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Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed met with President Putin in St. Petersburg, Russia

Ethiopian PM is in the country to attend the Russia-Africa Summit

Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed arriving at St. Petersburg, Russia, for the Russia-Africa Summit. He was greeted by guard of honor. (Photo : public domain)

Updated on July 26,2023 2:43 P.M. Toronto Time

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on Wednesday arrived in St. Petersburg, Russia, for the Russia-Africa Summit. He was greeted by a military salute upon arrival at the airport. 

The Russian Embassy in Ethiopia said, President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed met at the Constantine Palace in St. Petersburg.  

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and his delegation holding discussion with Russian leaders at Constantine Palace in St. Petersburg (Photo : Russian Embassy to Ethiopia)

Putin is quoted as saying ” I am delighted to welcome you to St Petersburg. I would like to begin by saying that we highly value the long-standing friendly ties between Russia and Ethiopia based as they are on the principles of mutual respect and taking into consideration each other’s interests.” 

Furthermore, he noted that Ethiopia is the first African country with which Russia established a diplomatic relationship more than 125 years ago and that the two countries have recently celebrated the anniversary. 

Russia invited Ethiopia to attend the second Russia-Africa summit. 

“I would like to thank you, Mr Prime Minister and your team, for accepting our proposal and deciding to come here to attend the Second #RussiaAfrica Summit,” Putin said, as quoted in the news update from the Russian Embassy. 

Documents are said to be prepared for bilateral agreements in the areas of information security, air travel, information and communication technology, nuclear energy cooperation and cooperation in customs services.  

Russia is also increasing scholarships for Ethiopians. 

Putin said, “We continue to train professionals for our friends in Ethiopia. More than 20,000 Ethiopian citizens have completed study programs in Russia in the past years. At the request of our Ethiopian friends, we increased the quota of your students sponsored by the Russian federal budget more than three times for the 2023–2024 academic year.” 

Putin and Abiy Ahmed
Russian President Vladimir Putin meets Abiy Ahmed in St. Petersburg (PD)

In a remark about his meeting with President Vladimir Putin, PM Abiy said :

“My gratitude to President Vladimir Putin for the warm reception and candid discussions. With our historical ties as a basis, Ethiopia and Russia will continue enhancing bilateral relations and economic cooperation.”

Russia thinks that “Russia and Ethiopia share similar positions on many topical issues of the global agenda.”

Last weekend, PM Abiy Ahmed held a phone conversation with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy who expressed interest in developing bilateral relation with Ethiopia and other African countries.

Russia has been supporting Ethiopia when the latter came under increasing pressure from the West in connection with the war between the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) and the Federal government of Ethiopia. 

The Russia-Africa Summit intends to strengthen multifaceted cooperation between Russia and African countries. 

Peace, security, economy, science, technology, and culture are the areas identified as areas of cooperation. 

The focus of this year’s Russia-Africa Summit is peace, security, science, technology, and development in the continent. 

The first Russia-Africa Summit was held in Sochi between October 23-24, 2019, and mainly focused on peace and security in the continent. 


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  1. Subject: Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed met with President Putin in St. Petersburg, Russia July 26, 2023

    Humble Reaction, 26 July 2023
    a) Well, Well, Well ….this is what you call perfect superficial diplomacy, each side playing for their respective agenda.
    b) We all know that President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed are 180 Degrees out of phase to each other.
    c) Who pays the obvious CONSEQUENCE– at the end?
    d) Of course, the honest, poor, INSIGHTFUL Ethiopians know the gimmick of the two charlatans [yemerkato Chelewotch]

  2. I hope at least some of these African leaders will take a break from their panhandling and tell this bully in Moscow to have his senses back and stop the senseless war he started in Ukraine. I hope some of them will have the courage to do that. I doubt it but hope they will do that. I will be eagerly waiting for the communiqué that will come out of this gathering. I bet you what the thug in Moscow will be pushing is to have these African leaders drop a pile of huge orders for his wheat, AK47’s, T72’s and SU35’s. You watch! This will end up being a bazaar for arms!!!

  3. Would somebody tell this thug in the Kremlin to stop using Botox to look young? He is so puffed up he got the look of an ugly bull frog.

  4. At this summer camp it is reported that many leaders of African countries will be present. It includes leaders like el-Sisi. I am sure PM Abiy’s and el-Siri’s paths will cross at the talk shop and at the armament’s bazaar. I hope someone will show el-Sisi the weather radar map of our old country and especially the area around the GERD dam. It is pouring in buckets. Mama Nature is doing what it does best during the months of July. Nobody is manually filling the dam. That job is left to Mother Nature and she is doing a heck of a job at it. Angels are singing in chorus. We love you Mama!!! Okay bigots! The dam is filling. You can go there and take a dip in it but don’t even think about coming up. Stay in there and rot. You are stinking up the neighborhoods both in Oromia and Amhara regions. You are disgusting. You look disgusting. Your writing is disgusting. Your utterance is disgusting. Everything about you is disgusting. We all wish you were not even born!!!

  5. I like the way PM Abiy was looking at the goon from Moscow. He seems to be asking the ruffian ‘Are you using that Botox on your face again? You look like an uncomely bull frog.’

  6. Cleaned up version.

    The world is ending! The world is ending!
    What happened, Ittu? What happened?
    The panhandling African leaders somehow have the gut!
    What did they do?
    They told their Russian deity he should renew the wheat export treaty. Where did they suddenly get the courage? They must have detected the end the world is at hand. It is reported that some of them have mentioned to the thug that the war in Ukraine can not just go on. What does that mean? They are saying to him like ‘We don’t care how it is done but you, our dearest friend Putin have the power to end it. Just do it.
    I just watched a clip of the gathering in which these no-self-respect leaders were showing off their speaking(mumbling) prowess and competing with each other to show their master who is the best at it. It is so embarrassing!!!

    • Dear beloved enginneeeerrree ittu you are banda, dog tied in cage and cries in support of his master feeding it

      free africa from western colonizers like europe and USA

  7. Abiy is notorious to betray anyone when finds opportunities. He betrayed the West and East including every Ethiopian. Pure psychopath suffering from personality, moral, religion and humanity disorder. Now limping around begging and looking for a handout but no one found to be exploited by one greedy for power brutal man again.


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