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Ethiopian PM setting his war over “Red Sea” agenda in public , Eritrea yet to respond (with full video)

Abiy Ahmed setting his Red Sea agenda to members of his ruling Prosperity Party this week. State media released a video footage of it on Friday. (Photo : screenshot from the video)


In July of this year, there was credible information that Abiy Ahmed was entertaining the idea of going to war against Eritrea after deploying a huge portion of his defense force in the Amhara region of Ethiopia. Borkena wrote an editorial under the title “No reason for war with Eritrea, Ethiopians need to reject any move in that direction”   

Now Abiy Ahmed is openly discussing the issue of access to the Red Sea – a matter that would fall within the realm of Eritrean sovereignty as  things stand now – as he continues to wage brutal war in the Amhara region of Ethiopia where hundreds of civilians are already killed. From the report from local sources, much of the war in the past few days was between Fano forces and militia forces who are fighting for the government – perhaps reserving his defense force for the projected war against Eritrea.  

“What I wanted to talk to you today is regarding water; regarding the Red Sea water,” Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is seen saying to his members of government in a video, from his meeting with his party officials,  released by Fana Broadcasting Corporate (FBC)

He added, “How do we see it; what is our thinking?! Is this thinking right or not right, is it viable or not?” 

He framed the agenda as something that has nothing to do with his ruling party. It is a matter of national interest ; it is a matter for the people, he said. 

His war agenda on the Red Sea and Amhara started to appear on the surface after the Pretoria Agreement that “ended” the war with the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). There are speculations, and they appear to make sense, that  Abiy’s Administration war agenda over the Red Sea is encouraged by external actors with a regime change agenda in Eritrea.  Abiy Ahmed was awarded The Nobel Peace Prize for ending decades of ‘no-peace-no-war’ relation with Eritrea.

While the TPLF has long been pursuing a political project of “Tigray Tigrigne” government that includes the Red Sea, Abiy Ahmed and his Oromummaa elites are said to have a project of an ethnic Oromo Empire with access to the Sea via Assab part of the Red Sea. 

Local news sources, this week, reported that TPLF war generals are preparing their fighters for war. As strange as it sounds, the news came at a time when the Tigray regional government declared a three days of national mourning for the hundreds of thousands of its forces killed during the war with Abiy Ahmed’s government. 

The Eritrean government is yet to remark on Abiy Ahmed’s provocative agenda setting which may mean war against Eritrea. However, Eritrean community members living in the diaspora are saying that it is about time to respond to Abiy Ahmed war agenda over the Red Sea. 

Watch below what Abiy Ahmed had to say from the video featured below 

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  1. I wish reports like this that attaches video clip would come with English subtitles. Anyway, I had watched this presentation by the PM both in English and Oromiffaa I did not find any statement in which he advocated for war in order to appropriate a sea port. Talking about options naturally existing or will be existing does not mean a call for war. I can tell you this with all confidence I can muster. The two brotherly and sisterly peoples of Eritrea and Ethiopia have already made up their mind. From here on to eternity they will never go to war as they had done during 1998-2002 for this or that stupid reason. I am bullish about it. They will instead come into the fold where they will live in peace and harmony sharing what Allah blessed them with. The same with the upright people of Somalia and Djibouti.

    I have said this umpteen times in the past. There is one elephant in the room for Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia and Djibouti that is staring down on them right now. In all these countries the population is growing at a blinding speed. It is exploding. They better start shaping up now otherwise they will be heading to life ending doomsday. They ought to start managing it now. Now, some of you may try to accosting me that population growth control is against the Holy Scriptures of both Abrahamic religions. Then I will pose this question you will never be able to correctly answer. When and where did Our Creator told/ordered humans to OVERPOPULATE the earth? The Almighty Our Creator had instructed the first humans to go out and populate the good earth. So don’t you dare tell me it Our Creator’s wishes for us to overpopulate this good earth. You see, Allah had given us the biggest brain in the Animal kingdom for good reason: to think it through! Of course, some of us alway use it to come up with things out of His ways!

  2. Make that: When and where did Our Creator tell/order humans to OVERPOPULATE the earth? The Almighty Our Creator had instructed the first humans to go out and populate the good earth and that does not overpopulate it by any imagination. So don’t you dare tell me it was/is Our Creator’s wishes for us to overpopulate this good earth.

  3. I thimk making such reckless statement publicly by any sensible and self respecting leader antamounts to unwise move and fool’s errands. But hey again he is Abiy.

    • Exactly Plainview, who else would come up with such foolish, reckless, dangerous and immature statements unless it is Abiy Ahmed who is buried in war and conflicts.

  4. Plainview

    Are you sure you understand what’s going on in this case? it sounds like you already don’t like the leader based on the tone on your comment. At the end of the day he is trying to fix Ethiopia and possibly recover what we lost in recent years. I wish people like you have alternative formula or approach for a given case rather than opposing everything….

  5. The Violence ridden ethnic Oromo @Abiy Ahmed and his OLF Shene are creating Violence, Genocide and misery in Ethiopia. He is incapable to stay a second without murdering innocent Amharas. Now the Violence and murdering has expanded not only to other Ethiopians but also trying to provoking neighboring countries.

  6. Abiy Ahmed Oromo Army must be removed from Amhara region.
    The ethnic Oromo controlled regime lead by Abiy Ahmed is indiscriminately massacring ethnic Amhara people by Drone attacks

    This mad man called Abiy Ahmed is nothing but a dilutions dangerous dictatorial man who wishes to wipe out every Ethiopians whom he fears not to ike his unstable, incompetent and blood thirsty OLF Shene plot and beliefs.

  7. Ethiopia SHOULD NEVER USE any Red Sea Port [RSP] →EVEN IF GIVEN FREE!

    1). Ethiopia vs. RSP: Any RSP puts Ethiopia at the mercy of Eritrea/Egypt/Djibouti and the Pro-Egypt West based in Djibouti. RSP allows them to box-in Ethiopia [at Red Sea’s Entrance & Exit]! As we speak, Egypt is BEGGING Eritrea to give Ethiopia ANY port!

    2). Ethiopia vs. Horn Neighbors: Ethiopia doesn’t have any trustworthy Horn neighbor. So, any treaty Ethiopia signs with any of them is not even worth the paper it’s written on.

    3). Assab [1998]: Eritrea confiscated Ethiopia’s imports [heavy trucks, fuel trucks, buses, etc.]. So, Ethiopia’s insurance companies went almost bankrupt indemnifying importers.

    4). Ethiopia vs. Eritrea: MOST of the >200,000 Eritreans in Addis run EPLF’s businesses [fuel trucks, currency trade, traditional cloth sales on Internet, etc.]. Some even run them as Ethiopian citizens. How did so many get in? How did they get Ethiopian citizenship?

    5). Ethiopia vs. Suez Canal [SC]: Import/Export with North America, Europe, etc. is via SC. So, Ethiopia MUST look for alternate trade partners and END dependence on SC.

    6). Ethiopia vs. Djibouti: Ethiopia must END dependence on Djibouti. Besides, Ethiopia MUST charge Djibouti for the free water. Why not bottle the water and sell?

    7). Ethiopia vs. Indian Ocean: Unstable Somalia is run by Egypt via Eritrea. So, Kenya is the LESSER EVIL of Ethiopia’s EVIL NEIGBORS. I would go for Kenya’s ports!

    • Sorry, Borkena! #7 above should read as follows:

      7). Ethiopia vs. Indian Ocean: Unstable Somalia is run by Egypt via Eritrea. So, Kenya is the LESSER EVIL of Ethiopia’s EVIL NEIGHBORS. Hence, I would LEASE LAND on Kenya’s coast where I could link it to the Ethio-Kenya highway and also build a runway.


      8). Port vs. Share Ethiopian Enterprises [SEE]: SEE is out of question since it brings share holders in to management. That will set the beginning of the end of the enterprises.


    • Addendum-2:

      More reasons NEVER TO CONSIDER Red Sea ports as Ethiopia’s outlet to the sea:

      9). Never Assab: Eritrea dumped French Nuclear Waste in the Assab region. Eritrea also littered the area with the landmines it got from Egypt & Israel for its 1998 EPLF-TPLF war.

      10). Eritreans & Ethiopia: No Eritrean is in Ethiopia to do Ethiopia any favor. Besides, most Eritreans have no means to leave Eritrea. Look, why would any Eritrean ever want to live in the Ethiopia he/she fought for over 40 years to secede from? It doesn’t add up, does it?

      Therefore, the massive presence of Eritreans in Addis and many flourishing key towns is to use Ethiopia as EPLF’s Business HQ, weaken/control Ethiopia’s economy from within, serve embassies/NGOs/foreigners as agents/informants/pimps, etc. Go & See!

  8. Abiy Ahmed Violence ridden savagery aka the Orommuma Prosperity via massacre and looting can not live without creating catastrophe, bloodshed and human suffering. It’s out of sync with civilization, peace, development and the real prosperity via rule of law.
    Abiy caused the massive death of the army and now engaged in embracing them for more war and death. This ruthless foolish plan to fulfill his power monitoring wish of crowning himself aa the Orommuma King and live on the ruins of 5ooooo Amhara and non-Orommuma Addis Ababa Abiy Ahmed made homeless and killed residents.

  9. This man is gambling that since Ethiopia is now a member of the formerly BRICS countries (originally Brazil, Russia, India, China & S. Africa, expanded recently including now Argentina, Iran, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and you guessed it…Ethiopia! So now he believes he has new powerful friends. They would want to trade and do business so he counts on some of them pressing Eritrea, to make a deal with Ethiopia.
    Of course all this daydreaming is typical of a guy like Abyi the new African dictator that unilaterally announces to his friendly neighbouring countries, that Ethiopia deserves!! a port. Making his mother proud and fulfilling her prophesy, he completely fails to understand the nature of the team that his country entered. By the way i believe it is good thing that he joined them, cause look at the countries names one by one and its a very impressive lineup! Strong countries, powerful militaries, endless $$ , natural resources. But together, their interests are completely on war with each other, in political, military, economics. Also Ethiopia, is the least strong country in this very loose coalition, which makes me afraid that you will be used “as China’s China” if you follow my drift.
    So although the idea of Eth to have access to the sea as when it was Abyssinia, it’s really appealing. But the way this child king pm is pursuing it is laughable and he just makes even more enemies with his neighbours. Not to mention the situation inside Ethiopia. But when you combine religion with politics and war with Nobel Peace prize and a fake doctorate, while prices have gone up 70% in the last 2 years…its PM ABYI

  10. Paster Abiy Ahmed claims over Assab isn,t new for Eritreans because even his forefathers were claiming over it. so, this will not irritate the Eritrean people because we are ready to defeat the enemy because we did it before 30 years ago. I advise to Abiy Ahmed to resign from power or to go to zimbabwe…


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