution devoid of a referendum.

  5. So to satisfy the power hungry, repulsive murderer at top, the banana republic run by the tyrant and tinpot dictator, his excellency pm abiy ahmed, aka as ዶ/ር 7 ኛ ጨ has to violate its own article in the so called, Ethiopian constitution: namely Article 54, subsections 4,5 and 6.

    As member of the parliament, an MP, a member of the legislative branch , controls 1/3 of the branches of government in a democratic government and theoretically is equal in power with the executive branch, currently where the imbecile is masquerading as pm of all Ethiopians. The erudite and outspoken MP, Christian Tadele, has always been a thorn bush to the fascist abiy ahmed and a constant challenge to the puny brained moronic impostor.

    The arrest of this MP by “federal police” has now been reported in AP news. The sycophant temesgen tiruneh is quoted there as well.

    All these show the desperation and last flutter of the broken wings of pp and its annoying whimper.

    As usual, the cadre trashes of the regime are barking like dogs everywhere but it is not worth responding to these hoodlums and opportunists. ለሃምሳ አመታት ሙሉ ኢትዮጵያዊያን ላይ እንደ መዥገርና ትኹዋን ተጠብቀው የኢትዮጵያን ጀርባ ላይ ሆነው የምስኪኑን ህዝብ ከጌታቸው ልክ እንደውሻ ለሚወረወርላችው አጥንትና ለከርሳቸው መሙያ ፍርፋሪ 24/7 እንደ ቁራ ወይ እንቁራሪት ለሚጮሁት የካድሬ ግብስብሶች ምንም አይነት ሴኮንድ ማባከን አይገባም::

    The criminal regime of fascist abiy ahmed invaded the Amhara provinces almost 5 months ago. It’s now crystal clear that this monster has to face justice and be held accountable before the international community for the hundreds of thousands butchered and for the tens of millions displaced and disenfranchised for the past 5 years on his watch. All of his accomplices must face justice as well, including the butchers, shimeles abdissa, adanech abebe, temesgen tiruneh, etc.

  6. Listen to Christian Tadelle’s recent speech: He has always disrespected the Ethiopian Parliament [filled with elected people like him]. He also sides with Amara Supremacy Resurrection Zombies and airs their views often!

    Global Law of the Land: ALL parliamentarians of ANY COUNTRY should stand with the National Defence Forces regardless of their Political Party, Ethnic Affiliation, etc. Anything less is TREASON in ANY COUNTRY! Is that the case with Christian?

    It is ONLY for አ.ብ.ን.’s launching ceremony that ≥10 US Embassy Officials flew to Bahir-Dar. They promised to help አ.ብ.ን. [‘አማራ ብተና ንቅናቄ’] with everything. Why didn’t the same US ever protest TPLF’s unrelenting 27-year atrocities against Amaras?


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