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How do Eritreans see Abiy Ahmed, Oromummaa Red Sea Agenda setting? 


It has been a while since rumors came out that Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is dwelling on a thought (maybe a plan too) of waging war against Eritrea with the aim to acquire access to the sea. 

Today, a clip of the Prime Minister talking about it is shared on social media. Shimeles Abdissa, president of the Oromia region, is seen (speaking in Oromigna language) to his party members that the ethnic Oromo religious festival Irreechaa will one day be celebrated in the Red Sea too. 

At least it is clear now that the group in power is thinking in terms of Eritrea. Certainly, there would be external and internal actors party to this agenda. Eritrea has not yet issued an official statement on it. 

How are Eritreans reacting to remarks like ones that Abiy and Shimeles Abdissa made in connection with Eritrea? 

Anchor Ethiopia spoke to Yohannes Kifle, US-based an Eritrean and a community leader. Watch the interview below. 

Video : embedded from Anchor Media youtube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video

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