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Ministry says of 150,184 students who sat for university exit exam, 40.65 percent passed

Ethiopia Education Ministry
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By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – The Ministry of Education disclosed this past Saturday  that of 150,184 students who sat for the university exit exam, 61,054 scored the passing grades.

State Minister of Education Samuel Kifle (Dr.) said while giving a statement last Saturday that the university exit exam of 2015 Ethiopian Academic Year (EAY) given for six consecutive days starting from 07 through 14 July 2023 was finalised successfully.

The State Minister said that 194, 239 students qualified and registered for the exam. But earlier the Ministry of Education estimated that 240,000 students would sit for the exam. Out of the 194, 239  registered ones, 84, 627 students were from 48 government higher learning institutions while 109, 612 students were from 171 private institutions, according to the State Minister.

State Minister Samuel said that 77, 981 students drawn from government higher learning institutions and 72, 203 students from private institutions, totally 150, 184 students took the exam.

Of these, 61,054 students or 40.65 percent of them scored the passing points, Samuel said, adding that work on releasing results of students to higher learning institutions has begun.

The Ministry of Education made official that the students who took the 2015 EAY exit exam can check their results by logging into the link (given here below) using the username provided for the exam.


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