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Historical Gishen Debre-Kerbe Mariam Church in Amhara Region shelled with heavy weapons

Gishen Debre-Kerbe Mariam Church
Gishen Debre-Kerbe Mariam

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – The historical Gishen Debre-Kerbe Mariam Church of the Orthodox Christians located in South Wollo Zone, Ambassel Woreda of Amhara Region was shelled by the Federal Defence forces, sources said. 

Religious fathers who are serving at the church and residents in the area told Ashara Media through phone that the heavy bombardment is destroying the heritage of the second Gishen Debre-Kerbe Mariam Church (the most ancient and sacred monasteries), which is reportedly the location for the True Cross.

The eye witnesses said that the six vehicles of the army confronted by Fano’s army were attacked in such a way that they plunged into Ambasel mountain gorges. Following this, the defence forces  are shelling from afar at Gishen Debre-Kerbe Mariam Church, where there is located no single combatant of Fano.  

Last Saturday there was heavy fighting between the Fano militants and the government defence forces at places commonly known as Teleyayen and Robit in South Wollo Ambassel, in the Amhara Region, according to the residents in the area. Residents said that due to the difficult location of the place, we saw a patrol car of the regime’s army plunging in the gorge in an area called Goleh Selassie. Moreover, three military vehicles of the defence forces were damaged in the Teleyayen area, they said.

The residents said that heavy weapons were fired from Teleyayen to Ambasal mountains. The fighting was triggered by the defence forces that tried to move to Delanta. At the time of this report, heavy weaponries were being fired from the direction of Delanta Autentign towards Wegeltena and one heavy weapon landed near Wegel Tena, Ashara Media reported, quoting sources from the area.

Gishen Debre-Kerbe Mariam, which is 482 km from Addis Ababa is a religious site where people are making annual pilgrimage during the Meskel Holiday of the Orthodox Christians.


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