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Ethiopia’s Education Disaster revealed in University entrance exam 

Institutions of higher education in Ethiopia will not get enough students this year as hundreds of thousands of Ethiopian Students failed to score the minimum passing grades 

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Berhanu Nega (PhD) announcing the result of the national exam this week (Photo : Public Domain)


Ethiopia’s Ministry of Education unveiled this week a reality about the state of the quality of education in the country. While it was something expected, the degree of intensity of the problem shook the nation to the core. 

Dr. Berhanu Nega told the nation that only 3.3 percent of students who wrote the National High School Leaving Examination got a passing grade of 50 percent or above. 

The exam was administered in October 2022 and over 900,000 students from across 2,959 schools wrote the exam. 1,161 schools did not even have a single student who scored 50 percent or more of the passing grade.  

The number of students who scored 50 percent or more is 29,909.  In the natural science stream, the number of students who got a passing or higher grade is 22,936 and in the social science stream, it is only 6,973.  

It is based on the national exam result that students join institutions of higher learning in the country. Universities across Ethiopia are said to have the capacity of accepting over 120,000 students at a time. 

Passing rate used to be much higher compared to this year.  

What has changed?

Unlike the arrangements to administer the exam, the new Minister Dr. Berhanu Nega, who is the leader of the Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice Party – an opposition party,  introduced an arrangement for high school students to write the national exam, not in their own ethnic-based towns and regions. They were required to travel outside of their hometown. 

The arrangement was made to avert recurring cheating during the exam which is mostly politically motivated and arranged by ethnic-based politicians in the regions. Exams used to be stolen days before they were administered and students were given cheat sheets, and the answers for the exams were released on social media platforms too. 

There was a point in time when the Ethiopian government had to introduce internet blackout until exams were fully administered. But that too did not deter meaningfully. Ethnic-based regions were competing on the number of students that got a passing mark from their respective ethnic-based regions. 

“The result [for this year] is reflective of the state of our education system and we all have to work to bring about fundamental change,” Dr. Berhanu Nega remarked.  However, he added, the result lays a foundation for the credibility of grade 12 leaving examinations in the future. 

The negative impact of ethnic politics on the education system in the country has been one of the points of criticism against the government for over two decades. 


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  1. The education system has been in shambles since 1974. It has been a mess. The youth has been taken off and distracted by the diatribe of the conniving commies and bigots for decades. Commies are not the dominant force now as they were in the 1960’s and 70’s but their offshoots have come out to be the most ruthless bigots that country ever faced. ‘Proletariat’ parties have given birth to hardliners dens of bigots calling themselves ‘liberation’ front this and ‘liberation’ front that. Even though they have changed their structures there is one common trait they have loyally kept. The art of telling lies. Commies since Lenin have been telling us that their ultimate goal is to create a ‘democratic’ system led by the working people. We all know how that came out to be in 1917. Mao was even bold enough telling his people and the world that he had found a people’s republic led by the peasants and factory workers. We know what happened to the workers during his ‘let a hundred flowers bloom’ in the 1950’s , ‘the great leap forward’ during the years 1958-62 and ‘the cultural revolution’ during the 1966-1976. During those close to 50 million peasants and workers were shot and starved to death. But the lies have continued to these days.
    In our case the lying has been told mostly for building personal reputation. You can hear one telling us how he/survived Mengistu’s potassium cyanide poisoning not one but on more than one occasion. Others even had the audacity to tell us how they were repeatedly tortured in one paragraph and in the one just below tell us how they allowed to teach the torturers children on days right after they were tortured. Some of them tell us how their loved used to be allowed to spend nights at home after their all day long torture by Mengistu’s henchmen. That means Mr. Tolcha used to spend daytime in chambers where he was tortured and then just before the sundown he was allowed to go home bloodied all over his body. I’m not making this up. Just read their online biography. That was what they have been telling the gullible Western media. This is contrary to the persona of Mengistu from what those who used to be very close to him have been telling. One personal characteristic that separated Mengistu from others was his decisiveness. He did not play ‘games’ with his victims. When you see these conniving bigots tell such bold lies you keep wondering if they have their faculties working properly. That is why there are the ones that pose the greatest danger to those upright and harmonious people who produced us all. These are the individuals who are hell bent to ‘liberate’ my or your ethnic groups. And they are extremely dangerous.

  2. On the bright side, I have really bad news for you bigots here among us who have been dreaming and singing doomsday for that gem of the colored. Ethiopia’s economy will grow 7.5 percent in the current 2022/2023 fiscal year, which started on July 8!!!! You read that? That was told by one of our upright and glorious women Dr. Fitsum bint Assefa, Minister of Planning and Development. Now look at you! What are you doing? Where are you running to? Just don’t come to a screeching halt when you reach that lake. Jump in the deep end and don’t you ever come up. Your bosom buddy Iblis is down there waiting for you!!!

  3. The above comments teach nothing to the young generation except what has happened previously. Come up with innovative ideas if any. I need to read such.


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