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Ethiopian High School Leaving Exam Result Highlights Ongoing Education Disaster 

Ethiopian High School Leaving Exam result
Dr Berhanu Nega announcing Ethiopian High School Leaving Exam result, October 9, 2023 (Photo : MoE)


Ethiopia’s Ministry of Education on Monday announced the results of this year’s grade 12 examination, shedding light on the persistent failure of the education system in the country. Observers mainly link the challenge to ethnic-based governance structure, which has been in place for over three decades now. 

According to the Ministry’s official statement, a mere 3.2% of students who took the exam managed to attain a score of 50 percent or higher. This figure represents a slight decrease of 0.01% compared to last year’s results. (Read more about last year’s results here:  )

Students eager to learn about their results can do so through the Ministry’s official website, with the results set to be published starting October 10, 2023. Additionally, students have the option to receive their results via text message, although the specific contact number for this service is conspicuously absent from the Ministry’s Facebook page announcement, which has over 500K followers.

This year’s highest score was achieved in the natural science stream, with a remarkable 649 points, while in the social science stream, the highest score reached 533 points.

Out of the 845,188 students who wrote the grade 12 leaving exam across Ethiopia, only 27,000 managed to secure a passing mark or higher. This exam was administered in a total of 3,106 schools throughout the country, with a troubling revelation that 1,328 schools had not a single student scoring the minimum passing grade of 50 percent, accounting for 42.8% of all schools nationwide.

Berhanu Nega, Minister for Education and leader of the Ethiopian Citizen’s Social Justice (EZEMA), an opposition political party, commented on this year’s results. He emphasized, “There is much work to be done at every level of education to rectify the broken education system.”

The pattern has been persistent since Dr. Berhanu Nega took over as Minister for Education for which he is credited. University exit exams conducted during the last Ethiopian academic year uncovered a disheartening trend, indicating that the quality of education at the university level is far from satisfactory. A significant percentage of students failed to achieve the passing mark of 50 percent. (Report about it available here)


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  1. There is nothing good about the legacy of Woyanes. One of them was tribalizing education and bifurcated into regional and tribal, with not quality or care, except a few place where they have an abiding interest such as in Tigray and MU.


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